Get out and riding despite the plague! A few ideas…

Some quick trips

By Peter Thoeming ‘The Bear’

Don’t worry, you’re not trapped. Even with the Coronavirus romping around the country and locking State borders, there are still places you can go on your bike. Here are a few suggestions you may not have thought of. Even if you have thought of them, they may be places you intended to go “sometime” and never got around to. Go now!

Victoria: Well, okay, if you live in Melbourne you may be trapped after all. Once things ease off, here’s a fun one or two day ride. Whitfield is not too far from Melbourne – some 250 km via Yea and Mansfield. There is some excellent riding along the way, and while the pub’s accommodation was a bit ordinary last time I stayed there, it’s close enough to make it a day return ride from Melbourne. If venturing further than after Whitfield head to Myrtleford and then Mount Beauty or Bright.

The road from Whitfield to Yea is always a good run
The road from Yea through to Whitfield is always a good run

Queensland: Boonah is a nice little town, and I bet you’ve never even been there! A round trip via Beaudesert and Ipswich is about 200 km. Flavours Café has good coffee and even a little motorcycle history display. Nice run out from behind the Gold Coast via Canungrah.

South Australia: I like the Cradock pub. It’s on the RM Williams Way, about 350 km north of Adelaide. You know how sometimes people say, ‘There’s nothing much there?’ Well, there’s nothing at all at Cradock except the pub, but that’s a tidy little place with very affordable accommodation and quite good food. There are also several alternative ways to get there.

Animal life in Cradock consists mainly of corrugated iron cut-outs.
Animal life in Cradock consists mainly of corrugated iron cut-outs.

Western Australia: What about Wave Rock? It’s just outside Hyden, 340 km almost due east of Perth. Admittedly the roads to get there are pretty flat and straight, but they are tarred and that means it’s a good chance to give the bike a bit of a run! Nearby and reasonably inexpensive accommodation at the Wave Rock Motel has a pool and free Wi-Fi.  Ye Olde Quindanning Inne near Williams is another good quick out of town ride for lunch, or a big night at the bar with an overnighter.

Editor Trev at Wave Rock in the late 90s. Word is that it makes for an awesome berm… In less enlightened times…

Tasmania: I’d head for Bothwell, whether I lived in Launceston or Hobart. Good riding both ways (better from Launceston) with some optional routes, and wonderful vanilla slices.

New South Wales: Here’s a destination with a difference. The old silver mining town of Yerranderie is in the Blue Mountains, some 270 km from Sydney over a variety of roads. Mainly tarred, but with some gravel and dirt. Best thing is to camp there; taking all your own supplies.

Check out some motorcycle travel ideas with The Bear
Shooters Hill Road, the last bit of tarred surface on the way to Yerranderie.


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