Doohan: “It’s a shame Dani never won a MotoGP™ Championship”

“I guess that’s what I’m saying. Marc can ride whatever bike. Like I was saying before when everything’s good for some of these guys, everything’s closer. As soon as the bikes go away a bit, Marc makes the difference and he can ride it whatever. I think that’s the difference with people like Marc that make them stand out, he makes the difference. It was true of other guys too, Pedrosa…when everything’s perfect with Pedrosa you can’t even see him. Cadalora too, but then the next race…Dovi has got better but still has a bit of hesitation on that, but again I think he’s got stronger over the last few years but now we don’t know what the position is…is it Ducati? For me, to put him on the same playing field as Marquez…he’s not there yet.”

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