Artsy Vids re: Steve Caballero Indian FTR1200

Famed artiste, skateboarder and motocrosser Steve Caballero is still out there mixing it up: Word on the street is he’s currently recovering from an MX-induced broken leg. Highly commendable. Anyway, you’ll recall Indian’s Artists Series tank covers for its new FTR1200. Indian sent along a couple of fun videos about the man behind the dragon.

Through the miracle of swag, we’ve come into possession of an original piece of Caballero art. Takes me back. I can almost smell the burning rubber…

The Half Cab Steve designed for Vans has paid for quite a few skateboards over the years. Hats off to Cab, and kudos to Indian for venturing outside the box, supporting the arts, and building some really interesting motorcycles. Take it away, Steve:


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