Banned Motorcycle Mods and Why They Should Be Avoided

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We often derive a sense of pride from our ownership of a vehicle. It’s a status symbol, after all, which is why so many of the rich and famous own luxury cars and bikes. But, that’s not the end-all-be-all reason for owning a nice car or a nice bike. One of the purest joys that comes from owning a majestic piece of machinery comes in the form of being able to customize it. Because, well, nothing says “my property” more like custom parts.

At that point, our bikes become more than just property; they become true extensions of who we are. They become representations of our personalities and our lifestyles. We are able to express ourselves freely through our machines.

Or are we?

The law places a limit on the extent to which we can express ourselves. There is a limit to which we can exercise the freedoms granted to every American citizen. So, what is this limit?

Well, as a general rule, and figuratively speaking, you’re allowed to wave your fist around as much as you want as long as you don’t hit anyone in the face.

The same principle applies with motorcycle mods. You’re allowed to have them, as long as you aren’t endangering yourself or others. So, what are these motorcycle mods you should avoid getting?

Colored LightsNew York motorcycles

There’s a reason that all motorcycles come stock with the same standard light color. Yellow light is used for headlights because our eyes are accustomed to sunlight. That, and it penetrates through fog better than white light (though, why you’d be riding a bike through fog is beyond me or common sense). Red lights are used for the brake lights because red is the universal color for distress. Switching up these colors is bound to send the wrong messages, and that is how accidents occur.

If you do, however, find yourself in an accident, whether you caused it or you were affected by it, it’s always best to call a lawyer who’s an expert on motorbike accident law.

Loud Exhausts

Nobody likes those Civics that sound like trombones at the best of times. The same can also be said for motorcycles that are equipped with excessively loud exhausts. Not only can they be distracting, they are also dangerous to people around you. Some people, like the elderly, are prone to heart attacks, and other people may also be prone to panic attacks. Don’t be “that guy” announcing his presence to everyone by being loud and obnoxious.

Gatling Exhausts

Gatling exhausts speak a lot about a rider’s maturity (or rather, lack of it). While the aesthetics are just downright useless, the real harm here is that these exhausts produce more carbon emissions than regular exhausts.

Front Brake Removal

Could the Easy Rider Captain America chopper soon become the most expensive motorcycle in the world?
Peter Fonda on Captain America in Easy Rider with no front brake

About 70% of a bike’s stopping power comes from the front brake. Not sure why you’d give this up just to look cool. You probably shouldn’t, though, since this is not only dangerous, it’s also illegal.

Pressure Horns

Much like loud exhausts, pressure horns are illegal, not simply because they’re incredibly disruptive to the public, but they’re also dangerous because they’re loud enough to cause hearing loss. These horns operate at a dangerously high level of noise. Don’t contribute to noise pollution. If you really want loud, yet legal horns, simply stick with dual OEM horns. They’re totally legal and safe.


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