Adam ‘Krusty’ Fergusson awaiting sentence on drug charges

2004 Australian Superbike and Supersport Champion Adam ‘Krusty’ Fergusson looks certain to be heading to jail after being charged with cultivating cannabis.

News reports indicate that Fergusson and his partner were found to be growing more than 100kg of Cannabis in their Geelong home via a sophisticated hydroponic operation.

Police raided the rented property more than 12 months ago and Fergusson had been charged and bailed, but in a recent appearance in the County Court that bail was revoked while he awaits sentencing.

Fergusson pleaded guilty and the charges carry a mandatory jail sentence in Victoria.

I did know that he had gone through some challenges after retiring from racing and had been left with injuries that continued to plague him long after hanging up his leathers. The most serious injuries were sustained at Symmons Plains where he suffered major damage to his legs and hips in 2007 that he never fully recovered from.

I hope that Krusty can successfully rebuild his life after serving any sentence that will be imposed on the now 45-year-old.

Adam Krutsy Fergusson - 2004
Adam Krutsy Fergusson – 2004


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