2019 My Triumph Connectivity System arrives in dealers

2019 My Triumph Connectivity System & My Triumph app

Triumph Motorcycles have announced the availability of the 2019 My Triumph Connectivity System, for the Scrambler 1200 XC and XE models, as well as the Rocket 3 R and GT models, with the module now in dealers for $295.00 RRP, plus the cost of a fitment kit and installation.

The announcement comes alongside the launch of the new My Triumph app, which is available on Android and iOS compatible phones, allowing easy control of the many features available on the My Triumph Connectivity Systems.

Customers can now visit their Triumph Dealer in order to purchase and have the My Triumph Connectivity System fitted to their Scrambler 1200 or Rocket 3 motorcycle.

2019 My Triumph Connectivity System

The accessory My Triumph Connectivity System includes the My Triumph Connectivity module, as well as a software update for the My Triumph Connectivity module, and a software update for the TFT instruments. The price of the module will be $295.00 (Inc GST) plus fitment kit and installation cost. Installation will take 60-minutes and will include fitting kit and software upload.

Triumph Scrambler XC Detail
The 2019 My Triumph Connectivity System is now available for purchase

Triumph also introduces the first motorcycle integrated GoPro control system, functionality which is only available from Triumph, allowing the rider to capture every moment on their ride by connecting their GoPro to the TFT display where they can intuitively access and control key GoPro functions through the motorcycle’s TFT instruments and left hand switch cube.

The TFT instruments display simple graphic icons on the screen, indicating the status of GoPro camera, including mode, start film, stop film, take photo and battery level. This system is compatible with all GoPro cameras from Hero 5 and Session 5 onwards.

The first for any Triumph motorcycle and the very first Google partnership with a premium motorcycle manufacturer – the Triumph ‘turn-by-turn’ navigation system facilitates navigation through the My Triumph Connectivity module, which can be installed by your local dealer.

Triumph Scrambler Go Pro Integration
The My Triumph Connectivity System also allows GoPro connectivity and control via the bike switchblocks and TFT

This functionality will enable you to connect with hundreds of millions of places and businesses, and add up to 21 destinations along the route if required, with reliable, location aware search suggestions.

Once the rider has selected the route on the ‘My Triumph’ app and set-off, the instruments present clear graphic turn symbols on the screen using icons, providing precise turn indications.

This sophisticated navigation system gives riders a simple and easy way to set their route and find their destination, both on short and long journeys.

This functionality is facilitated through the My Triumph Connectivity module, enabling the rider to pair their smartphone and Bluetooth headset to the connectivity system, providing full and intuitive control on the move.

Phone functions such as making and receiving calls and SMS message notification can be controlled via the left hand switch cube, as can music track selection.

New My Triumph App

The new ‘My Triumph’ app is also available to download for free and the the core functionality of the ‘My Triumph’ app includes the ability to records your route, and at the end of your ride displays a summary of your journey and allows for it to be shared with friends.

My Triumph Connectivity System App menu
The My Triumph app is also now available

It also allows for live navigation, built with Google, on the Triumph motorcycle’s TFT instruments, facilitated through the new My Triumph Connectivity system.

The app monitors the status of the Triumph motorcycle, presenting key information such as odometer, average fuel consumption and time/distance to service, facilitated through the new My Triumph Connectivity system.

Source: MCNews.com.au

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