Rider Magazine Revamps Touring Webpage

Rider magazine touring website

You may have noticed some changes to the Rider website the past couple months. Some of these changes are more subtle. For example, gone are the page numbers when you scroll down on each page, replaced by “Load more” for a more seamless navigation experience. We’ve also changed the size of the featured photo frames to capture more of the stunning main photos that accompany each story — including more bike details of course.

“At Rider, we know that most readers come to us for our First Look, First Ride, and Road Test reviews of new bikes,” said Rider magazine EIC Greg Drevenstedt, “but once you’ve got that new bike, you’re going to want to have somewhere to take it.”

Enter the Rider Touring page of the website, where we’ve made more significant changes to help you find the perfect ride, regardless of where you live.

If you’re looking for a shorter trip, the Touring dropdown menu still includes our “Favorite Rides” features, but we’ve also narrowed down the previous lengthy list of U.S. regions to the more recognizable Midwest, Northeast, South, and West, as well as International rides and tour reviews.

Rider magazine touring website

If you don’t want to limit yourself to a particular region, on the main “Touring” page, you can hover over any state and click on it for stories that take riders through that state. Or click on the globe for stories that detail international riding.

Rider magazine touring website

All rides include a route map, and rides since 2021 include a link to online REVER routes with downloadable GPX files.

We hope you find these new changes to the website helpful in finding your next great adventure.

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