TYRE INNOVATIONS: Pirelli bring new development front SC1 and rear SCX tyres to Barcelona test

Testing is a time for manufacturers in the MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship to test new items and components, and that goes for tyre supplier Pirelli too. At the two-day Supported Test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, they brought a new front SC1 solution and rear SCX solution which the entire field were able to test during the two-day outing in Spain.

Pirelli are always searching for innovation and that continued with the introduction of the rear SCX C900 development tyre with the aim of providing extra stability compared to the the current standard solution to make the tyre an even better option. It comes off the back of the A800 development solution used widely in WorldSBK last year, with the Italian company always enhancing their tyres.

Explaining the SCX tyre, WorldSBK Project Leader at Pirelli, Steven Neumann, said: “The C900 is a rear tyre, and this tyre is a development from the SCX. It’s quite a nice tyre so it’s the first time we will test it in WorldSBK. It’s an improvement on the SCX based on what we know from the previous development tyre of the SCX. The compound is the same, it’s just that we are looking for something better. It’s already a really good tyre. As you saw last year, it’s been used for full races. We had, last year, the A800 as a development tyre. This tyre is an improvement of that development. It’s not something softer or harder but bringing something new to have something better. You are supposed to have more stability on drive, and more edge grip.”

The SCX tyre is not the only innovation at the test, with a new SC1 front tyre also available in the test. Both solutions will be available to use during next week’s Pirelli Catalunya Round, with the new SC1 also designed for more stability especially when conditions are warmer or at tracks which can be demanding on front tyres.

Neumann discussed why a new development tyre was available, saying: “There’s a new front tyre, it’s not linked to the rear tyre. It’s just a development soft tyre which is in the SC1 family. Our target is to give more stability on the front, mainly when it’s hotter and on really demanding tracks on the front, like Barcelona, in heavy braking areas or when you’re leaning and starting to brake. The compound remains the same as the SC1, so we are looking to have better stability.”

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Source: WorldSBK.com

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