10 cool motorcycling routes in Scandinavia

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Scandinavia has a lot of beautiful landscapes that just beg to be discovered. There are hundreds of ways to experience all that Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland have to offer, and one of those ways is by taking your motorcycle and exploring. Here are 10 cool motorcycle routes you should take on your next visit the Europian north.

Inkoo to Karjaa in Finland

A modern road that connects to a medieval road that runs through south Finland from west to east. Although a section of the road is straight, the vast majority of it is curvy with a lot of twists and bends. There are multiple cafes along the Inkoo boat harbour, as well as the historical village of Fagervik and an old ancient iron factory. As you get closer to Snappertuna you would see the castle Rasenborg.

Bergen to Geiranger in Norway

A long road that may take you a couple of days, this path features multiple floating bridges that help you cross the myriad fjords. Beautiful landscapes such as glacial valleys, 1,000m cliffs and Sognefjorden, Norway’s longest fjord. At the end of the path at Geirangerfjord, there are magnificent foaming slashes of the Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil waterfalls.There’s ample time to stop and view the landscape. Alternatively, Casumo has a fantastic online casino in Norway that can be played while you’re taking a rest.

Route 62 in Finland

This route is long and gorgeous, featuring scenery from forests to bridges over waters and historic towns and villages. The best section is where the winding road meets the blue waters of Puumalan lake, where you can stop and enjoy the scenery. Approximately 112km long, you may want to take your time to stop and look at the view.

The E4 Highway, High Coast Route in Sweden

A famous route that stretches from Härnösand to Örnsköldsvik in north-eastern Sweden. This route takes you over the High Coast Bridge, a large suspension bridge that travels over Ångerman River. There are some really fascinating hiking trails if you want to stop. This ride won’t take you long, lasting about an hour and a half.

Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

There are multiple bridges along this route (8 in counting!) with a generous amount of twists and dips through Norway’s most spectacular views. Keep in mind that this road can be hazardous in the rain, as the high altitude twists could make the leisurely ride fatal. Waves are known for crashing into the overarching bridges – so beware.

Route One in Iceland

Do this one in the summer to avoid the crippling winter cold. Iceland becomes a lush country of green with multiple panoramic views around May-June. You’ll see beaches with icebergs in the distance, enormous waterfalls, black sand, and fascinating wildlife. The full route is quite long at 1319km, so if you want to do this in one stretch, you better pack a snack.

Trollstigen in Norway

Also known as “The Trolls Ladder,” Trollstigen is a part of the Norwegian National Road 63 which is a high road on the side of a mountain. This 57km route has breathtaking views and sharp corners. Within the twist and turns is a waterfall that cascades towards the bottom of the hill. Getting to the top and looking down is the best part – check out that view!

West Coast and the Atlantic Wall in Denmark

A ride along the North Sea Coast that shows off the Bork Viking Harbour and the small town of Hvide Sande. Up the coast is the WWII Atlantic Wall fortification at Houvig and eventually the BunkerMuseum Hanstholm. This route is perfect for any war buff but is quite long at 228km. Still, it’s a great way to see various city sites in Denmark.

The Highlands in Denmark

The Lake Highlands have long winding roads from Silkeborg to Skanderborg, through a forest, idyllic villages and fields. This road features the best of nature and culture all in one sitting. The historical town of Himmelbjerget looks out on a river that winds around it. Great motorcycle route for those wanting the best of both worlds.

Fjordland in Norway

The fjords in western Norway are a quiet little pocket of beauty near Oslo. As you drive, you’ll be surrounded by endless mountains, forests and winding valleys as you approach Telemark. Hardangervidda National Park along the way shows off the west coastline, and the Laerdal Tunnel burrows through the mountainous landscape.

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