Oceania Rookies Cup riders to be fitted out by Ricondi

Ricondi partner with Oceania Rookies Cup

So often in the lower ranks of road racing riders present in questionable leathers in various states of disrepair. This deal with Ricondi should help ensure this new junior road racing venture portrays a professional appearance at every outing. 

Ricondi, an Australian company which design, develop and test their products right here in Australia, will be the exclusive supplier of gear used by riders in the 2019 bLU cRU Oceania Rookies Cup.

BLU CRU Oceania Rookies Cup
bLU cRU Oceania Rookies Cup

Ricondi will provide all riders of the Junior Road Racing Academy with custom designed leathers, as well as providing repair services to ensure all participants are at their safest and looking their best.

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Andrew Smart – Director of Ricondi

“It’s a big step in recognition for Ricondi as a manufacturer to be chosen for such a big venture as the Oceania Rookies Cup. It’s also great to see junior motorcycle sport recognised and supported in such a substantial way. Ricondi will provide all finalists of the bLU cRU Oceania Rookies Cup with custom designed leathers which are designed to keep the kids as safe as possible, whilst also allowing the sponsors to get as much exposure as they can. Ricondi will also provide a repair service to keep kids protected regardless of any incident. We recognise that these suits are going to get a few scuffs. In partnering with the Rookies Cup, we are delivering this service to ensure the kids remain safe and look good at all times.

BLU CRU Oceania Rookies Cup
The bLU cRU Oceania Rookies Cup will be exclusively supplied leathers and gloves by Ricondi in 2019

“Our race suits have evolved over the last eight years to become a truly world class and trusted product, as is evident by the number of riders racing in Ricondi suits. We’re always updating and perfecting our suits to make sure they are the best they can be and the extent which the brand has been embraced is humbling.”

Martin Port – MA Operations Director

“In collaborating with Ricondi this partnership is an exciting move forward for Australian Junior Road Racing. Ricondi’s commitment to producing quality suits is second to none, but their additional focus on developing junior race suits made this partnership a perfect solution to fitting our junior competitors in safe and stylish suits.”

Registrations for interest remain open until October 31st, via the ASBK website (link). Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on additional partners who have come aboard to support our new Junior Road Race Academy commencing in 2019.

Source: MCNews.com.au

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