Track Short Cut protocol updated

The FIM MotoGP™ Stewards, together with the FIM, IRTA and Dorna, have decided that greater clarity is needed with some sanctions in order to avoid time penalties applied after the race finish wherever possible. Time penalties after the race can have a negative impact on entertainment and can make races and results harder to follow for fans.

Effective immediately, the standard penalty for cutting the course during the race is now a Long Lap Penalty.

The defined Short Cut sectors have not been changed, and if a rider cuts the track in this area during the race:

– The rider must lose at least one second compared to their average time for that sector (as calculated by Race Control)

– If the rider does not lose at least one second they will get a Long Lap Penalty

Allowances will continue to be made for any riders forced off track.

Riders gaining significant time by not slowing during the short cut may have additional penalties applied. 

If a rider makes a short cut in the race, they may get a LONG LAP penalty message. Riders have been reminded that a Long Lap Penalty must be completed within three laps of that message, otherwise the penalty will become a Ride Through.

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