Cali Track Days Releases 2019 Schedule

Cali Track Days is the home of the $100 track day in both Northern and Southern California. The 2019 schedule is packed with dates on both ends of the state. 

Begin press release:

Cali Track Days announces their 2019 season schedule for Northern and Southern California.

In June 2018, the passion project now known as Cali Track Days was formally introduced the motorcycle world. A new, affordably priced track day provider with the focus to drive motorcyclist to sharpen their skills on a race track rather than canyon roads.

The idea of a $100 track day with limited size groups, coaching, classes and little extras such as coffee and pastries took off in Northern and Southern California. In only half a season, Cali Track Days managed to hold a total of five sold out events split between Buttonwillow Raceway and Thunderhill Raceway while gathering a sizable following on social media with it’s unique marketing approach.

Cali Track Days will be hosting a total of ten events split up between Thunderhill Raceway and Buttonwillow Raceway in 2019.

March 11th – Buttonwillow Raceway

April 1st – Thunderhill Raceway East

April 29th – Buttonwillow Raceway

May 20th – Buttonwillow Raceway

June 3rd – Buttonwillow Raceway

July 1st – Thunderhill Raceway East

July 29th – Buttonwillow Raceway

September 16th – Thunderhill Raceway East

October 7th – Buttonwillow Raceway

November 4th – Thunderhill Raceway East

All Cali Track Days instructors are seasoned street and track guys that understand the struggles of being new to the track. They love to help inexperienced riders get the hang of the basics through one on one coaching and advice. With limited groups for better quality seat time, and complimentary “Master the Basics” classes, Cali Track Days offers a safe place to learn and improve riders’ skills.

Make sure to check out this unique provider at or contact Cali Track Day at [email protected] for more details.

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