Arch Motorcycles Partners With Bosch for ABS Technology

Bosch shows the team at Arch Motorcycles the benefits of ABS.

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Ride Fully Alive

ABS technology: Making riding safer and better

Go inside as ARCH Motorcycle and Bosch bring ABS to the KRGT-1 motorcycle

The Backstory

Arch Motorcycle creates custom production motorcycles with a unique blend of performance and customization tailored to each individual owner. Bosch has a clear vision: no more fatalities for motorcyclists in road traffic. When the two companies met at a trade show, they saw an opportunity to introduce Bosch’s safety features to ARCH riders, focusing first on integrating two-wheel ABS (anti-lock braking system) into Arch’s high-performance model, the KRGT-1. The technology supports the rider while braking, even in case of hard braking or on slippery roads. It prevents wheel lockup, ensures vehicle stability and optimal deceleration while braking. Motorcycle ABS, therefore, contributes to reducing the risk of falling and to shorten the stopping distance.

ARCH Motorcycles

ARCH Motorcycle creates custom production motorcycles with a unique blend of performance, customization and attention to detail. Ergonomic and aesthetic preferences are curated and tailored to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle directly reflective of its owner. Over 200 proprietary parts are manufactured at their California facility using state-of-the-art CNC and water-jet machinery. Impeccable billet aluminum bodywork is blended with carbon fiber details and custom finishes to produce each unique motorcycle. At right: ARCH Motorcycle co-founders Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves, R&D/production manager Ryan Boyd.


Bosch is the market leader for two-wheeler safety systems. These systems reduce the risk of accidents, especially in hazardous riding conditions, by intervening in critical situations without compromising on riding dynamics. The motorcycle ABS system was developed specifically for two-wheelers, and offers the right safety system for every segment of the two-wheeler market. The Two-Wheeler & Powersports business unit at Bosch sits within the Bosch Mobility Solutions business sector. The global team features many motorcycle riders and its goal is to make motorcycles safer and more efficient.

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