Nakagami, learning from Marc Marquez: “Now, it’s natural”

“The next race was coming very soon and I realised I have to change the style because with the 2019 bike, I had the surgery in the winter, physically I was not 100% so I have to change. So the only way was to see Marc’s data. He knows pretty well how to handle the bike… especially last season in 2019, he won many, many races, so why not? If I have a chance, I try to see his data how he manages this bike. Then, I can see many tricks in braking, mid-corner, exit, many things. It was the same bike but on the graphics it was completely different. First time I saw it, I thought “wow, how does he manage?” But then from HRC, Takeo explained very well with the Japanese, analysed the different ways of braking, especially on the braking it’s hugely different how he stops the bike. And then one moment I saw completely different how to stop the bike, I thought ‘OK, I have to do it this way’.

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