Razlan Razali: propelling Petronas SRT into the spotlight

“One day, in Jerez, we heard a rumour of a MotoGP™ team in trouble,” begins Razlan. “I was sitting down with Stiggy, and said ‘y’know what, if this is true, let’s convince Petronas to come in and set up a MotoGP™ team’, as that’s what they wanted to do. They were going round MotoGP™ teams, trying to sponsor them but believe it or not, nobody wanted them as they already had an existing sponsor and what not. The earliest they could go in was 2021. So, while we were talking, I saw Carlos [Ezpeleta] walking, so I ran to him and said, “Carlos, I heard about this team, is there a way we could do something with us and Petronas?

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