Orders open for Curtiss Zeus electric bikes

Curtiss Motorcycles is taking $US6000 deposits for their electric Zeus Bobber and Cafe (above) models and inviting supporters to invest in the American company.

Zeus Bobber and Cafe

Curtiss Zeus Bobber
Curtiss Zeus Bobber

Zeus Bobber and Cafe will each cost $US60,000 (about $A83,000, £46,845, €53,000) with a holding deposit of $US6000.

The aluminium and carbon bikes have 140kW of power, 196Nm of torque and maximum range of 450km although they don’t indicate how that was achieved.

Curtiss launched their wild-looking Zeus prototype earlier this year.

Curtiss Zeus Prototype electric motorcycle last
Zeus Prototype

The production Zeus Bobber and Cafe models are not expected to be delivered until 2020.

And that’s only if they get enough investors in their equity crowdfunding plan.

They launch their investment campaign on Friday, November 30, 2018, through the equity crowdfunding portal Wefunder with shares costing 20c each.

Tesla of motorcycles

Curtiss Zeus Cafe
Zeus Cafe

Curtiss has been referred to as the Tesla of motorcycles and obviously enjoys the comparison with its products.

“Just as Tesla has disrupted the auto industry, we aim to lead the future of high-performance and sustainable motorcycling,” a company release says.

They may also be hoping to mirror the investor faith in Tesla owner Elon Musk who has been able to raise money without much difficulty despite posting consistent deficits.

However, Curtiss will need to be cautious of making some of the same mistakes as Tesla such as slow supply, vehicle faults and lack of after-sales service.

They should also be careful to avoid replicating Musk’s “insider trading” comments that resulted in him being ousted as chairman and now facing fraud charges.

Curtiss says their company has already sold more than “1000 high-end production motorcycles to high-net-worth individuals around the world”.

That refers to their $US115,000 V-twin cruisers produced as Confederate Motorcycles and since they ditched their controversial name in 2017.

However, they are yet to sell one electric motorcycle.

Their plan is to conquer 25% of the US electric motorcycle market when they launch the electric bikes in 2020.

In 2021, they will enter the European markets, followed by Asia and probably Australia in 2022.

Zeus Cafe and Bobber tech specs

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

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