ASBK Champion to be crowned at Wakefield Park double-header

2020 mi-bike Australian Superbike
Rounds 2-3 – Wakefield Park

Well MotoGP has been done and dusted, Australia is getting on top of the plague and Queensland are thinking about rejoining the rest of Australia so its time to go racing!

The venue for this coitus interruptus of an ASBK season to reconvene in earnest is Wakefield Park. Goulburn got the guernsey thanks due to it being in regional NSW, thus nearly everyone was allowed to travel there. Even Queenslanders could turn up while still being allowed to return home some time this decade, if they ask nicely… Western Australians though, are still not allowed out…

Wakefield is also relatively central and the hosts could massage their slate of bookings generously enough to accommodate us. Winning.

Sadly though ASBK Race Fans will be unable to attend the event in person due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead, fans can catch all the action live via ASBK TV partners SBSHD, Fox Sports Australia and Fox Sports Asia on both Saturday and Sunday.    

It is a busy four day schedule for this double-header round with practice Thursday, Qualifying for all classes on Friday along with a race for the YMI Supersport 300, bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup and YMF R3 Cup categories.  Saturday then sees a full round two race schedule while on Sunday we, somewhat surprisingly, have another round of qualifying immediately prior to the round three race schedule.  The full time-line can be seen further down the page, along with the TV schedule. 

Superbike competitors have a possible maximum points earn of 102 from the weekend if they were to take both pole positions and all four race wins. 

Ten of the riders in with a chance this weekend at Wakefield Park, but there is also a few not in this shot but still in with a red hot chance of tussling for podium finishes

One small mistake might be all it takes to lose your chance at the chalice, and with a 50 per cent chain of 10-20 mm of rain on Saturday, it could be a fine line to tread between hero and zero… Conditions are expected to be fine on Sunday but forecast strong winds could cause problems and if that rain does not eventuate, potentially dust storms.

Wayne Maxwell dominated the season opener back in February at Phillip Island with a perfect haul of 76 points. It was not quite that clear cut or easy for Maxwell as the score-board looks though, Cru Halliday was nipping at his heels throughout the weekend and piled the pressure on. 

Maxwell’s race records at Wakefield could be an ominous sign for his Championship rivals. Maxwell took race wins in 2018, 2017 and 2016 and has been a top three points scorer for the last four years at the NSW circuit. This year though he is on an all-new machine after switching to a Ducati V4 R, and he may be a little behind the eight-ball when it comes to set-up when proceedings get underway on Thursday. 

Wayne Maxwell

Wakefield has been good to me, I’ve won races there, I’ve finished on the podium and I enjoy Wakefield, the layout, the challenges it presents, and I can’t wait to get out there and take it on.

“It’s been a difficult year for everyone involved in ASBK, it’s been unprecedented. There has been a lot of hard work done in such a funny year. So many times you build yourself up to go racing and then we get shut down by things that are outside of ASBK’s control.

“For the Boost Mobile-K-Tech team, everyone has stood by us and been committed, hopefully we can bring the ultimate reward on the Sunday. It would mean the world to me and a great reward for my guys.

In recent weeks Maxwell has managed to get some seat time on his Ducati at Winton Motor Raceway in preparation for the Grand Finale.

Track time is definitely what I’ve needed. Being back on the Boost Mobile K-Tech bike and training on the Ohvale has put me in a really good position to take on the gruelling ASBK double header. To win It will take no mistakes, that’s the key for us to win the Championship. I’m confident, I have no reason not to be.”

Wayne Maxwell TBG
Wayne Maxwell – TBG Image

Cru Halliday

Halliday was buoyed with confidence after his 2-2-2 results at Phillip Island and was oh so close to forcing Maxwell into a mistake. The 32-year-old is now only 16-points behind Championship leader Wayne Maxwell, and 11-points ahead of third placed Josh Waters.

I’m ready. I’m feeling really good, my fitness is there and I’m confident going into Wakefield Park,” Halliday said after completing a test session on his firing Yamaha R1. “I’ve got the bike to where I really want it to be, I feel comfortable and we only have to make small adjustments when we get to a track.

“I think with the ASBK Championship on the line, everyone is going to be all out to win. With the competition this year, it is so fierce, and you have to go into it mentally prepared and that you are going to get the job done. It’s going to be pretty brutal. We have two 20 lap races on Saturday and Sunday, so we have to be physically and mentally fit, and I’m ready.”

Halliday’s recent record at Wakefield Park Raceway is strong. He scored two 2nd places in 2019 in the Superbike class and two victories in 2018 in the MotorsportsTV Supersport class, in which he went on to win the Championship.

Everyone knows it’s Troy Herfoss’ backyard, and he and Wayne Maxwell are going to be the ones to beat. You can’t count out guys like Josh Waters, Bryan Staring, my team-mate Aiden Wagner who had a tough year earlier on with injury. But he’s back and on the ball firing. You can’t exclude people like Mike Jones, he has the number one plate for a reason, and there are guys outside the top ten who could cause an upset if everything goes belly up.

“I’ve had some good luck at Wakefield. When I saw Wakefield come up, I thought it’s a track that’s going to be good for me, so I can’t wait. I like the top section of the track, turns 4 and 5, Wakefield is technical and off camber, but I happen to go well at there. It just gels with me.”

WSBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens ASBK Race Grid Cru Halliday
Cru Halliday on the grid at the 2020 ASBK season opener – Image by Rob Mott

After somewhat hastily cobbling together a self-run team at almost the last minute even Josh Waters himself was somewhat surprised, but delighted, at the 3-4-3 results he carded at round one. Waters has three Australian Superbike Championship Titles under his belt and is looking to become the first rider to capture four. 

Josh Waters 

Being in the position we are in, doing it all ourselves and working on my own bike, it would be very special for everyone involved to win a fourth ASBK Championship. It will take four good results, and maybe a little bit of bad luck for others, not that I want that for them. All I can do is concentrate on what I can do on track.

“We’ve all been off the bike for a long time, and with the double header I’m going to try and play it smart. If you look at other Championships that have had breaks there has been a lot of stuff go on track, so I think ASBK could be the same.

“This is physical little circuit, and it will be the same for everyone so there is no point whinging. I will just worry about myself and get the best out of the small team and package we have.

“It’s been a tough year with COVID-19 but I’ve got some good people in my team. My brother is running the ship and he has been with me ever since I came back from Europe and a number of small businesses supporting me as well.

WSBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens ASBK Race Grid Josh Waters
Josh Waters on the grid at the 2020 Phillip Island season opener – Image by Rob Mott

Bryan Staring also figured strongly at the season opener, bagging 49-points, one more than amassed by Troy Herfoss.  Previously an Australian 125 GP, Supersport and Superbike Champion, the Western Australian could well add another if Dunlop bring a secret weapon to Wakefield that might give him an edge. 

Bryan Staring

Obviously, the goal is always to win the Championship, that is the dream goal and objective. You can only expect to put your best performance in each time and where that puts us on the circuit we will see.

“I would anticipate there is going to be some mixed results and crazy racing from riders that haven’t been riding or competing as often as normal. Add to this the heightened pressure of what is a now shortened Championship and anything could happen.

“I’ve got a great bike and Dunlop tyres under me and I have every reason to be confident. I am certainly looking forward to getting back to racing again. Just to get the normality of life back in check and in tune.

“Kawasaki BCPerformance is certainly a place I feel at home and appreciated, and I can do my best work here. The package they have for us with the Dunlop tyre is a good one, and everyone puts their best foot forward.”

“We did a test earlier in the season pre-COVID and it was the most positive outcome we’ve had at Wakefield Park. Previous results we haven’t achieved what we’ve set out to do at that circuit, but I won’t let that affect me mentally or the target and objective for this weekend. I’m certainly looking forward to turn our fortunes around at Wakefield Park and we want to make it one of our circuits.

“I feel like everyone in the team is super motivated with a never give up attitude and that is what I enjoy, I couldn’t be happier.”

WSBK Rnd Phillip Island RbMotoLens ASBK TP Bryan STARING
Bryan Staring at the 2020 season opener at Phillip Island – Image by Rob Mott

Troy Herfoss and the Penrite Honda squad have been putting in the hard yards readying the all-new CBR1000RR-R SP for the heat of ASBK competition and Herf’ is hot to trot on the turf that he has celebrated so much success over the years. 

Normally more than half the crowd would be cheering him on as the home town favourite, but with restrictions leaving fans to watch on the TV from their lounge rooms it will be a very different atmosphere this year for Troy.

We suspect that Herf’ has been playing his cards a little close to his chest in the lead-up to the finale but he will come out swinging when the lights go out. A full interview with Troy will be published tomorrow on

Troy Herfoss

“We are going to a track I enjoy, but also going there with a new bike I’ve never turned a lap on there. The bike 100 is per cent different, there is no part on that bike that is the same as the old one, so we are rolling out Thursday morning blind. But to be honest it hasn’t event crossed my mind that we won’t be competitive. It’s physically really hard and impossible to ride a Superbike around Wakefield at 100 per cent all the time, so you’ve got be fit.

“I just want to go there and do my best and win the Championship, and if I do it, it will be my third official Australian Superbike Championship and fourth time I’ve won an ASBK Championship.”

Troy Herfoss – Penrite Honda

One top rider missing from the grid this weekend is YRT rider Daniel Falzon. The South Aussie has been a mainstay of the series for a long time and it will be strange for him not to be there.  Matt Walters is another regular not attending this weekend.

Daniel Falzon

To be honest, I have been a firm believer from earlier this year when the first few rounds were “postponed” that the championship should have been cancelled all together. Obviously working in the healthcare industry (Daniel is a Paramedic), I have been in the thick of Covid-19 and the rescheduling of each event made planning extremely difficult for us. 

“I suppose the nail in the coffin for us was the recent SA outbreak and the cancellation of The Bend. The risk and reward of competing at Wakefield park was considered amongst our team and partners, and we have decided to not enter the round.

“We will look forward to redirecting our budget 2021.

ASBK Wakefield Park Test TDJ Daniel Falzon straight
Daniel Falzon at the Wakefield Park ASBK Test in March – Image TDJ

While Daniel Falzon will be staying home fellow South Aussie Arthur Sissis has entered the round. The ex-speedway star is the master of the hole-shot, something that is crucial heading into Wakefield Park’s tricky complex of right-handers. 

ASBK TBG ASBK Round Morgan Park Arthur Sissis TBG
Arthur Sissis – TBG Image

Defending Champ Mike Jones had a disappointing opening to his title defence when a bike problem saw him unable to start the opening race. The DesmoSport Ducati rider though bounced back in the following two bouts to bag 35-points and is still right in the game. 

Mike Jones

I love racing, so I’m pretty excited to get on track again. It’s been a tough year for so many people here and around the world, so I really am grateful we get the opportunity to race at all. I’ve been able to keep training in the break, getting plenty of time in on the mountain bike especially, but also a few of the local races on the V4R here in Queensland and I feel ready. Obviously, with a double header format, we have a lot more time on track compared to a usual ASBK round and it will be a lot more psychically demanding, but my program is strong.

Mike Jones

Jed Metcher put in some solid rides at the Phillip Island opener and is capable of springing some surprises this weekend. 

Jed Metcher

I guess the run down on my end is that we have gone to 2020 R1’s with so great success so far for myself getting into the 55’s at Broadford and 21’s at Winton in our first outing. We will be using this race meeting as a bit of a test as on the new bikes so no pressure this round.”

ASBK Wakefield Park Test TDJ Jed Metcher and Bryan Staring
Jed Metcher leading Bryan Staring during testing at Wakefield Park in March – Image by TDJ Media

Glenn Allerton, yet another three-time champion in the field (along with Waters), is champing at the bit to get out there after getting the latest S 1000 RR set-up to his liking. He might be 45-points behind and thus somewhat of a dark horse, but he is relishing his underdog status and reckons he can be fighting up front this weekend. 

Glenn Allerton

I’ve had a good re-set during this down time. Testing and sorting out the new BMW S 1000 RR. Shane (crew chief) and myself have made be steps forward with the setup of our bike and it has improved massively since round one where we showed great speed in qualifying but the race set-up needed work.

“I’ve never been more confident with my bike and I can’t wait to get out on track at Wakefield, a track that has been a really successful place for me over the years. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain this weekend so I’ll be going all out for race wins.”

ASBK Wakefield Park Test TDJ Glenn Allerton straight
Glenn Allerton testing at Wakefield Park – TDJ Image

Aiden Wagner had a difficult start to the year but is certain to be battling for podiums. If the cards fall his way, he is also a chance for the title. 

Aiden Wagner

Great to finally be going back racing with the team and ASBK paddock after the rough year everyone has had. It will be awesome to feel a bit of normality again. Going to be tough for me to get on the podium in the current championship standings but aiming so get up on the podium of the race days for sure. Been training a lot leading up to this round so I’m feeling super fit and can’t wait to turn the tyres on the Factory R1 and get racing!”

ASBK Test Phillip Island RbMotoLens ASBK Test SBK Aiden WAGNER
Aiden Wagner – Phillip Island 2020 – Image by Rob Mott

The likes of Linden Magee, Beau Beaton, Mark Chiodo and Glenn Scott could also surprise the regular front runners.  International journeymen Lachlan Epis and Chandler Cooper will also be interesting to watch as they go up against the top crop of Australian Superbike regulars. 

It is all on the line this weekend and in this strange plague affected season there are a dozen riders in with a red hot shot at glory this weekend. Tune in on Saturday and Sunday to watch it all unfold or follow our coverage right here on in what will be our 21st year covering the Australian Superbike Championship. And in all that time, Trev has only missed one round this century!

Who will be crowned king come Sunday afternoon…..?

2020 mi-bike Australian Superbike Championship Points

Mi Bike ASBK Motul logo Menu@x
Pos Name Machine Pole R1 R2 R3 Total
1 Wayne MAXWELL Ducati V4R 1 25 25 25 76
2 Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha 20 20 20 60
3 Josh WATERS Suzuki 18 15 18 51
4 Bryan STARING Kawasaki 17 17 15 49
5 Troy HERFOSS Honda 16 16 16 48
6 Daniel FALZON Yamaha 14 14 13 41
7 Arthur SISSIS Suzuki 15 10 12 37
8 Mike JONES Ducati 18 17 35
9 Jed METCHER Suzuki 12 11 10 33
10 Glenn ALLERTON BMW 5 12 14 31
11 Linden MAGEE BMW 10 6 9 25
12 Matt WALTERS Kawasaki 13 11 24
13 Max CROKER Suzuki 9 7 7 23
14 Aiden WAGNER Yamaha 13 9 22
15 Sloan FROST Suzuki 8 5 8 21
16 Beau BEATON Ducati 7 4 6 17
17 Glenn SCOTT Kawasaki 4 8 4 16
18 Brendan McINTYRE Suzuki 6 3 5 14
19 Josh HAYES Yamaha 11 11
20 Matthew TOOLEY Yamaha 1 1 3 5
21 Giuseppe SCARCELLA Ducati 3 2 5
22 Dean HASLER BMW 2 2 4
23 Nathan SPITERI Suzuki 1 1

2020 mi-bike Australian Superbike
Rounds 2-3 – Wakefield Park Schedule

ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Thursday  3rd Dec
0745 Riders Briefing (OJC, R3Cup, SSP300) Briefing 1 15 mins
0810 Riders Briefing (SSP, SBK) Briefing 2 15 mins
1030 SBK FP1 35 mins
1150 Lunch 30 mins
1325 SBK FP1 35 mins
1555 SBK FP1 35 mins
 Round 2 Friday 4th Dec
1035 SBK Timed Practice – Rd2 35 mins
1200 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Rides 30 mins
1410 SBK Q2 R d2 15 mins
1440 SBK Q2 Rn 2 15 mins
Round 2 Saturday 5th Dec 
0940 SBK WUP 10 mins
1105 SBK R1 – Rd. 2 18 Laps
1205 Lunch 25 mins
1415 SBK R2 – Rd. 2 18 Laps
ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Round 3 Sunday 6th Dec 
0950 SBK Q1 – Rd. 3 15 mins
1035 SBK Q2 – Rd. 3 15 mins
1215 SBK R1 – Rd. 3 18 Laps
1305 Lunch 25 mins
1450 SBK R2 – Rd. 3 18 Laps
1630 ASBK Awards Ceremony ASBK Podium 45 mins

Superbike Entry List

No First Name Surname State Model
1 Mike Jones QLD V4-R
13 Jed Metcher VIC YZF-R1
14 Glenn Allerton NSW S1000RR
16 Luke Jhonston VIC YZF-R1
17 Troy Herfoss QLD CBR1000SP
21 Josh Waters VIC GSX-R1000R
28 Aiden Wagner QLD YZF-R1
30 Mark Chiodo VIC YZF-R1
37 Michael Edwards QLD YZF-R1
47 Wayne Maxwell VIC V4-R
51 Chandler Cooper VIC CBR1000
61 Arthur Sissis SA GSX-R1000R
62 Brendan Mcintyre NSW GSX-R1000R
65 Cru Halliday NSW YZF-R1
67 Bryan Staring WA ZX-10R
68 Glenn Scott NSW ZX-10R
78 Nathan Spiteri VIC GSX-R1000R
83 Lachlan Epis NSW GSX-R1000R
88 Giuseppe Scarcella NSW Panigale
98 Evan Byles SA ZX-10R

ASBK Supersport

In Supersport Oli Bayliss goes into the finale six-points clear of Tom Toparis, the defending champion on home turf but Bayliss has been working hard in the down-time and will be on a quest to lift his first Supersport title. 

Any trip up by either of those young men though will be punished harshly with the likes of Nic Liminton, Tom Edwards, Max Stauffer and Jack Hyde all less than a win away from the series lead. 

Oli Bayliss

It’s been a tough year to keep motivated without being able to race as much as we planned, but luckily for me, I’m surrounded by people that keep me on track. Ben at the workshop, my brother Mitch at the gym as well as Dad at home has meant my fitness levels are better than ever and I’m just as motivated to win this weekend as I was at Phillip Island in February. It’s going to be a big weekend on track, but I’m ready to get to work“.  

ASBK Supersport Championship Points

Pos Name Bike Total
1 Oli BAYLISS Yamaha 71
2 Tom TOPARIS Yamaha 65
3 Nic LIMINTON Yamaha 50
4 Tom EDWARDS Yamaha 49
5 Max STAUFFER Yamaha 47
6 Jack HYDE Yamaha 46
7 Broc PEARSON Yamaha 37
8 Ted COLLINS Suzuki 37
9 Jack PASSFIELD Yamaha 34
10 Aidan HAYES Yamaha 31
11 Dallas SKEER Suzuki 29
12 Ty LYNCH Yamaha 27
13 Rhys BELLING Yamaha 26
14 Luke MITCHELL Yamaha 22
15 Ryan TAYLOR Yamaha 21
16 Chris QUINN Yamaha 17
17 Brodie MALOUF Yamaha 10
18 Darren McGRATH Kawasaki 10
19 Mitch KUHNE Yamaha 9
20 Andrew EDSER Kawasaki 5
21 Patrick LI Yamaha 4
22 Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES Yamaha 2

2020 Australian Supersport
Rounds 2-3 – Wakefield Park Schedule

ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Thursday  3rd Dec
0745 Riders Briefing (OJC, R3Cup, SSP300) Briefing 1 15 mins
0810 Riders Briefing (SSP, SBK) Briefing 2 15 mins
0925 SSP FP1 30 mins
1150 Lunch 30 mins
1220 SSP FP1 30 mins
1450 SSP FP1 30 mins
 Round 2 Friday 4th Dec
0940 SSP Q1 Rnd2 25 mins
1200 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Rides 30 mins
1255 SSP Q2 Rnd2 25 mins
Round 2 Saturday 5th Dec 
0920 SSP WUP 5 mins
1035 SSP R1 – Rd. 2 14 Laps
1205 Lunch 25 mins
1310 SSP R2 – Rd. 2 14 Laps
ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Round 3 Sunday 6th Dec 
0920 SSP Q – Rd. 3 25 mins
1115 SSP R1 – Rd. 3 14 Laps
1305 Lunch 25 mins
1350 SSP R2 – Rd. 3 14 Laps
1630 ASBK Awards Ceremony

Supersport Entry List

Pos Name Surname State Model
1 Tom Toparis NSW YZF-R6
17 Broc Pearson QLD YZF-R6
24 Patrick Li VIC YZF-R6
28 Jack Hyde NSW YZF-R6
39 Scott Nicholson VIC GSX-R600
42 Jack Passfield NSW YZF-R6
46 Aidan Hayes NSW YZF-R6
68 Oli Bayliss QLD YZF-R6
71 Tom Edwards NSW YZF-R6
85 Ty Lynch SA YZF-R6
92 Noel Mahon VIC YZF-R6
94 Joel Taylor NSW YZF-R6
127 Max Stauffer NSW YZF-R6

YMI Supersport 300

The YMI Supersport 300 Championship title is there for the taking for riders brave enough to put everything on the line for victory.

Just in the last few years we have seen the likes of Billy Van Eerde,  Joel Kelso, Senna Agius, Jacob Roulstone, Harrison Voight, Max Gibbons and Carter Thompson, competing in major international championships such as the Red Bull Rookies Cup, FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 Junior World Championship, FIM European Talent Cup, and Asia Talent Cup.

With 45 points separating the top 10 riders and 127 points on offer over 5 gruelling races for rounds 2 and 3 – the Championship decider – picking a winner is near impossible. Competition in the Supersport 300 class is fierce as we saw at round 1 with 40 riders dicing, rubbing elbows and fairings for the win in front of the WorldSBK paddock. Harry Khouri though holds a significant 27-point advantage over Archie McDonald heading into the finale. 

Supersport 300 Championship Points

Pos Name Bike Total
1 Harry KHOURI Kawasaki 76
2 Archie McDONALD Yamaha 49
3 Luke POWER Kawasaki 44
4 Caleb GILMORE Yamaha 40
5 Luke JHONSTON Kawasaki 38
6 Jacob HATCH Yamaha 37
7 Reece OUGHTRED Yamaha 37
8 Ben BAKER Yamaha 34
9 John LYTRAS Yamaha 33
10 Laura BROWN Yamaha 31
11 Peter NERLICH Kawasaki 29
12 Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha 26
13 Filippo ROVELLI Kawasaki 25
14 Angus GRENFELL Yamaha 23
15 Zylas BUNTING Kawasaki 21
16 Yannis SHAW Kawasaki 20
17 Ryan SMITH Yamaha 15
18 Olly SIMPSON Yamaha 13
19 Matthew RINDEL Yamaha 12
20 Kyle O’CONNELL Yamaha 12
21 Jake SENIOR Kawasaki 10
22 Jake FARNSWORTH Yamaha 9
23 Mitchell SIMPSON Yamaha 7
24 Joseph MARINIELLO Kawasaki 5
25 Tom DRANE Yamaha 1
26 Zachary JOHNSON Yamaha 1
27 Luca DURNING Yamaha 1

2020 Australian Supersport 300
Rounds 2-3 – Wakefield Park Schedule

ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Thursday  3rd Dec
0745 Riders Briefing (OJC, R3Cup, SSP300) Briefing 1 15 mins
0810 Riders Briefing (SSP, SBK) Briefing 2 15 mins
1000 SSP300 FP1 25 mins
1150 Lunch 30 mins
1255 SSP300 FP1 25 mins
1525 SSP300 FP1 25 mins
 Round 2 Friday 4th Dec
0915 SSP300 Q1 Rnd2 20 mins
1140 SSP300 Q2 Rnd2 20 mins
1200 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Rides 30 mins
1345 SSP300 R1  -Rd1 10 Laps
1510 R3 Cup R1 -Rd1 8 Laps
Round 2 Saturday 5th Dec 
0930 SSP300 WUP 5 mins
1145 SSP300 R2 – Rd. 2 10 Laps
1205 Lunch 25 mins
1345 SSP300 R3 – Rd. 2 10 Laps
ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Round 3 Sunday 6th Dec 
1010 SSP300 Q – Rd. 3 20 mins
1150 SSP300 R1 – Rd. 3 10 Laps
1305 Lunch 25 mins
1425 SSP300 R2 – Rd. 3 10 Laps
1630 ASBK Awards Ceremony ASBK Podium 45 mins

Supersport 300 Entry List

No Name Surname State Bike
11 Brandon Demmery NSW YZF-R3
16 James Jacobs NSW Ninja 400
37 Patrick Bognar QLD YZF-R3
39 Glenn Nelson QLD YZF-R3
43 Harry Khouri NSW Ninja 400
45 Jamie Port VIC YZF-R3
47 Zylas Bunting NSW Ninja 400
49 Jake Farnsworth NSW Ninja 400
50 Carter Thompson NSW YZF-R3
59 Tom Drane NSW YZF-R3
63 Clay Clegg NSW YZF-R3
68 Luke Power VIC Ninja 400
69 Archie McDonald NSW YZF-R3
71 Tony Sims NSW Ninja 300
72 Ben Baker NSW YZF-R3
88 Joseph Mariniello VIC Ninja 400
95 Matthew Rindel VIC YZF-R3
97 Peter Nerlich VIC Ninja 400
99 Jacob Hatch NSW YZF-R3
105 Cameron Dunker NSW YZF-R3
110 Zakary Pettendy NSW YZF-R3
121 Reece Oughtred VIC YZF-R3
308 John Lytras QLD YZF-R3
355 Laura Brown NSW YZF-R3

Oceania Junior Cup Championship Points

Pos Name Total
1 Lucas QUINN 75
2 Marianos NIKOLIS 49
3 Cameron DUNKER 48
4 Tom DRANE 46
5 Hayden NELSON 45
6 Cameron SWAIN 45
7 Lincoln KNIGHT 41
8 Angus GRENFELL 39
9 Clay CLEGG 38
10 Henry SNELL 35
11 Varis FLEMING 35
12 Nate O’NEILL 33
13 Jai RUSSO 29
14 Casey MIDDLETON 20
15 Jamie PORT 18
16 Levi RUSSO 15
17 James WEAVER 12
18 Brodie GAWITH 10
19 Toby JAMES 10

2020 Australian Oceania Junior Cup
Rounds 2-3 – Wakefield Park Schedule

ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Thursday  3rd Dec
0745 Riders Briefing (OJC, R3Cup, SSP300) Briefing 1 15 mins
0810 Riders Briefing (SSP, SBK) Briefing 2 15 mins
1110 OJC FP1 15 mins
1150 Lunch 30 mins
1405 OJC FP1 15 mins
1635 OJC FP1 15 mins
 Round 2 Friday 4th Dec
1120 OJC Q1 Rnd2 15 mins
1200 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Rides 30 mins
1325 OJC Q2 Rnd2 15 mins
1430 OJC R1 – Rnd1 6 Laps
Round 2 Saturday 5th Dec 
0910 OJC WUP 5 mins
1015 OJC R2 – Rd. 2 6 Laps
1205 Lunch 25 mins
1230 OJC R3 – Rd. 2 6 Laps
1500 OJC Q – Rd. 3 15 mins
ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Round 3 Sunday 6th Dec 
0910 OJC WUP 5 mins
1055 OJC R1 – Rd. 3 6 Laps
1305 Lunch 25 mins
1330 OJC R2 – Rd. 3 6 Laps
1630 ASBK Awards Ceremony ASBK Podium 45 mins

Oceania Junior Cup Entry List

No First Surname State Model
15 Brodie Gawith VIC YZF-R15
20 Casey Middleton QLD YZF-R15
22 Lincoln Knight NSW YZF-R15
24 Jamie Port VIC YZF-R15
26 Cameron Swain QLD YZF-R15
27 Toby James VIC YZF-R15
29 Hayden Nelson NSW YZF-R15
32 Jai Russo NSW YZF-R15
36 Angus Grenfell VIC YZF-R15
39 Glenn Nelson QLD YZF-R15
43 Henry Snell QLD YZF-R15
46 Marianos Nikolis NSW YZF-R15
50 Cameron Dunker NSW YZF-R15
55 Varis Fleming VIC YZF-R15
58 Lucas Quinn QLD YZF-R15
59 Tom Drane NSW YZF-R15
63 Clay Clegg NSW YZF-R15
65 Nate O’Neill QLD YZF-R15
71 James Weaver NSW YZF-R15
72 Levi Russo NSW YZF-R15

2020 Australian R3 Cup
Rounds 2-3 – Wakefield Park Schedule

ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Thursday  3rd Dec
0745 Riders Briefing (OJC, R3Cup, SSP300) Briefing 1 15 mins
0810 Riders Briefing (SSP, SBK) Briefing 2 15 mins
0900 R3 Cup FP1 20 mins
1130 R3 Cup FP1 20 mins
1150 Lunch 30 mins
1425 R3 Cup FP1 20 mins
 Round 2 Friday 4th Dec
1010 R3 Cup Q1 Rnd2 20 mins
1200 Lunch – ASBK Pillion Rides 30 mins
1230 R3 Cup Q2 Rnd2 20 mins
1510 R3 Cup R1 -Rd1 8 Laps
Round 2 Saturday 5th Dec 
0900 R3 Cup WUP 5 mins
0955 R3 Cup R2 – Rd. 2 8 Laps
1205 Lunch 25 mins
1250 R3 Cup R3 – Rd. 2 8 Laps
1520 R3 Cup Q- Rd. 3 20 mins
ASBK Official Schedule Round 2 & 3 – V.2
Wakefield Park Raceway
Round 3 Sunday 6th Dec 
0900 R3 Cup WUP 5 mins
1250 R3 Cup  R1 – Rd. 3 8 Laps
1305 Lunch 25 mins
1535 R3 Cup R2 – Rd. 3 8 Laps
1630 ASBK Awards Ceremony ASBK Podium 45 mins

YMF-R3 Cup Entry List

No First Surname State Bike
11 Brandon Demmery NSW YZF-R3
36 Angus Grenfell NSW YZF-R3
37 Patrick Bognar VIC YZF-R3
49 Jake Farnsworth NSW YZF-R3
50 Carter Thompson QLD YZF-R3
59 Tom Drane NSW YZF-R3
65 Nate O’Neill VIC YZF-R3
68 Luke Power QLD YZF-R3
69 Archie McDonald NSW YZF-R3
72 Ben Baker NSW YZF-R3
95 Matthew Rindel NSW YZF-R3
99 Jacob Hatch QLD YZF-R3
105 Cameron Dunker VIC YZF-R3
110 Zakary Pettendy NSW YZF-R3
121 Reece Oughtred NSW YZF-R3
222 Lincoln Knight VIC YZF-R3
308 John Lytras NSW YZF-R3
355 Laura Brown NSW YZF-R3


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