Aprilia 2019 USA Models Announced

The new model season is like Christmas here at MO, and reading Aprilia’s release just gets us even more excited about the 2019 model year.

Begin Press Release:


The model range receives numerous improvements, announcing pricing, colors, and availability

WHO: Aprilia USA
WHAT: Aprilia USA 2019 Model Range Announcement

WHERE: Aprilia Dealerships Throughout the USA

WHEN: 2019 Year Models



The RSV4 project has always pursued a stated goal: to be the absolute best and fastest uncompromising superbike, the one that comes the closest to Aprilia racing bikes in terms of performance and effectiveness. A premium product at the top of its category dedicated to extremely demanding customers who want top shelf performance and refined technical equipment, provided thanks in part to the use of prestigious materials like aluminum, titanium and carbon.

Aprilia 2019

RSV4 1100 Factory

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory – the latest step in this evolutionary line – boasts exceptional performance combined with a racing frame and suspension and an electronic controls package, both evolved even further. New for 2019, the RSV4 1100 Factory is the lightest, most powerful, and fastest RSV4 ever created.

Availability: March

2019 Colors: Atomico 6

MSRP: $24,499

Aprilia 2019

RSV4 1000 RR

Aprilia RSV4 RR represents a top shelf technical platform, ready to provide the rider with a “race replica”performance and feeling. In order to support the most demanding riders, one of the available accessories Aprilia offers is the Track kit, a package of prestigious parts that work together to improve many aspects of the RSV4 RR such as its weight, handling, aerodynamics and, last but not least, its appearance. The MY19 version of RSV4 RR has not undergone any technical changes with respect to the previous version.

Availability: March 2019
Colors: Grigio Rivazza, Nero Arrabbiata

MSRP: $17,499


Simply unrivalled. The Aprilia naked range, heir to a family of motorbikes which has been voted over time as one of the most adrenaline pumping and efficient bikes ever, achieves absolute performance levels and sophistication, thanks to Aprilia’s know-how acquired over years of winning premier level competitions and the experience of the Tuono history, which is thus confirmed as being unbeatable on the track and endless fun on the road.


The new Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory comes standard with the most advanced and efficient electronic suspension system currently available, the latest technological frontier offered by manufacturer Öhlins, developed in close contact with Aprilia engineers. With the upgraded electronic suspension, adjustable to suit any rider need, and along with the inherited RSV4-style tail section, the Tuono Factory is the model of choice for the performance-demanding rider that will not settle for less.

Availability: March 2019

Colors: Superpole

MSRP: $18,999

Aprilia 2019


Tuono V4 1100 RR represents an exceptional thrill machine, the heir to a dynasty of naked sport bikes acclaimed by critics as the most effective and fastest bike in its segment. Fit with conventions Sachs suspension components; forks, shock and damper, the Tuono RR comes equipped with a dedicated passenger saddle making it the a more street-biased option among the two models.

Availability: March 2019
Colors: Rosso Sachsenring, Grigio Magny-Cours

MSRP: $15,499


The most recent evolution of the 90-degree V-Twin from Noale is powered by a refined 900cc engine that guarantees torque values at the top of the category. Performance combined with an absolutely top shelf frame for rideability that raises the bar to new heights in the bike segment. Intuitive, powerful, and easy to handle, also now even more technological thanks to the new integrated navigation system in the instrument cluster.

Aprilia 2019


Aprilia Shiver 900 represents the most recent evolution of the original project of a motorcycle that, from its first appearance on the scene in 2007, marked a turning point as the first factory bike fitted with Ride-by- wire technology to manage engine throttle valve electronics. From city riding to more flowing routes, from mountain passes to touring itineraries, even long range, Shiver 900 invites you to fasten your helmet and set off in search of the best sensations on two wheels.

Availability: May 2019
Colors: Hi-Tech Silver, Innovation Dark MSRP: $9,399


The supermotard from Aprilia evolves with the sole objective of providing maximum riding enjoyment, boosted by the updated powerful twin-cylinder engine. With 90NM of torque the Aprilia Dorsoduro is the fun bike par excellence. Born out of an ingenious intuition by Aprilia, it was built to exceed the benchmark from the Dorsoduro 750, providing the highest possibility of road riding fun, drawing from the best characteristics of sport bikes and supermotards. The result is a bike with advanced technical solutions, agile and with performance at the top of its category.

Availability: May 2019
Colors: Adrenalinic Silver, Exciting Black MSRP: $10,999

Aprilia 2019

SR 50 MT

Availability: In Dealerships Now Colors: Racing Black
MSRP: $2,199

Find out about other Aprilia events and current model offerings and special promotions at:Aprilia USA, and Aprilia Americas Facebook pages

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