FastTrack Riders Track Day at Laguna Seca, March 16-17

FastTrack Riders Laguna Seca

Looking for something to do this weekend? Itching for a track day at an epic track? Join FastTrack Riders this weekend, March 16-17, at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California, where there will be a rare “no sound limit” weekend. To find out more, read the following press release.

Hello, FastTrack Riders!

As we gear up for our upcoming event at Laguna Seca, we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who stepped up in response to our call for assistance. Your support has been truly overwhelming, and thanks to your efforts, we are nearly at our target rider numbers for maintaining the small group sizes we all value. As a result, there are currently only a handful of spots left in each group. This collective effort has made a significant difference, and it’s clear that our community is stronger than ever because of individuals like you.

FastTrack Riders Laguna Seca

We’ve noticed an increased number of questions and inquiries regarding the Pro Active Coaching offered during our events. To ensure there’s no confusion, we’d like to clarify that this coaching is entirely optional. It’s an added benefit for those looking to hone their skills with professional guidance, but it’s not a requirement to enjoy the day. For those who love the thrill of a traditional track day, feel free to embrace the experience as always. Our commitment to keeping group sizes small, with an average of 20 riders per group, guarantees plenty of open track time for everyone, regardless of whether you opt for coaching or not.

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Additionally, to clarify some of the top FAQs:

  • Group Size: Averaging around 20 riders per group. That’s your squad. Not too crowded, not too lonely. Just perfect for drafting and making new pit lane pals.
  • Sound Limit: 105 dB is the magic number. Remember, after unlimited sound, this is your chance to be loud and proud.
  • 105 dB Weekends: Yes, only a precious few exist each year. Catch it while you can!
  • Paddock Camping: It’s free. Bring your tent or camper Friday and Saturday nights.

Now, for the moment that many of you have been eagerly awaiting—the weather update. We’re happy to report that the forecast is looking fantastic for our event! With great weather on the horizon, we’re all set for an incredible day of riding. Perfect conditions mean not only a more enjoyable experience but also the opportunity for everyone to push their limits safely and confidently.

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In closing, we want to thank you again for your unwavering support and enthusiasm. It’s what makes our Fastrack Riders community so special. We’re excited to see you at the track, ready to make the most of the fantastic weather and the camaraderie that defines our events.

Ride on,

The FastTrack Riders Team

“Rewiring riders to ride Faster, Safer, Smarter”

For more information or to register, visit the FastTrack Riders website.

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