Yamalube R3 bLU cRU Latinoamerica added to SBK® Roadway programme in 2024

Dorna WSBK Organization proudly unveils the integration of the Yamalube R3 bLU cRU Latinoamérica into the SBK® Roadway programme for the 2024 season. In partnership with FIM Latina America, this series seeks to establish a vital platform for emerging talents in motorcycle racing within Latin America.

The 2024 Yamalube R3 bLU cRU Latinoamérica series, spanning from April to November, serves as a developmental stepping stone for talented riders to showcase their skills and progress within the realm of motorcycle racing.

The championship will serve as a roadway for the winner of the “Talent” category (ages 14-19) to secure a two-year deal for participation in the FIM Yamaha R3 bLU cRU World Cup. Additionally, the runner-up will receive financial backing from Yamaha Racing Brasil for one season, marking a key progression towards the global stage.

Helio Ninomiya, Yamaha Motor Brasil Commercial Director said: “The entire trajectory of growth and achievements of the Latin American R3 bLU cRU championship is a source of great pride and the result of a lot of effort. Seeing this work recognized internationally gives us more determination, strength, and focus to move forward.”

Gregorio Lavilla, WorldSBK Executive Director added: “The inclusion of the Yamalube R3 bLU cRU Cup Latin America into the SBK® Roadway programme is a significant step in the global expansion of opportunities for emerging talents in motorcycle racing. We are thrilled to witness the growth and recognition of the Latin American championship, and we believe this initiative will provide a crucial platform for young riders to develop their skills and pave the way for a future in WorldSBK. We look forward to seeing the impact of this collaboration and the continued success of the Yamalube R3 bLU cRU Cup Latin America on the international racing scene.”

2024 Yamalube R3 bLU cRU Latinoamérica Calendar

1- April 26-28 / Goiania
2- May 24-26 / Curvelo
3- June 28-30 / Interlagos
4- August 16-18 / Cascavel
5- October 18-20 / Santa Cruz do Sul
6- November 8-10 / Goiania

Entry list

1. Alex Schultz (Brazil)

2. Arthur Aragão (Brazil)

3. Aymon Bocanegra (Peru)

4. Carlos Eduardo Massuia (Brazil)

5. Cauã Buzo (Brazil)

6. Cauã Nunes (Brazil)

7. Cauã Rodrigues (Brazil)

8. Edinho Picoloko (Brazil)

9. Fabrício Zamperetti (Brazil)

10. Facundo Medina (Argentina)

11. Flavio Trevizan (Brazil)

12. Gabriel Dias Marchi Silveira (Brazil)

13. Gustavo Garcia (Brazil)

14. Gustavo Nonis (Brazil)

15. Heitor Ourinho (Brazil)

16. Italo Santana (Brazil)

17. João Fascineli (Brazil)

18. João Teixeira (Brazil)

19. Jonas Jose Vieira (Brazil)

20. Juan Jeronimo Gonzáles (Colombia)

21. Leonardo Marques Barbim (Brazil)

22. Leonardo Marques Silva (Brazil)

23. Marcos Vinicius (Brazil)

24. Mario Salles Neto (Brazil)

25. Matias Sebastian (Chile)

26. Mauro Sapico (Brazil)

27. Murilo Gomes (Brazil)

28. Néstore Guarino (Italia)

29. Pedro Balla (Brazil)

30. Santiago Gossa (Argentina)

31. Silvia Nathalia Ochoa (Paraguay)

32. Simon Brun (Colombia)

33. Thiago Nicolas Torréz (Paraguay)

34. Tiago Crespo (Brazil)

35. Tomislav Macan (Ecuador)

36. Valentin Valor (Argentina)

37. Vitor Hugo (Brazil)

38. Caio Tiburcio (Brazil)

39. José Emiliano (Mexico)

40. Felipe Simões (Brazil)

41. Xarly Mendez (Spain)

42. Bruno Brito (Brazil)

43. Thiago Gonçalves (Brazil)

44. Isis Avila (Chile)

45. Caio Baldoino (Brazil)

46. Fernanda Marçon (Brazil)

47. Cristiano Cabral (Brazil)

48. Alex Fernandes (Brazil)

49. Marcelo Borghesi (Brazil)

Source: WorldSBK.com

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