Bazzaz Moves To A Dealer Direct Sales Model

Now you can buy Bazzaz products direct from the source.

Begin press release: 

As of December 3, 2018, Bazzaz has moved to a dealer/retail direct structure for domestic sales. This decision was based on several factors but was primarily driven by changes to our production model, and our target market space.

Bazzaz products will no longer be distributed through Tucker and WPS. Both Tucker and WPS have been excellent partners, and this decision was based on metrics unrelated to either of them. We wish them both continued success in the future.

To make a seamless transition we are rolling out a new user-friendly website that will now include a dedicated dealer portal. Current dealer accounts will already be set up allowing users to access order history, choose from shipping options, and view discount pricing. This new tool, with constantly updated information, will provide live inventory and easy online ordering without business hours limitations.

Beginning January 1st a new zero MAP policy will go into effect. The goal of the revised MAP is to continue our retail pricing that has remained steady for over 10 years and allow dealers, tuners, and online retailers to sell and support our products profitably.

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