BMW S 1000 RR: more power, less flab

The third generation of the BMW S 1000 RR gets a revamped engine and suspension for 2019, with more power, more technology, but less flab.

Power has been increased by 6kW (8 hp) to 152kW (207hp) and weight has been reduced from 208kg to 197kg.

And for the first time, BMW Motorrad offers M options and M Performance Parts for the new S 1000 RR. With the M Package, the S 1000 RR is even lighter at 193.5kg.

Most of the details had already been unveiled in spy photos and a leaked brochure.

Now the bike has been unveiled at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan.

There is no word yet from BMW Motorrad Australia on pricing or arrival. The current model starts at $24,500.

It comes in red or a tri-colour paint scheme.

Here is the full, official BMW press release with all the details:

Newly developed engine with BMW ShiftCam Technology for further enhanced power in the lower and medium engine speed range and increased top-end power. BMW S 1000 RR less flab
With its newly developed 4-cylinder in-line engine, now 4 kg lighter than before, the new RR achieves an entirely new level of performance. For this purpose, not only was the geometry of the intake and exhaust ports further optimised, the motorcycle now also comes with BMW ShiftCam Technology – an entirely new technology for BMW motorcycles which varies the valve timings and valve strokes on the intake side. A revised intake passage and a new exhaust system that is 1.3 kg lighter likewise contribute to increased overall performance. Ridability and sprint capability benefit from a substantially increased torque across a wide engine speed range.

Completely new suspension with further developed suspension geometry for even greater ride precision and further improved handling.
On the suspension side, too, the BMW Motorrad developers have left no stone unturned. With the aim of achieving a significant weight reduction, the engine in the new RR now has more of a load-bearing function than was previously the case. The requirement in designing the new main frame, in addition to improving ergonomics, was to have the force applied directly to the engine structure via the shortest possible paths. A significant increase in riding dynamics was achieved in the new RR based on the combination of the new riding geometry, optimised wheel load distribution and a substantial weight optimisation. The new Full Floater Pro kinematics in the rear wheel suspension also contributes significantly to the perceptible increase in suspension performance. All in all, riders of the new RR will benefit from further improved handling, increased traction and even more transparent feedback in all riding states up to the threshold range. In short: the new RR noticeably raises the bar on the suspension side while at the same time offering improved user-friendliness and controllability. The next generation of the electronic suspension DDC is available for the new RR as an optional equipment item. Specially developed for the RR,

Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) requires no compromises in terms of suspension set-up. This is made by possible among other things by new valve and control technology. What is more, a shim package is available for selective adaptation when required for ambitious race track riding.BMW S 1000 RR less flab

Four riding modes as standard and three more as part of the “Pro Modes” option for optimum adaptation.
For ideal adaptation to varied conditions of use, the new RR is fitted with the four modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic” and “Race” as standard. For those who wish to delve deeper into the world of race tracks and motor racing, the “Pro Modes” option offers an additional three riding modes (Race Pro 1-3) that are freely programmable. These enable individual adaptation of the most diverse control functions such as Dynamic Traction Control DTC, ABS and wheelie detection as well as the throttle curve (torque adjustment) and Engine Brake to suit the rider’s own skill level and riding style. Other features that come with the “Pro Modes” option are Launch Control for perfect race starts and the configurable Pit Lane Limiter for exact adherence to speeds in the pit lane. Ultra-fast shifting up and down without the clutch is enabled by HP Shift Assistant Pro, which comes as a standard feature.

New 6-axis sensor cluster for an unprecedented level of control quality. Dynamic Traction Control DTC and DTC Wheelie Function. ABS Pro for increased safety when braking in banking position.
The new RR is fitted with ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard. In addition to traction control, DTC also includes the DTC Wheelie Function as standard – available as an ex works option and now individually adjustable for the first time. All control systems have been readjusted for regulation quality and characteristics. While the part integral BMW Motorrad ABS systems already provide a very high degree of performance and safety when braking in a straight line, ABS Pro now takes this a step further to offer increased safety when braking in banking position as well.BMW S 1000 RR less flab

Multifunctional instrument panel with 6.5-inch TFT screen for excellent readability and maximum range of information.
The instrument panel of the new RR has also been completely newly developed and is now designed even more consistently for use in supersports racing. In addition to a maximum range of information, the BMW Motorrad developers paid particular attention to ensuring that the 6.5-inch TFT screen provides excellent readability – even in difficult light conditions. The aim was to offer the rider individually tailored screen displays for different uses. The Pure Ride screen shows all the information required for regular road use while the three Core screens are designed for use on the race track, with the rev counter displayed in analog form (Core 1 and 2) or else as a bar chart (Core 3), for example.BMW S 1000 RR less flab

Even more dynamic design with optimised ergonomics and attractive colour schemes.
The new layout of the main frame – as a Flex Frame – has made it possible to create a much leaner fuel tank and seating area trim sections for further improved support and knee grip. What is more, optimised contact surfaces and a newly defined ergonomic triangle between the handlebar ends, seat surface and footrests makes for optimum ergonomics. Meanwhile, completely newly developed body features ensure the new RR is instantly recognisable as a new model. This is supported by the dynamic design featuring a colour scheme with two individual characters: Racing Red and Motorsport paint finish.

The highlights of the new BMW S 1000 RR:BMW S 1000 RR less flab

  • 4 kg lighter, newly developed 4-cylinder in-line engine with BMW ShiftCam Technology for variation of valve timings and valve strokes on the intake side.
  • Increased output and torque: 152 kW (207 hp) (in the USA: 151 kW (205 hp)) at 13 500 rpm and 113 Nm at 11 000 rpm.
  • At least 100 Nm of torque from 5 500 to 14 500 rpm.
  • Effort-saving, linear torque curve: further improved ridability and controllability due to increased torque in the lower and medium engine speed range.
  • Newly developed suspension featuring Flex Frame, with the engine taking on more of a load-bearing function.
  • Significantly improved ergonomics due to Flex Frame.
  • Refined suspension geometry for further improved handling, increased traction and crystal-clear feedback in the threshold range.
  • Further developed electronic damping adaptation Dynamic Damping Control DDC with new valve generation as an optional equipment item.
  • New rear wheel suspension weighing 300 g less than before with Full Floater Pro kinematics.
  • Weight reduction of 11 – 14.5 kg to 197 kg when fully fuelled (DIN unladen) and 193.5 kg with M Package.
  • New exhaust system weighing some 1.3 kg less, with front silencer.
  • New 6-axis sensor cluster.
  • Further developed Dynamic Traction Control DTC as standard
  • DTC Wheelie Function as standard.
  • Adjustable (+/- shift) DTC Wheelie Function as an optional equipment item.
  • Engine brake function, adjustable.
  • ABS Pro for increased safety when braking, also in banking position, as standard.
  • New riding modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic” and “Race” as standard and “Pro Modes” option with three additional configurable modes “Race Pro 1-3” for optimum individual adaptation to conditions.
  • Launch Control for perfect starts comes with “Pro Modes” option.
  • Pit Lane Limiter for precise pit lane speeds also included with the “Pro Modes” option.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for fast up and down shifting without clutch, standard.
  • Shift pattern can easily be reversed.
  • Electronic cruise control as an ex works option.
  • New instrument panel with 6.5-inch screen offering excellent readability and featuring a Pure Ride screen as well as three Core screens.
  • LED light units all round.
  • Turn indicators with new “Comfort Indicator” function.
  • Completely newly designed body elements for even more dynamic styling and optimum aerodynamics.
  • Two colour schemes for the market launch: Racing Red and Motorsport paint finish.
  • Extended range of special accessories and ex-work options.

BMW S 1000 RR less flab


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