Morgan Park ASBK Sunday | Part Two

2019 ASBK
Round Four – Morgan Park

Images by TBG and Rob Mott

Superbike Race Two

Nobody had an answer for Mike Jones in the opening stanza this weekend (Link), but competitor teams would now have a lot more data to try and fine tune their set-up ahead of this afternoon’s second 16-lap Superbike bout.

Race one had also seen the championship tighten up even further. Cru Halliday had taken the championship lead this morning by a single point, while Mike Jones had moved up to second place. A fall for previous championship leader Bryan Staring late in the opening race was costly, but the Kawasaki man remounted to cross the line in last position. With only 12 finishers that last position still netted him nine championship points to help limit the damage to his title aspirations.

We are away!

The lights went out to start the second and final 16-lap bout at Morgan Park just before 1430 this afternoon and it was race one winner Mike Jones that blasted hardest off the line. The front Pirelli of the big 1299 Ducati pawing the air as he led the field towards turn one.

Daniel Falzon had a brilliant start and was quickly on the back of Jones, but a couple of corners in to the race the Ducati man ran off the circuit! Jones got all out of shape under brakes and had to let the anchors off and run off in order to stay upright.

Troy Herfoss made short work of Daniel Falzon, as did Wayne Maxwell, and it quickly became a battle between these two foes as they started lap two. Maxwell sneaked past Herfoss to take the lead and their tussle then allowed Falzon back into the game. Also joining the party was Cru Halliday and Josh Waters.

Mike Jones had re-joined the race at the back of the pack and put his head down, reeling off fastest laps of the race more than half-a-second quicker than the race leaders. By lap four he had worked his way back up to seventh place and was closing in on Bryan Staring.

Aaron Morris’ encouraging debut with BMW then ended on a sour note, with a NextGen S 1000 RR turned upside down in the in-field. Still, a brilliant weekend for Morris that certainly gave the squad some heart and something to cheer for after a tumultous season thus far that had brought them little reward.

Up front Maxwell and Herfoss had started pulling away from third placed Halliday. The YRT man now had his hands full with not only team-mate Falzon, but also Josh Waters and Bryan Staring.  Mike Jones was still lapping faster than everyone and by half-race distance the Queenslander had joined that party. The win was looking out of Jones’ grasp, but a podium was still a distinct possibility.

The DesmoSport Ducati man dispensed with Falzon as he slotted the 1299 Final Edition up the inside of the YRT machine into turn one with seven laps to run. Next target Waters… He got him in an identical move on the next lap to move up to fifth. Next target Staring… The Kawasaki man was a little bit harder to pass but it was job done two laps later, despite Jones running wide and almost off the circuit once again… Next target Halliday… And there it is, Jones up to third place with two laps to go.

Bryan Staring though was determined to try and put that BCperformance Kawasaki on the podium. Jones was not to be denied though and managed to keep Staring at bay to the chequered flag.

Wayne Maxwell and Troy Herfoss are lucky that Jones made that early mistake, as the pace the local man showed after recovering from that error was strong enough to indicate that he likely would have walked away from that duo to another clear victory. But Jones made a mistake, they didn’t.

ASBK Rnd MorganPark Race ImageRM Wayne Maxwell Troy Herfoss
Herfoss had a crack at Maxwell on the final lap but it was to no avail

That marks Maxwell’s first victory since the championship opener. Herfoss put his nose in front early on the final lap but Maxwell had the corner speed to simply sweep back past and deny the reining champion the victory.

ASBK Rnd MorganPark Race ImageRM Wayne Maxwell
Wayne Maxwell celebrates victory at Morgan Park

That win also earned Maxwell the round win by a single point over Jones, Herfoss taking third overall.

ASBK Rnd MorganPark Race ImageRM Wayne Maxwell
Wayne Maxwell celebrates victory at Morgan Park

Those results close the championship chase up even tighter!

ASBK Rnd MorganPark Race ImageRM Wayne Maxwell ParcFerme Jones Herfoss
Morgan Park round podium

Mike Jones the championship leader by a single point over Cru Halliday. Bryan Staring only seven-points further back, with Herfoss another seven-points behind in fourth place.  That win promotes Wayne Maxwell into fifth in the championship by a single point over team-mate Josh Waters. Every single one of those aforementioned riders have Australian Road Race Championships under their belt, and any one of them could still lift the Title this year as things are wide open as we next head to Winton Motor Raceway in September for round five of the Motul/Pirelli Australian Superbike Championships. Bring it on!

Superbike Race Two Results

Pos Name Machine Gap
1 Wayne MAXWELL (VIC)  Suzuki GSXR-R 0.000
2 Troy HERFOSS (QLD) Honda CBR SP +0.375
3 Mike JONES (QLD)  Ducati 1299 FE +3.585
4 Bryan STARING (WA) Kawasaki ZX10RR +3.812
5 Cru HALLIDAY (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R1M +4.999
6 Josh WATERS (VIC) Suzuki GSXR-R +5.269
7 Daniel FALZON (SA)  Yamaha YZF-R1M +9.444
8 Arthur SISSIS (SA) Suzuki GSXR-R +25.093
9 Matt WALTERS (NSW) Kawasaki ZX10RR +25.874
10 Alex PHILLIS (VIC) Suzuki GSXR-R +40.432
11 Lachlan EPIS (NSW) Kawasaki ZX10RR +44.093
12 Damon REES (NZ) Honda CBR +44.380
13 Mark CHIODO (VIC) Honda CBR SP +53.706
14 Brian HOUGHTON (QLD) Honda CBR RR +1:10.525
DNF Aaron MORRIS (NSW)  BMW S RR +12 Laps

Supersport Race Two

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS Race Grid Start
Supersport Race Two grid

Nic Liminton and Reid Battye took their turns battling with Nic Liminton in the first of the Supersport bouts but eventually it was Toparis that got the upper hand before then streaking away to a clear victory. Would any one have an answer for Toparis this afternoon…? Or would the Goulburn teenager’s 48-point championship lead increase further…?

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS Race Grid Tom TOPARIS
Tom Toparis wished good luck on the starting grid by his team

Reid Battye scored the holeshot on the Ecstar Suzuki and led the field through the first turns as Toparis and Liminton gave chase. Toparis getting a much better start this time around and immediately challenging for the lead. It was not until lap three though that Battye relinquished the lead to Toparis. While Toparis was never really threatened from thereon in he never managed to really break away from Battye.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SS Race First Corner Reid BATTYE leads
Supersport Race Two

Behind Toparis the battle for second place was hotting up though as Nic Liminton closed on Battye while Callum Spriggs and Oli Bayliss also tried to join that party. Spriggs put in the fastest lap of the race on lap five to close on Nic Liminton and challenge the young South Australian for third place. A couple of laps later Liminton ran in was too deep which gave Reid Battye plenty of breathing space. The Suzuki man though made his own mistake and lost a number of positions, drifting all the way back to sixth place.

Those mistakes from Liminton and Battye had promoted Callum Spriggs up to a clear second place, while Oli Bayliss was in a relatively lonely third place. The top three now were really strung out while Broc Pearson was doing his best to try and close down Oli Bayliss in order to steal the final step on the podium.

Pearson sneaked past Bayliss early on the final lap, but Bayliss got back around him and put his head down on the final lap to make that podium his.

Callum Spriggs a strong second place in another of his rare appearance these days in the competition.

Tom Toparis leaves Queensland with a 61-point lead in the Australian Supersport Championship. It must be said that Toparis did it relatively easily, while his main rivals made their mistakes trying to match his pace.

Supersport Race Two Results

Pos Name Machine Gap
1 Tom TOPARIS (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R6 0.000
2 Callum SPRIGGS (QLD)  Yamaha YZF-R6 +3.087
3 Oli BAYLISS (QLD) Yamaha YZF-R6 +4.511
4 Broc PEARSON (QLD)  Yamaha YZF-R6 +4.991
5 Corey TURNER (QLD) Honda CBR +12.016
6 Reid BATTYE (NSW)  Suzuki GSX-R +16.126
7 Chris QUINN (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R6 +19.384
8 Nic LIMINTON (SA)  Yamaha YZF-R6 +19.804
9 Dallas SKEER (SA)  Suzuki GSXR 600 +21.487
10 Aidan HAYES (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R6 +26.457
11 Jack PASSFIELD (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R6 +31.829
12 Ty LYNCH (SA)  Yamaha YZF-R6 +35.658
13 Avalon BIDDLE (NZ) Yamaha YZF-R6 +39.818
14 Andrew EDSER (NSW)  Kawasaki ZX6R +1:14.156
15 Jack HYDE (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R6 +1 Lap

Supersport 300 Race Three

Senna Agius once again quickly established himself as the man to beat. Agius on the new 400 Kawasaki immediately streaked away from the chasing Yamaha YZF-R3 horde. Agius built a massive 2.5-second lead on the opening lap and the field never managed to reel any of that gap back in over the remainder of the race.

The battle for second place though was insane! Harry Khouri, Zac Levy, Harrison Voight, Max Stauffer, Hunter Ford, Seth Crump, Yannis Shaw and Brandon Demmery all swapping and changing at almost every turn in what was a titanic battle over the remaining steps on the rostrum. Winning that battle for second place was Championship leader Max Stauffer from Harrison Voight with Harry Khouri missing out on a podium by a gnat’s whisker.

Max Stauffer remains in the lead of the Supersport 300 Championship but Agius has trimmed his buffer down to 28-points after what has been a dominant weekend for the 14-year-old.  Full championship standings can be found further down the page.

Supersport 300 Race Three Results

Pos Name Machine Gap
1 Senna AGIUS (NSW) Kawasaki EX 400 0.000
2 Max STAUFFER (NSW) Yamaha R3 321 +4.952
3 Harrison VOIGHT (QLD) Yamaha R3 321 +4.968
4 Harry KHOURI (NSW) Yamaha R3 321 +4.973
5 Hunter FORD (NSW)  Yamaha R3 321 +5.148
6 Zac LEVY (QLD)  Yamaha R3 321 +5.412
7 Yannis SHAW (NSW)  Kawasaki EX 400 +5.476
8 Brandon DEMMERY (NSW) / Yamaha R3 321 +5.527
9 Seth CRUMP (QLD) KTM RC 390 +8.245
10 Luke JHONSTON (NSW)  Yamaha R3 321 +22.260
11 Peter NERLICH (VIC) Kawasaki EX 400 +22.293
12 Tristan ADAMSON (QLD) Yamaha R3 321 +22.359
13 Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW)  Yamaha R3 321 +22.487
14 Kyle O’CONNELL (QLD)  Yamaha R3 321 +25.966
15 Travis HALL (QLD)  Yamaha R3 321 +27.358
16 Ryan SMITH (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R3 +28.474
17 Tom NEWTON (NZ)  Kawasaki EX 400 +37.454
18 Reece OUGHTRED (VIC)  Yamaha R3 321 +42.304
19 Josh HALL (QLD)  Yamaha R3 321 +42.354
20 Laura BROWN (NSW) Yamaha R3 321 +46.487
21 Jacob HATCH (NSW)  Yamaha R3 321 +46.538
22 John BLENKIN (NSW) Yamaha R3 321 +47.294
23 Brad TRIVETT (NSW)  Kawasaki EX 300 +47.927
24 Mitch KUHNE (QLD) Yamaha R3 321 +52.080
25 Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES (QLD)  Yamaha R3 321 +52.730
26 Ryan MOSCARDINI (QLD)  Yamaha R3 321 +58.106
27 Sarah FAIRBROTHER (QLD)  Yamaha R3 321 +59.453
28 Noel MAHON (VIC)  Kawasaki EX 400 +1:11.957
29 Jeremy CZMOK (VIC) Yamaha R3 321 +1:13.885
30 Josh ANDREWS (NSW) Yamaha R3 321 +1:17.345
31 Gregory FARRELL (NSW)  Kawasaki EX 300 +1:17.434
32 Hayden STIFF (NSW) Kawasaki EX 400 +1:23.471
33 John LYTRAS (QLD) Yamaha R3 321 +2 Laps
DNF Locky TAYLOR (QLD) Yamaha R3 321 +3 Laps

YMF R3 Cup Race Three


YMF R3 Cup Race Three Results

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Race Three


bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Race Three Results

Pos Name Machine Gap
1 Jacob ROULSTONE (NSW)  Yamaha YZR-R15 0.000
2 Angus GRENFELL (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R15 +0.018
3 Carter THOMPSON (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +0.838
4 Archie MCDONALD (VIC) Yamaha YZF-R15 +5.857
5 Tom DRANE (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +5.898
6 Glenn NELSON (QLD)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +5.932
7 Marianos NIKOLIS (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +6.143
8 Max GIBBONS (QLD)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +6.238
9 Lucas QUINN (QLD)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +6.558
10 Thomas BROWN (QLD)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +11.602
11 Zak PETTENDY (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +11.641
12 Jacob HATCH (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +11.673
13 Varis FLEMING (VIC)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +13.586
14 Jai RUSSO (NSW)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +13.886
15 Reece OUGHTRED (VIC) Yamaha YZR-R15 +13.910
16 Lincoln KNIGHT (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R15 +30.075
17 Hunter DIPLOCK (NSW)  Yamaha YZR-R15 +30.127
18 Cormac BUCHANAN (NZ) Yamaha YZF-R15 +30.199
19 Jamie PORT (VIC)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +30.823
20 Patrick BOGNAR (VIC) Yamaha YZR-R15 +37.848
21 Tom CONNORS (NSW) Yamaha YZF-R15 +38.383
22 Toby JAMES (VIC)  Yamaha YZR-R15 +55.030
DNF Natalie BARBATI (VIC)  Yamaha YZF-R15 +4 Laps

Superbike Masters Race Two

Alex Pickett blasted the big FZR1000 off the line ahead of Saturday race victor John Allen on the TZ750 two-stroke Yamaha.

Pickett kept that lead until three laps from the end when the big four-stroke Yamaha went into a monumental tank-slapper coming on to the main straight that almost launched him into orbit but somehow young Alex managed to hang on to it. Must have reminded him of his Isle of Man exploits! It broke the bolt-in lock-stops off the FZR1000!

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBKM Race Alexander PICKETT Broken Steering Lock
FZR1000 lock stops were not man enough to cope with a Morgan Park tank-slapper

That moment allowed John Allen through to the lead before going on to take the win by 1.5-seconds.

ASBK Rnd Morgan Park RbMotoLens SBKM Race Podium John ALLEN Alexander PICKETT Murray CLARK
Superbike Masters Round Two Podium

Superbike Masters Race Two Results

Pos Name Machine Gap
1 John ALLEN (QLD) Yamaha TZ 750 0.000
2 Alexander PICKETT  Yamaha FZR 1000 1.507
3 Murray CLARK (QLD) Suzuki GSXR 17.951
4 Mark McVEIGH (NSW) Yamaha FZR 1000 46.575
5 Scott WEBSTER (VIC) Suzuki GSX 1200 47.255
6 Gregory JAMES (NSW) Honda CB 1100 R 59.704
7 Mark RODDA (NSW) Suzuki GS 1000 S 1:01.567

Superbike Masters Race Three


Superbike Masters Race Three Results



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