Down in pitlane: All the MotoGP™ gossip with Simon Crafar

Hafizh Syahrin now using the carbon swingarm and setting the fastest KTM lap in Assen: “In Tech 3, they’ve had our level since Jerez, but since then we’ve been able to improve the bike again quite significantly, so Miguel got the swingarm last week, which helps our bike a lot. Hafizh now has one, so we decided not to fill up stock for the factory riders but just to give every single piece we could get ready out of this carbon oven, we handed it to the rider, so I think if you get it new there is some potential, like Miguel last week, there is some benefit but you have to change the setup of the bike a little bit to make it work. So, I think he will enjoy this much more this weekend and Hafizh starts now. He just did two runs on the old swingarm and the last one on the carbon. It will take time to bring all the guys to the same level, but we will keep on producing parts and bringing them to the race track.” 

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