John Reynolds on the 2019 Island Classic

2019 Island Classic Interview

Three-time British Superbike Champion John Reynolds made his first visit to the Island Classic this year and competed in the International Challenge races under the Team New Zealand banner.

Consistent results throughout the weekend saw Reynolds finish equal sixth in the overall individual points scores taken from the four by six-lap International Challenge racs.

Phil: John Reynolds, three times BSB champion, first visit to Phillip Island for quite some time and probably first ride at this track on a classic motorcycle as well, sum up your thoughts of the weekend.

John Reynolds: “It’s been a fantastic week, it’s been hard work to be honest with you. The circuit I know, but it’s so hard to get every single apex right, and when you’re on a brand new bike that you’ve never ridden before, and it’s a classic bike as well, you don’t know how fast and how hard to push, and of course Phillip Island is one of the fastest circuits in the world. So there’s going to be crashes, there’s gonna be big ones, I’ve been cautious, as I didn’t want to damage anything, myself or the bike, but we chipped away and the bike honestly was absolutely brilliant. It got quicker and quicker as the week went on, and ended up doing half decent time so I’m really happy.”

Island Classic RCimage John Reynolds Profile
John Reynolds – Image Russ Colvin

Phil: Alan Cathcart said this is one of the most prestigious and biggest classic events in the world, you’re thoughts?

John: “I’ll go with that, throughout the world the classic scene is massive, it’s massive in the UK and certainly in Australia. So many beautiful bikes and so many interesting stories of what we’ve got and how we became, it’s fascinating. It’s truly an eye opening insight into the Australian classic world.”

Island Classic RCimage John Reynolds Aaron Morris
John Reynolds – Image Russ Colvin

Phil: You’re probably a household name with your BBS victories in England, were you surprised by how many people know about your exploits here in Australia

John: “Yes it’s been mind blowing, I obviously keep an eye on who’s doing well in the Australian Championships and in the USA and you know we’re all mates. We don’t know each other but we all know of each other, if you know what I mean. We keep an eye on each other, it’s great, Josh Hayes is a legend, and it’s been an absolutely brilliant week. I’ve made so many friends, and people I’ve known about but never spoken to, and now I can actually say I know them.”

Island Classic RCimage John Reynolds Oughtred Long
John Reynolds – Image Russ Colvin

Phil: Are you surprised how hard the guys were prepared to push?

John: “Yea to be honest with you. I knew it was going to be pretty quick, but my god these guys were absolutely on the ragged edge. I’m not prepared to push that hard, but I slowly and gently got quicker and quicker, as the time went out, but I could do with two or three more days actually.”

Phil: Seems that there will be four more days, this time next year. Can we pen your name in for team UK or team New Zealand next year?

John: “You can certainly put my name down for that one, but obviously you need a ride, the bike, and the team around you. I’ve been working with the Carl Cox SGB – Suzuki Great Britain and without them helping this wouldn’t happen. So a massive thanks to Carl Cox and his team, for helping us achieve what we did. It’s just been a mind blowing week, there’s so many interesting people.”

Island Classic RCimage Shawn Giles Reynolds
John Reynolds #7 chasing Shawn Giles #19 – Image Russ Colvin

Phil: Congratulations on your effort and great to see you here john.

John: Thanks so much.

Ken Wootton Perpetual Trophy

  1. Steve Martin AUS 152 points
  2. Aaron Morris AUS 150 points
  3. Josh Hayes USA 141 points
  4. =Shawn Giles AUS 141 points
  5. Larry Pegram USA 130 points
  6. Michael Gilbert USA 128 points
  7. =John Reynolds NZ 128 points
  8. Mark Miller USA 121 points
  9. Craig Ditchburn 120 points
  10. Barrett Long 114 points

2019 International Challenge Points – Three Nations

  1. Australia – 676 points
  2. USA – 634 points
  3. New Zealand – 460 points


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