2018 Kawasaki Z900RS and Z900 Recalled for Rear Brake Issue

Kawasaki has issued a recall for the Z900RS and the Z900 because of poor routing of the rear brake hose and rear wheel speed sensor wire. The recall is only for 2018 models, including both ABS and non-ABS versions of the Z900, but not the Z900 Cafe. The recall affects 1,173 motorcycles in the U.S.

According to recall documentation released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the brake hose and wheel speed sensor wire on the rear wheel may have been positioned too close to the tire, in some cases close enough to come into contact. Should this occur, either the hose and the wire may become damaged. A damaged hose may result in brake fluid leakage while a damaged wire may affect ABS performance or speedometer readings.

The problem was first reported in September by a Kawasaki distributor in Europe, with a rear brake hose damaged by contact with the rear tire. Kawasaki opened an investigation into the way the hose and wire were assembled, and determined some models were not put together properly. Kawasaki began recall procedures on Nov. 30.

Kawasaki dealers will examine the rear brakes on recalled motorcycles and ensure that the brake line and wheel sensor wires are properly positioned. Any damaged hoses or wires will be replaced. Kawasaki assembly line operators were also retrained on how to properly route the rear brake assembly and an additional inspection process was incorporated to check on the routing.

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