American supercross plans still a possibility for injured Reardon

Yamaha ace undergoes successful operation to repair ruptured achilles.

Image: Foremost Media.

Popular Queenslander Dan Reardon has successfully undergone surgery to repair a ruptured achilles tendon sustained at last weekend’s Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland, allowing him to immediately start his recovery.

Reardon struck a tough-block prior to completing his Superpole lap in New Zealand, forcing him to come up severely short on the finish line double and ultimately resulting in the injury.

The Yamaha pilot, who was previously exploring his options to race overseas at the beginning of next year as part of a supercross-only campaign, says that while recovery period could extend to five months, he’s hopeful he’ll be able to return to riding in time for an American supercross appearance as initially planned.

“Everything went well yesterday – I walked into surgery early in the morning and fixed the achilles,” Reardon told “Now I’m in a half-cast for the next seven to 10 days until I get my stitches out, then I’m in a boot for about eight weeks before I start rehab.

“I’ve got plenty of time to get it right – this injury can take up to five months to heal, but it can also heal sooner. I won’t push it – I don’t have to be back by a particular time, so whenever it feels like it’s ready, I’ll start trail riding and having some fun.

“I might be riding by February, but it all just depends on the injury and the risk versus reward. It’s too early to say. I think I still may go to the states and do some supercross there – that was always part of the plan and the series goes until May, so that could still be a viable option. For the time being, I’ll just enjoy the time off and let the body heal.”

Reardon promoted himself to third in the Australian Supercross Championship this year after landing on the podium at the Monster Energy AUS-X Open Sydney finale, becoming the highest-placed Australian at the prestigious event.


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