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Aerostich Messenger Bag
The Aerostich Messenger Bag is spacious and secure for carrying your stuff while riding. (Photos by Kevin Wing)

In the immortal words of George Carlin, “That’s the meaning of life: trying to find a place to keep your stuff.” I consider myself a tidy person, but really I’ve just developed Tetris-like efficiency when it comes to cramming stuff in my closet, my desk drawers, and – to my wife’s eternal chagrin – our garage. Surrounding her adorable blue Mini Cooper is a rabbit’s warren of shelves filled with bins (each one labeled, of course), boxes, motorcycle gear, and enough helmets for a small army.

Aerostich Messenger Motorcycle Bag

When I travel by motorcycle, I bring stuff in saddlebags or a top trunk if possible, or perhaps in a tankbag or tailbag. But if I need to pick up a few things at the store or bring my laptop or camera equipment with me, the best option is a backpack or shoulder bag. Of the latter, one of the most practical and versatile is a Messenger Bag made by the folks at Aerostich in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Aerostich Messenger Bag
Photo by the author

Messenger Bags come in four sizes: Letter (9 inches tall, 3.75 inches wide, 9 inches long at the bottom/12 inches long at the top; $107), Dispatch (12×7×12/18 inches; $137), Courier (12×7×18/23 inches; $147), and Parcel (14×9×18/26 inches; $157). Wanting maximum carrying capacity, I opted for the Parcel size, which is large enough to hold a full-face helmet and four bottles of wine, for example.

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The bag’s outer flap is designed to accommodate bulky items like wide helmets and tall wine bottles. It is secured by a panel of hook-and-loop that runs the length of the flap – a 2-inch-wide panel of hook on the underside of the flap attaches to a 4-inch-wide panel of loop on the bag. There are also two adjustable closure straps with quick-release buckles.

Aerostich Messenger Motorcycle Bag

Messenger Bags are made of 1000-denier polyurethane-backed Cordura, and they have a triangular cross-section with a seamless flat bottom. Inside is a yellow reinforced PVC waterproof lining, an organizer pocket (the Parcel has two), and a clip-on key loop.

The shoulder strap is made of 2-inch mil-spec nylon webbing, and a cam lock makes it easy to adjust the strap’s length. A removable 3.5×11.5-inch shoulder pad covered in Ultrasuede provides comfort when carrying heavy loads. The bag also has a carry handle at the top and a 2-inch panel of reflective 3M Scotchlite that runs the length of the outer flap.

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Depending on how full the bag is and the rigidity of the contents, it usually stays in place while riding. Adjusting the shoulder strap so the bag hugs the body closely helps keep it secure, and Aerostich sells a stabilizer strap for $10.

All in all, the Messenger Bag is a great place to keep my stuff when I’m on the go. Multiple color options are available.

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