Defending ASBK Champions eager to get back on track

Panigale V2 being prepped for two-up rides with TB

DesmoSport Ducati welcomes the release earlier this month of the final Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK) calendar, with racing set to get underway at Winton Motor Raceway on September 19 & 20.

In a year like no other, DesmoSport Ducati is primed and ready to get back on track and finish the 2020 season across the five remaining rounds in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

Team Co-Owner, Troy Bayliss

Phillip Island feels like a lifetime ago really, but Mike has continued to put in the work off the bike when we were unable to ride, and both he and Ben have found something more from the V4R, so it will be great to go racing again and put it to the test.

“As for me, I actually got to put some laps in on the new Panigale V2, and it was so much fun! I actually had such a good time, that Ducati have agreed to let us build one into a two-up bike for the rest of the year, so should things settle down, keep your eye’s peeled for an opportunity to jump on the back with me, although be warned, I might be a little rusty.”

Ducati Panigale V
Troy Bayliss and DesmoSport Ducati are preparing a Panigale V2 as a two-up ride bike for ASBK rounds

While subject to constantly changing government rules and regulations, Motorcycling Australia (MA) has been working hard to ensure our championship moves forward. With the dates now cemented in place, DesmoSport Ducati has continued to test and develop the V4R with Mike Jones aboard the bike and is prepared to resume racing to defend the 2019 ASBK title.

Team Co-Owner, Ben Henry

It’s been a year that no one could predict, that’s for sure, but the break from racing has allowed me to spend some more time with my family and working on my business, Cube Performance Centre, which has been fantastic. If anything, the break has just highlighted how much I love our sport and has me motivated more than ever to perform at the racetrack. Mike has been able to ride the bike, and we’re confident that we’ll be ready come September.

ASBK Wakefield Park Test TDJ Mike Jones main straight Cover
Mike Jones – Image by TDJ

Cube Racing Set to Return to the Track

And of course over in the other half of the DesmoSport Ducati Team at an ASBK event is the Cube Racing Supersport effort where TB’s teenage son Oli Bayliss has been honing his craft and despite the lull in racing young Oli has been training hard and also testing the Cube Racing YZF-R6 regularly at Morgan Park.

Oli Bayliss

I don’t think anyone can tell what will happen next with everything that’s going on, but I’m happy that MA have set a calendar for a little later in the year. There’s a good chance that we might be able to race the last five rounds and finish the season. Even though there hasn’t been any racing, I’ve still been able to do a few track days, I’ve been training harder than ever and I feel really good on the bike, so it will be great to get back on the grid and actually race again. I just wanted to thank everyone that’s stood by us as a team, and me as a racer this year. My brother just opened a gym, Apex Performance and Fitness, I see how hard Ben works at Cube Performance Centre, and I know that all our sponsors work just as hard in their businesses, so I really appreciate everything that you all do so we can get on track.”

Team owner, Ben Henry

We’ve been lucky to get some solid track time for Oli over the last few weeks and he’s continued his progression, despite the lack of racing. He’s physically stronger, and his confidence continues to grow with every outing on the bike. He’s unofficially set the fastest time for a 600 at Morgan Park and he’s set times in race simulations that would see him win in previous years, so I’m just looking forward to getting him back into a race situation to develop his race craft and continue his progression.”

Revised 2020 ASBK Calendar

  • ROUND 1 – WSBK – Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC: 27 Feb – 1 March
  • ROUND 2 – Winton Motor Raceway, Benalla VIC: 18 – 20 September
  • ROUND 3 – Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Cowes VIC: 2 – 4 October
  • ROUND 4 – Wakefield Park Raceway, Goulburn NSW: 16 – 18 October
  • ROUND 5 – Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick QLD: 6 – 8 November
  • ROUND 6 – International MotoFest The Bend, SA: 20 – 22 November


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