Strong start for Team Australia at 2018 ISDE | Day 1

Australian World Trophy Team second after Day 1

Women’s World Trophy Team first – Juniors fifth

The 2018 edition of the FIM International Six Day Enduro has gotten underway in Viña del Mar, with an early start to the day, as the four-hundred and forty-six competitors from twenty-five nations tentatively rolled off the start line to begin six days of world-class Enduro racing.

ISDE Chile Day start Img GF Media
2018 ISDE Day 1 – Chile – Image by G2F Media

The opening day’s course took riders north of the city, offering breathtaking views along the Pacific Ocean. On a route known as the Pacific Challenge, competitors completed two demanding laps and a total of six sandy and technical special tests, traveling a total of 284km.

ISDE Chile Day Ambience Img Dario Agrati
2018 ISDE Day 1 – Chile – Image by Dario Agrati

Day one saw Team Australia remain a strong and dominant force in all classes, with the Aussie World Trophy Team finishing the day in second overall, behind the USA. In the Women’s class, the trio of Gardiner, Jones and Tricker taking a clear lead. The Australian Juniors also finished Day 1 in fifth position overall.

World Trophy Team

At the conclusion of day one the Australian World Trophy Team has finished an undeniable high, sitting in second position overall in the World Trophy Class underneath Team USA who have taken out top position, with less than five seconds separating the two teams.

ISDE Chile Day Joshua Strang JPM
Joshua Strang – 2018 ISDE Day 1 – Chile – Image by John Pearson Media

Day one also saw Team Australia score three positions in the top 15 with Daniel Sanders finishing the day with a fastest time of 54:42.00, winning the first test of the event which earned him second place overall. Sanders sits just under 22 seconds behind the current leader, Robert Taylor from Team USA.

Teammate Daniel Milner took out the third and last podium position, with a fastest time of 54:49.82 and winning the second and fourth test of the day. Milner sits just over seven seconds behind Sanders and will no doubt use tomorrow to put the heat on Team USA and close in on the current time different.

ISDE Chile Day Team Australia JPM
Team Australia at 2018 ISDE Day 1 in Chile – Image by John Pearson Media

Rounding the top 15 was Joshua Strang, who locked in a fastest time of 55:42.62. Lyndon Snodgrass came up against challenges throughout day one, earning 26th position overall with a fastest time of 56:03.17.

Daniel Sanders

“I started off day one really well, getting the first overall test win. Personally, I did some good test times but struggled in the dust especially with it being the first day and there being a lot of traffic. Milner and I fought through that though, and the two of us rode really well individually as well, leading the team to second position. We have a clean run tomorrow so hopefully we can make up some time on the Americans!”

Unofficial Day 1 – World Trophy Classification
  1. Team USA – 2:45:10.30
  2. Team Australia – 2:45:14.44
  3. Team Spain – 2:46:17.90
  4. Team Italy – 2:46:42.93
  5. Team France – 2:47:07.06

Women’s World Trophy Team

Making a resounding mark on the competition was the Australian Women’s World Trophy Team, who dominated throughout the day to maintain a stronghold on first place overall.

Australia is followed by Team USA, but thanks to the three riders Australia has produced a substantial 90 second lead. Fastest time for the team and the class was Tayla Jones, who clocked in the fastest time of 1:01:11.25 winning five out of the six tests.

ISDE Chile Day Mackenzie Tricker JPM
Mackenzie Tricker – 2018 ISDE Day 1 – Chile – Image by John Pearson Media

Coming in hot on Jones’ heels was debutant Mackenzie Tricker, who scored third place overall, clocking in a fastest time of 1:02:17.17 and coming in second in four of the six tests. Jessica Gardiner scored 8th position overall in the class, with a fastest time of 1:04:08.46.

Tayla Jones

“I had a pretty good day overall! The tracks are very dry and dusty and they dug out really quick – a lot quicker than I thought – so it made it really challenging. Today I crashed and lost a fair bit of time but all in all it went pretty well! Overall I’m pretty happy to hold the lead and hopefully we can stay upright tomorrow!”

Unofficial Day 1 – Women’s World Trophy Classification
  1. Team Australia – 2:03:28.42
  2. Team USA – 2:04:39.38
  3. Team Spain – 2:06:54.93
  4. Team France – 2:08:45.50
  5. Team Sweden – 2:14:57.15

Junior World Trophy Team

The Australian Junior World Trophy Team proved that they can hold their own, with all three team members scoring a place in the top 50 which has scored Australia fifth place.

Australia now sits roughly three seconds off fourth position, which is currently held by the hosting nation, Chile. Australia’s juniors will use day two to diminish the distance with Chile, and work to climb the leader board currently held by Italy, France and USA respectively.

ISDE Chile Day Australian Junior Fraser Higlett JPM
Fraser Higlett – 2018 ISDE Day 1 – Chile – Image by John Pearson Media

Fraser Higlett leads the charge for the Juniors, clocking a fastest time of 56:26.19 and scoring 41st position overall. Tom Mason earnt 43rd position overall with a fastest time of 57:11.96, and Andrew Wilksch rounding out the team’s efforts with a fastest time of 57:07.31 and landing 47th position.

Fraser Higlett

“It was a pretty good day today but the tracks were super dusty. It was tough starting back behind other riders but I made up some positions and the team came home strong by the end of the day. We’re all really consistent, so we’re hoping to maintain it over the remaining five days. Tomorrow should be easier – with hopefully less dust – and I shouldn’t have to pass as many riders to climb the leader board!”

Unofficial Day 1 – Junior World Trophy Classification
  1. Team Italy – 2:48:00.48
  2. Team France – 2:48:13.92
  3. Team USA – 2:48:13.92
  4. Team Chile – 2:50:42.54
  5. Team Australia – 2:50:45.46


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