Silent auction for dumped motorbikes

“Someone’s trash could be your treasure,” Wagga Wagga says on its Facebook page about a silent auction for a bunch of rusted motorcycle parts.

And they very well could be, even though they look like rusted waste. To some collectors they could be just what they need to finish a resto.

According to council, the large range of vintage motorbike frames and parts were dumped at the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre.

They include some manufactured by AJS, BSA and Ariel.

“If this has got you revved up, then head to the Tip Shop from Friday 8 February to Sunday 10 February between 8am to 4pm,” the post says.Silent auction for dumped motorbikes

Silent auction

They will be offered for sale in what’s called a silent auction.

Silent auctions are held without an auctioneer. People usually place their bids on sheets of paper or online instead.

In this case, offers will be received in sealed envelopes at the Tip Shop, 132 Ashfords Rd, Gregadoo, from Monday.Silent auction for dumped motorbikes

Anyone not in Wagga can phone (02) 6926 9166 to discuss other bid arrangements.

However, there will be no picking through the scraps as it’s an all-or-nothing auction.

Buy the entire collection or forget it; the lot goes to the highest offer.

The silent auction opens on Monday.

If you are after some classic motorcycles in running order, check out this Shannons auction with several bikes offered at no reserve.


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