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Moto News Weekly Wrap

November 13, 2018

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

What Went Down Last Weekend?

  • AUS-X Open – Sydney
  • World Enduro Super Series (WESS) – Red Bull Knock Out Beach Race
  • AMA World Off-Road Championships (WORCS) – Primm, NV
  • Stuttgart Supercross – Germany
  • Villopoto Misses AUS-X
  • 2019 AORC Dates Announced
  • Australia Ready to Race in the 2018 ISDE
  • What Racing is Left for 2018?

AUS-X Open – Sydney

From all accounts Sydney’s fourth annual Monster Energy AUS-X Open was a cracker with current AMA Supercross Champion Jason Anderson taking the SX1 class win while fellow Yank Cameron McAdoo won the SX2 class overall on the same night that Justin Brayton and Jay Wilson wrapped up there SX1 and SX2 Championships respectively.

AUS X Open Jason Anderson
AUS-X Open

Anderson was in a class of his own to dominate the first two races and eventually won the third and final race after Aussie hero Chad Reed was stripped of his win due to a penalty for using the Joker lane twice.

Jason Anderson

“To get the win down here in Sydney means a lot – last season we weren’t in the shape we are this year, so it’s a good place to be. This event is so rad with a really cool vibe and super chill, so I definitely hope I’m invited back in years to come.”

Dean Wilson late inclusion bore fruit with the likeable Scotsman finishing a more than credible second overall ahead of Dan Reardon, Brayton, Chad Reed and Brett Metcalfe.

AUS X Open Jason Anderson Podium
SX1 Overall
Jason Anderon 75
Dean Wilson 62
Daniel Reardon 60

SX1 Final 1

  1. Jason Anderson
  2. Justin Brayton +3.724
  3. Dean Wilson +7.364
  4. Dan Reardon +11.788
  5. Luke Clout +11.887
  6. Brett Metcalfe +13.134
  7. Chad Reed +20.359
  8. Jace Owen +25.250
  9. Lawson Bopping +28.480
  10. Dylan Long +30.505

SX1 Final 2

  1. Jason Anderson
  2. Dan Reardon +3.353
  3. Dean Wilson +4.015
  4. Chad Reed +8.670
  5. Brett Metcalfe +14.420
  6. Justin Brayton +16.270
  7. Luke Clout +19.227
  8. Lawson Bopping +23.333
  9. Jace Owen +23.776
  10. Dylan Long +25.272

SX1 Final 3

  1. Jason Anderson
  2. Dean Wilson +2.014
  3. Dan Reardon +9.058
  4. Dylan Long +14.071
  5. Justin Brayton +18.705
  6. Chad Reed -2.195 (penalised 5 positions)
  7. Jace Owen +21.064
  8. Brett Metcalfe +22.203
  9. Luke Clout +36.894
  10. Robbie Marshall +1 lap

SX1 Overall

  1. Jason Anderson – 75
  2. Dean Wilson – 62
  3. Daniel Reardon – 60
  4. Justin Brayton – 53
  5. Chad Reed – 47
  6. Brett Metcalfe – 44
  7. Luke Clout – 42
  8. Dylan Long – 40
  9. Jace Owen – 39
  10. Lawson Bopping – 35

SX1 Australian Supercross Championship

The SX1 Australian Supercross Championship was decided in Sydney, with American Justin Brayton wrapping up his third consecutive championship this time ahead of his teammate Brett Metcalfe, with third place going to Reardon on his privateer Yamaha.

Justin Brayton

“I’m stoked to win this championship, I was sick for the majority of the event, so to wrap up the championship really feels unbelievable. I’m wrapped for the Penrite Honda Team too, with my teammate Brett Metcalfe finishing second.”

Australian Supercross Penrite Honda Podium AI
Justin Brayton and Brett Metcalfe celebrate on the podium

Final SX1 Championship Points

  1. Justin Brayton – 115
  2. Brett Metcalfe – 106
  3. Dan Reardon – 90
  4. Jace Owen – 84
  5. Dylan Long – 77
  6. Luke Clout – 72
  7. Robbie Marshall – 57
  8. Lawson Bopping – 53
  9. Jesse Dobson – 41
  10. Nicholas Sutherland – 39

AUS-X Open – SX2

The AUS-X Open Overall in SX2 was one to remember, with America’s Cameron McAdoo finishing the night with three second places to take the overall ahead of defending champion Jackson Richardson who won the final two races after finishing sixth in the opening final while Hayden Mellross ended the night in third to end up just 6 points shy of championship winner Jay Wilson who overcame a heavy crash to come home in 6th overall.

SX2 Final 1

  1. Jy Roberts
  2. Cameron McAdoo +0.837
  3. Dylan Wills +2.506
  4. Jacob Hayes +3.404
  5. Hayden Mellross +4.526
  6. Jay Wilson

SX2 Final 2

  1. Jackson Richardson
  2. Cameron McAdoo +3.821
  3. Hayden Mellross +5.505
  4. Dylan Wills +7.762
  5. Jay Wilson +8.879

SX2 Final 3

  1. Jackson Richardson
  2. Cameron McAdoo +0.534
  3. Hayden Mellross +1.435
  4. Josh Osby +2.681
  5. Jacob Hayes +3.510

SX2 Overall

  1. Cameron McAdoo – 66
  2. Jackson Richardson – 65
  3. Hayden Mellross – 56
  4. Dylan Wills – 53
  5. Jacob Hayes – 45
  6. Jay Wilson – 43
  7. Josh Osby – 42
  8. Aaron Tanti – 39
  9. Tomas Ravenhorst – 37
  10. Kaleb Barham – 36

SX2 Australian Supercross Championship

Jay Wilson has won the 2018 Australian SX2 Supercross Championship after a nail-biting weekend thanks to a heavy crash during Saturday’s qualifying that saw the former Australian Motocross Champion almost miss the final before battling tooth and nail to win the championship by just six points over Hayden Mellross.

The Yamalube Yamaha Racing rider carried an 11 point lead in the championship over Mellross and only 13 points separated the top four riders but with the final round in the tight confines of Qudos Bank Arena and the triple final format, it was anything but a foregone conclusion as it went all the way down to the wire in an epic nights’ racing.

Australian Supercross Aaron Tanti
Aaron Tanti – SX2

Despite a poor grid pick in each final Wilson went 8-5-7 over the three moto format to earn 6th overall while his championship rival in Mellross managed 5-3-3 finishes for third overall.

Jay Wilson

“I’m not going to lie, that was just terrible riding and the worst I have raced for in so long, but we got through the night, got the championship done and I just couldn’t be happier. I was nervous all weekend and then that crash yesterday really took it out of me but I was determined to be strong and win my first supercross championship. Last year at the same venue was where I got my career back on track so it’s awesome that I was able to win a championship here and I have so many people to thank that have helped me get back to this point. Everyone at Yamaha who supported in me and believed in me when I was down and out, our team that does an amazing job each week, especially Mike Ward and Josh Coppins, who always have my back and have always played a part in my success.  Finally, I want to thank my wife and daughter for allowing me to do this and my family who were here tonight. It feels amazing to finally win this championship and it’s something I will remember for a long time. It was a stressful weekend and things got heated at times. but it was great racing with Hayden, Jacob and Wilson Todd and I want to also congratulate them on some great racing over the five rounds. I have really enjoyed racing them and we have kept it clean at each round and it’s been a lot of fun.”

SX2 Final Championship Points

  1. Jay Wilson 103
  2. Hayden Mellross 97
  3. Jacob Hayes 91
  4. Wilson Todd 75
  5. Jackson Richardson 74
  6. Josh Osby 68
  7. Aaron Tanti 62
  8. Dakota Alix 61
  9. Dylan Wills 60
  10. Bradley Taft 50

The Junior Lites 250cc Class was taken out by Jake Cuka, who put in a consistent season to claim the championship while in the 85cc Class it was Brad West who rode a calculated and conservative ride at the final round in Sydney, coming home in fourth place overall to seal the championship.

The two-stroke cup class was taken out by Ryan Marmont, as the age-old rivalry between Craig Anderson and Danny Ham added another chapter in Sydney as the two spent most of the race duelling with each other for the final place before Ham crashed into a wall in a desperate pass attempt on the final lap.

Victorian Ace Cheyne Boyd claimed the coveted Best Whip competition, finishing ahead of 2017 Champion – Corey Creed, and Honda rider Steve Mini while in Best Trick Blake Williams took gold, with Harry Bink getting the silver and Rob Adelberg with bronze.

In the Boost Mobile International Showdown Chad Reed lead team Australia to the win over the Americans while in the Monster Energy Best Trick competition Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams took the spoils with a 360 splits and a cliff-hanger backflip to claim the trophy.

The S-X Open Oceania Championship now rolls onto New Zealand in two weeks’ time, with more champions set to be crowned inside Mt Smart Stadium for the Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland on November 24.

World Enduro Super Series (WESS)
Red Bull Knock Out Beach Race – The Netherlands

History has been made as Billy Bolt is crowned the inaugural World Enduro Super Series at the eighth and final round, Red Bull Knock Out in The Netherlands which was won by Nathan Watson who got the better of MXGP star Glen Coldenhoff and Belgium’s Yentel Martens.

WESS Red Bull Knock Out Rnd manni lettenbichler FM
WESS 2018 – Round 8 Red Bull Knock Out – Image by Future7Media

The Red Bull Knock Out Beach Race saw 1000 competitors taking to the start line for the one-hour morning qualifier which was won by Watson before 750 riders earned their place in the two-hour Final.

In the battle at the head of the World Enduro Super Series, all eyes were on title contenders Bolt and Lettenbichler, who were inside the top 20 of the 750 competitors. Positioning themselves out of trouble early on, the duo were closely matched with Bolt holding an important advantage.

WESS Red Bull Knock Out Rnd manni lettenbichler FM
Manuel Lettenbichler – WESS 2018 – Round 8 Red Bull Knock Out – Image by Future7Media

However, two crashes by Bolt put him on the back foot during the closing stages of the race. Needing a lap to regroup he began to make headway, using the technical X-Loop to his advantage. Pushing clear of Lettenbichler and working his way up to 12th, the Husqvarna rider crossed the finish line as the newly-crowned champion.

Billy Bolt

“To become the ultimate enduro champion is huge – I can’t believe it yet and it’s going to take a while for this moment to sink in. The race itself was crazy. I had two huge crashes and hit the ground hard, but apart from that I enjoyed it. It was tough making your way past all the other competitors – there were bikes everywhere. Also, the track conditions changed so much every lap and then the tide came in on the start straight, reducing it to half its width. I knew I needed to stay out of trouble as much as possible. And despite two crashes of my own making I pretty much did that. Overall, it’s been such a long season, with so many different races. Winning round one at Extreme XL Lagares feels a life time ago. To race everything from Hard Enduro, Classic Enduro, Cross-Country and now Beach Racing and come out of it all as the ultimate enduro champion is amazing.”

WESS Red Bull Knock Out Rnd billy bolt FM
Billy Bolt claims the 2018 WESS title in the Netherlands – Image by Future7Media

Results – Red Bull Knock Out, WESS Round 8

  1. Nathan Watson (KTM – GBR) 24 laps, 2:01:43.785
  2. Glenn Coldenhoff (KTM – NED) 2:03:14.001
  3. Yentel Martens (Husqvarna – BEL) 2:07:35.255
  4. Camille Chapeliere (KTM – FRA) 23 laps 2:03:48.396
  5. Todd Kellet (Husqvarna – GBR) 2:05:51.526
  6. Jamie McCanney (Yamaha – GBR) 2:06:02.401
  7. Lars van Berkel (KTM – NED) 2:06:57.553
  8. Axel van de Sande (Yamaha – BEL) 2:07:19.272
  9. Jeffrey DeWulf (Yamaha – BEL) 2:07:57.178
  10. Sven van der Mierden (Husqvarna – NED) 22 laps 2:04:34.56
WESS Red Bull Knock Out Rnd billy bolt podium FM
WESS Championship Podium – WESS 2018 – Round 8 Red Bull Knock Out – Image by Future7Media

World Enduro Super Series Final Championship Standings

  1. Billy Bolt (Husqvarna – GBR) 4800 points
  2. Manuel Lettenbichler (KTM – GER) 4470 points
  3. Nathan Watson (KTM – GBR) 4103 points
  4. Josep Garcia (KTM – ESP) 4010 points
  5. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM – POL) 3675 points
  6. Paul Bolton (KTM – GBR) 3377 points
  7. Wade Young (Sherco – RSA) 3220 points
  8. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna – GBR) 3010 points
  9. Jonny Walker (KTM – GBR) 2900 points
  10. Lars Enockl 2272 points

Stuttgart Supercross – Germany

Cole Martinez has been crowned the “King of Stuttgart” at the 36th ADAC Stuttgart Supercross after winning the main event on Friday and took out the overall victory with a fourth place in the second race on Saturday while last year’s winner Cédric Soubeyras of France won Saturday’s main event ahead of compatriot Gregory Aranda, who also finished second in the overall standings ahead Soubeyras.

Cole Martinez, the 26-year-old Suzuki rider from Rimrock, Arizona, was overjoyed at the award ceremony: “After much bad luck in recent years, I am grateful that I was able to come back to Stuttgart and that it has worked so well this year. ”

Villopoto Misses AUS-X

Ryan Villopoto elected to withdraw from last weekend’s AUS-X Open after his father, Dan passed away last week while riding with friends at Cahulla Creek in Southern California. Ryan wrote a heartfelt message on his social media account explaining the decision.

Ryan Villopoto
Ryan Villopoto
Ryan Villopoto

‘I just want to share a note with the @sxopensupercross fans to sincerely apologize as I will not be there today. As you all know the last week has been incredibly difficult on myself and my family. I was super excited to race in Sydney and have been working hard to be in the best shape I’ve been in years. I really wanted to race down there, but with all that happened as well as an unforeseen issue, I have to remain home with my family. I realize a lot of people put tons of work into helping me get there and to make it super special therefore I deeply want to express my appreciation. I promise to make it up to everyone down under. Thank you for all your ongoing support see you soon’

Yamaha AORC 2019 Calendar Released

The 2019 calendar for the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) has been officially revealed, confirming dates, locations and states for the highly anticipated National Championships.

Next year’s Championship will continue to use a double-header format, except for Round 7 as the series will return to Broken Hill NSW, for a 4-hour desert Cross Country.

AORC Dungog Juniors start
AORC Dungog

Kicking off the season will be Rounds 1 & 2 in Gympie QLD, taking place 9 – 10 March 2019. The Championship will then move to NSW for an Enduro in Dungog on 6-7 April.  Round 5 & 6 will see the series then return to Kyogle, NSW after a successful event in 2017, NSW on July 20-21. Broken Hill, NSW will again feature on 10-11 August and, then it’s off to SA from 31 August – 1 September. The championship finale will conclude at Victoria as it returns to Penshurst since being there last in 2016 on 14-15 September. Specific locations of the South Australian rounds will be released in due time.

2018 saw a number of firsts for the Championship with a Desert Cross Country along with several new support classes with the Amateur 125 cup, Vintage Cup and Pony Express. AORC will reveal what will be in store for 2019 in the coming weeks.

2019 Australian Off-Road Championship Calendar

  • Round 1 & 2: Gympie, QLD; 9 – 10 March 2019
  • Round 3 & 4: Dungog, NSW; 6 – 7 April 2019
  • Round 5 & 6: Kyogle, NSW; 20 – 21 July 2019
  • Round 7: Broken Hill, NSW; 10 – 11 August 2019
  • Round 8 & 9: SA; 31 August – 1 September 2019
  • Round 10 & 11: Penshurst, VIC; 14 –15 September 2019

Australia Ready to Race in the 2018 ISDE

At the time of writing Australia is taking to the track for day one of the 93rd FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) and Australia’s World, Junior and Women’s Trophy Teams are in good stead after spending time in reconnaissance over the past week to prepare for a hot and dusty six days ahead.

Australian ISDE Team
Australia 2018 ISDE riders

Located two hours west of the Chile’s capital, Santiago, the city of Vina del Mar will play home to the world’s best Enduro riders over six days of adrenaline pulsing action. Organisers have planned three unique and challenging routes to test this year’s competitors, with the opening two days seeing riders tackle the aptly named ‘Pacific Challenge’.

Days three and four move our riders inland to see how well they handle rocky terrains, alongside dust and high heat. The second last day will find riders navigate a forestry course at Penuelas Lake and Wood, before competitors head into the sixth and final day with traditional a Motocross test in front of the Pacific Ocean in Vina del Mar.

Leading Australia out down the streets along Vina del Mar beach as the Flag Bearer was Australia’s World Trophy Team member, Josh Strang while Australia’s Women’s World Trophy Team received a very warm welcome during the Opening Ceremony, as they bid for a record-breaking sixth consecutive win.

Australian ISDE Team Womens
Jessica Gardiner, Tayla Jones and Mackenzie Tricker

Scoring their first trophy back in 2013 in Sardinia, Italy, Australia’s three ladies, Jessica Gardiner, Tayla Jones and Mackenzie Tricker, are set to once again bring the fire to their international counterparts, serving unstoppable and unrivalled skills. Reflecting on arriving in Chile and the past week of testing and familiarising with the tracks.

Jessica Gardiner

“We’ve done a lot of walking here in Chile. It’s been quite hilly and therefore quite difficult to walk. It’s also been quite hot, and even though the metre says its only 22 degrees it really feels like 32! We’ve learnt that it’s going to be far more technical than the standard fast and flowing grass tracks usually seen at the ISDE. So there’s going to be more technique involved, which should make it interesting to decipher all the riders quickly! It’s been great to be with the girls in our Women’s World Trophy Team! We’ve found a new teammate in Mackenzie Tricker, so hopefully us Aussie girls can keep the ball rolling and stay strong. We’re preparing for a long, hot event, so we are going to have to really rely on our air filters changes and keeping our coolers up to date. So, fingers crossed for a good event!”

Australian ISDE Team Mens
Daniel Milner, Daniel Sanders, Lyndon Snodgrass and Joshua Strang

The class with arguably the most intense competition is the World Trophy, and Team Australia has already been coined as a strong and dominant force for 2018, with the potential to take out the trophy. Strang reflected on the team’s hunger and drive.

Josh Strang

“The conditions and terrain here in Chile are somewhat different to what I’m used to. But I think once the race starts today, I’ll no doubt just on into it and be good to go! The next six days should be pretty great, and all the Aussies are in good spirits!”

Australian ISDE Team Juniors
Fraser Higlett, Tom Mason and Andrew Wilksch

Australia’s Junior World Trophy Team member, Tom Mason, wrapped up the team’s experience so far in the lead up to today’s first race.

Tom Mason

“We’ve just finished up walking and testing out the tacks, and it’s been an awesome couple of days! The tracks here are the same as back home in Australia so we’re feeling pretty comfortable. All the bikes are ready and tested, and everyone feels ready! What we’ve found out from testing the tracks is that we just need to survive it, so the next six days will be pretty rough, but we’ll see how we go!”

World Trophy Team

  • Daniel Milner
  • Daniel Sanders
  • Lyndon Snodgrass
  • Joshua Strang

Women’s World Trophy Team

  • Jessica Gardiner
  • Tayla Jones
  • Mackenzie Tricker

Junior World Trophy Team

  • Fraser Higlett
  • Tom Mason
  • Andrew Wilksch

Team Manager – Don Atkins

There will be a full report on the ISDE in next week’s Moto News.

What Racing is Left for 2018?

Last weekend’s AUS-X was a dead-set cracker as was the final rounds of the WESS and we can look forward to seeing how our Aussie team fare at the ISDE next week – see the list of the remaining events for 2018 below:

  • Australasia
    • New Zealand Supercross Championships
      • 24 – SX Open – Auckland
      • 1 – South Waikato
      • 15 – Southland
  • America
    • Canadian Triple Crown Supercross – Nov. 17 – Hamilton
    • 2018 THOR Mini Olympics – Nov. 19-24 – Gainesville, FL
    • 2018 Day In The Dirt – Nov. 24-26 – Glen Helen, CA
  • Europe
  • ISDE – Nov. 12-17 – Chile
  • 2018 Paris Supercross – Nov. 17-18 – Paris, France
  • Geneva Supercross – Nov. 30/Dec. 1 – Switzerland


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