Quartararo “fit” despite missing FP2 but set to ride in FP3

Dr Charte, MotoGP™ Medical Director, said this regarding Quartararo’s condition: “Quartararo, after the crash that he had half an hour ago, we submitted to an exhaustive medical examination on the left ankle area, which is what he complained about most, and the footage looked like where he had the impact in quite a violent way, and the conventional x-rays don’t show any fracture to neither the tibia, nor the fibula or to the bones of the left foot. It’s true that he has a big hematoma and bruising on the top of the foot and we’ve given him anti-inflammatories as well as cryotherapy and a more intensive treatment to bring down the pain. The rider is fit but we’re going to monitor him day-to-day or hour-to-hour to see if it’s recommendable that he goes out to ride or not.”

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