Weather finally breaks on Isle of Man for qualifying

TT racers take advantage of break in weather

After four full days of inactivity due to the weather on the Isle of Man, the third solo qualifying session at the 2019 IOM TT races, fuelled by Monster Energy, finally got underway on Sunday afternoon.

The mist on the Mountain cleared sufficiently for the session to take place after a delay of an hour and a half, although there were still damp patches from the earlier rain and strong winds around the course, particularly on the Mountain section.

TT Sunday Qualifying Results


  1. Conor Cummins 128.92 mph
  2. Dean Harrison 128.29 mph
  3. David Johnson 128.24 mph
  4. Michael Rutter 127.55 mph
  5. Jamie Coward 127.22 mph
  6. James Hillier 125.36 mph
  7. Peter Hickman 125.04 mph
  8. Sam West 124.96 mph
  9. John McGuinness 124.72 mph
  10. Brian McCormack 124.33 mph
  11.  Philip Crowe 124.31 mph
  12. Daley Mathison 124.22 mph
  13. Gary Johnson 123.75 mph
  14. Stefano Bonetti 123.48 mph
  15. Derek Sheils 123.10 mph
  16. Paul Jordan 122.84 mph
  17. Jay Lawrence 122.47 mph
  18. Shaun Anderson 122.35 mph
  19. Lee Johnston 122.27 mph
  20. Ian Hutchinson 121.95 mph


  1. Peter Hickman 128.50 mph
  2. Conor Cummins 127.17 mph
  3. Gary Johnson 124.97 mph
  4. James Hillier 124.33 mph
  5. Michael Rutter 123.53 mph
  6. Rob Hodson 123.39 mph
  7. Davey Todd 122.94 mph
  8. Horst Saiger 121.30 mph
  9. Derek McGee 120.98 mph
  10. Philip Crowe 119.85 mph


  1. Lee Johnston 122.93 mph
  2. Gary Johnson 122.59 mph
  3. James Hillier 122.02 mph
  4. Jamie Coward 121.33 mph
  5. Dean Harrison 121.17 mph
  6. Ian Hutchinson 121.13 mph
  7. Paul Jordan 120.48 mph
  8. David Johnson 120.35 mph
  9. Derek McGee 119.64 mph
  10. Derek Sheils 119.58 mph
  11. Daley Mathison 119.11 mph
  12. John McGuinness 117.77 mph
  13. Michael Sweeney 117.70 mph
  14. Mike Browne 117.55 mph
  15.  Xavier Denis  116.53 mph

TT Zero

  1. Michael Rutter  117.16 mph
  2. Ian Lougher 95.36 mph

Sunday TT Qualifying Report

Conor Cummins on the Milenco by Padgetts Motorcycles Honda set the quickest lap of the session, clocking 128.92mph although Peter Hickman posted the fastest opening four sectors of the session – indeed the week – on his Superstock machine before slowing over the final two sectors.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday Conor Cummins
Conor Cummings quickest on Sunday

Michael Rutter (Bathams Racing Honda), Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW) and Dean Harrison (Silicone Engineering Kawasaki) led the Superbike, Superstock and Supersport classes away and all three were out on their Superbikes. Gary Johnson opted to take out his RAF Regular & Reserve Triumph Supersport machine.

Lee Johnston (Ashcourt Racing BMW) and Ian Hutchinson (Honda Racing) were both out on their Superbikes while James Hillier headed down Glencrutchery Road on the Quattro Plant Wicked Coatings Superstock Kawasaki.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday Lee Johnston
Lee Johnston

Harrison was the quickest to Glen Helen, by four and a half seconds, from Michael Dunlop (Tyco BMW) with Hickman half a second further back in third. Cummins was close behind in fourth with Jamie Coward and Rutter completing the top six as Hillier and Johnson topped the early Superstock and Supersport times respectively.

Cummins set the quickest sector time on the run to Ballaugh before Hickman had the honour of getting from Ballaugh to Ramsey the quickest but as they completed the opening lap, Harrison was initially the quickest overall with a lap of 126.53mph.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday Peter Hickman
Peter Hickman

That was nine seconds quicker than Rutter (125.42) with Hickman slotting into third at 125.04mph as he completed his first lap of TT2019 on his Superbike before pulling straight in to switch to his Superstock BMW.

However, Cummins went to the top of the leaderboard with a lap of 126.54mph, which was a tenth of a second quicker than Harrison. Hillier (124.33) and Johnson (122.59) were the quickest of the Superstock and Supersport machines but 18-time TT Race winner Dunlop was in trouble and he stopped at the Mountain Box.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday Dean Harrison
Dean Harrison

Coward (124.82), John McGuinness (123.33) and Derek Sheils (123.10) were the other riders to lap at more than 123mph whilst Hutchinson lapped at 121.95mph as he got back on track after his spill at the 11th Milestone on Tuesday evening.

The second lap saw Cummins and Harrison set near identical times on the run to Ramsey but the Manxman edged it and with an improved speed of 128.92mph on the Milenco by Padgetts Honda, he remained at the top of the Superbike leaderboard.

Harrison (128.29), Rutter (127.55) and Coward (127.22) all upped their pace although the wind and the damp patches, combined with the lack of track time, continued to keep speeds down.

Hickman was another rider impressing on the second lap and he set the quickest Superstock lap of the session with a speed of 128.50mph.

Hillier (125.36) moved up to fifth place on the Superbike leaderboard with Gary Johnson (123.75) slotting into seventh while Davey Todd (122.94) moved up to third overall in the Superstock class. Newcomers Lucas Maurer (117.13) and Raymond Casey (113.27) also set their best laps of the week so far.

The big news of the session though came on the third lap as Hickman, still on his Superstock machine, set the fastest sector times on the run to Ramsey but just as it looked like he’d set the first 130mph lap of the week, he lost time between the Bungalow and the Grandstand and cruised across the line at 126.82mph. His Bungalow to Bungalow time was in excess of 130mph.

He remained quickest in the Superstock class ahead of new second place rider Cummins (127.17) and Gary Johnson (124.97) with Cummins (128.92) and Harrison (128.29) the two quickest riders in the Superbike category. There was a change for third though towards the end of the session as David Johnson pushed Rutter down to fourth after an impressive lap of 128.24mph on the Honda Racing machine.

Rutter, Coward and Hillier completed the top six in the Superbike class and, along with Hickman, were the only other riders above 125mph but Sam West (124.96) wasn’t far behind as McGuinness, Brian McCormack and Phil Crowe posted late laps of 124.72mph, 124.33mph and 124.31mph respectively.

Understandably, most riders focused on the big bikes but Lee Johnston (122.93) moved ahead of long time leader Johnson (122.59) as Coward (121.36) ended the session in third overall.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday TT Zero Michael Rutter
Michael Rutter – TT Zero

Michael Rutter also took the opportunity to go out at the end of the session on his TT Zero bike and posted a strong 117mph although John McGuinness ran out of time to get out for the session.


After four full days of inactivity due to the weather on the Isle of Man, the second qualifying session for sidecars at the 2019 Isle of Man TT races, fuelled by Monster Energy, finally got underway on Sunday afternoon.

The mist on the Mountain cleared sufficiently for the session to take place after a delay of an hour and a half, although there were still damp patches from the earlier rain and strong winds around the course, particularly on the Mountain section.

With bright skies and sunshine at the Grandstand, the Formula Two Sidecars were first to take to the Mountain Course with Ben and Tom Birchall leading the field away, closely followed by Holden/Cain, Tim Reeves/Mark Wilkes, Pete Founds/Jevan Walmsley, Lewis Blackstock/Patrick Rosney and Dave Molyneux/Harry Payne.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday Ben Birchall Tom
Ben and Tom Birchall

Holden/Cain were the quickest to Glen Helen, three seconds quicker than the Birchalls, but newcomers Ryan and Callum Crowe, who set a stunning 109mph lap in their opening lap on Tuesday night, stopped early at Snugborough and although they made adjustments, they were unable to continue. Two of the favourites were also in trouble with Reeves/Wilkes and Blackstock/Rosney retiring at Churchtown and Sulby Bridge respectively.

Holden/Cain continued to set the pace on the Silicone Barnes Racing Honda, overtaking the Birchalls on the road, and they were first to complete the lap with a speed of 114.99mph, which was almost identical to their lap from Tuesday evening.

The Birchalls lapped nearly twenty seconds slower at 113.19mph with Founds/Walmsley on 111.80mph. Founds/Lowther went fourth quickest with a lap of 110.49mph followed by Molyneux/Payne at 109.43mph.

Allan Schofield/Steve Thomas slotted into sixth on the leaderboard with a lap of 107.77mph with Gary Bryan/Phil Hyde and former race winners Conrad Harrison/Andy Winkle also lapping in excess of 107mph.

Second time around it was the Birchalls who were in the ascendancy and with three of the quickest sector times they increased their pace to 114.93mph. Holden/Cain were slightly slower than their opening lap with a speed of 114.30mph but Founds/Walmsley lapped quicker at 113.36mph. Harrison/Winkle (108.24) and Estelle Leblond/Franck Claeys (106.96) also upped their speeds but Molyneux’s second lap was a more sedate 104.22mph.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday Sidecars John Holden Lee Cain

Sidecar Qualifying Results

  1. John Holden – 114.99 mph
  2. Ben Birchall – 114.93 mph
  3. Peter Founds – 113.36 mph
  4. Alan Founds – 110.55 mph
  5. Dave Molyneux – 109.43 mph
  6. Conrad Harrison – 108.24 mph
  7. Allan Schofield – 107.77 mph
  8. Gary Bryan – 107.72 mph
  9. Estelle Leblond – 106.96 mph
  10. Gary Gibson – 104.66 mph


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