Team Manager of Gresini Racing MotoGP Team Being Monitored After Covid Hospitalization

Praying for Good Health

Italian Manager Fausto Gresini – of the Gresini Racing MotoGP team – is currently being monitored closely in the hospital as his health deteriorates after his positive COVID-19 test.

Gresini fell victim to COVID-19 when he had his test come back positive right before christmas. Shortly after, he was moved from the Santa Maria della Scaletta hospital in Imola Italy to a ward located at the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi hospital in Bologna for closer evaluation as that ward has a specific COVID-19 specialist wing.

Gresini Racing’s official press team put out a statement regarding the issue:

“Following the COVID-19 positivity discovered shortly before the Christmas break, Fausto Gresini – after an initial isolation period at home – was hospitalized on 27 December at the Santa Maria della Scaletta hospital in Imola.

“The Gresini Racing team principal was transported today to the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi hospital in Bologna, in a more specialized ward for COVID-19 care.

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“Fausto’s conditions are constantly monitored. Further updates will follow.”

We pray that Gresini’s condition improves in the short-term. The 2021 MotoGP season will be the last season that the Gresini Racing Team will be working closely with the Aprilia works team on development; moving forwards the team will function independently meaning that there will be big changes around the paddock, and Gresini’s seasoned guidance will be needed to navigate the changes.


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