5 Top End Superbikes you can buy today – if you’re lucky

By Victoria Chase: freelance writer and digital marketer*

Sometimes a superbike comes along, and you can’t imagine how anything that comes after could ever possibly be better. These bikes are amazing feats of engineering with a whole bucketload of passion thrown in.

It’s always difficult to narrow down the list of the top 10 superbikes, even harder still to whittle that list down by half. Read on to find out some of the best superbikes you can buy today – if you’re very lucky.

Ducati 1299 Superleggera

2017 Ducati Superleggera
Ducati Superleggera

A bike truly bursting with new tech, and with the high price tag, you’d expect it to be! But, don’t get on the phone to your local superbike dealer just yet. Only 500 were built and they all sold out before they went into production. If you keep your ear to the road you may be able to snap one up – don’t expect to get it for the original asking price though.

This breath-taking superbike is built with enough carbon fibre that its kerb mass is only 167kg. The 1299 Superleggera is one of the best superbikes on the market – if you can get your hands on one.

Spirit GP Street R

Spirit GP Sport R
Spirit GP Sport R

A limited edition, handmade superbike built in Britain. What’s special about this superbike is that it was designed for the racetrack but then built for the road. This uber-modern model features a wonderful selection of handmade bespoke touches, including a swingarm made to MotoGP specs.

If you want your chance to take one of these stunners for a spin, you’ll need some very good connections in the bike world, only 50 were made.

Kawasaki Ninja H2

Kawasaki H2 paint
Kawasaki H2

If speed is what you’re craving, then this hunk of madness is what you need to ride. Even though the electronically-limited speed only reaches the standard 186mph (300km/h), you can feel how fast this bike wants to go. That missile-like power is thanks to the supercharger that’s been added to the 998cc inline-four engine.

This isn’t a bike for a beginner, or even an intermediate rider – if you don’t know what you’re doing the Ninja H2 will leave you behind in a cloud of tyre-smoke and asphalt.

MV Agusta F4CC

MV Agusta F4CC
MV Agusta F4CC

This could be the most controversial choice in this list, but the F4CC is very much able to hold its own here, so is definitely deserving of its place. It’s also deserving of the hefty price tag; only 100 were made and almost immediately they were all sold to collectors. This bike can boast to almost all of its components being handmade, and with a top speed limited to 195mph (314km/h), it’s easy to see why they were all bought up so quickly.

Claudio Castiglioni, who was in charge of MV at the time the bike was built, loved it so much he put his name on it.

Aprilia RSV4 RF

Aprilia RSV4 RF
Aprilia RSV4 RF

On a lot of superbikes, there is always the problem of sacrificing pure, unadulterated power for the latest in tech. This isn’t the case with the RSV4, which delivers both in bucketloads. This machine is built with some of the smartest electronics available, and the sole desire to be the fastest superbike in its segment. And with over 50 championship titles under their belt, Aprilla know what they’re doing.

Riding this bike is something all superbike lovers should aim to do at least once – although, once you speed away, we can’t guarantee you’ll ever want to get off.

  • Victoria has written for numerous publications in the business, automotive and motorsports spheres. She has a keen interest in anything on two wheels. 

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