SBK® Roadway broadens horizons by including China Endurance Festival

Dorna WSBK Organization (DWO) is delighted to welcome the China Endurance Festival (CEF) into the SBK® Roadway programme. This strategic collaboration between CEF and DWO aims to integrate Chinese motorcycle sports into the global arena.

Established in 2023, the China Endurance Festival is dedicated to creating a unique celebration for Chinese motorcycle enthusiasts. The festival, highlighted by a thrilling 4-hour endurance race, offers a fair and highly entertaining platform for manufacturers, teams, and motorcycle enthusiasts. Beyond the race, CEF serves as a test field for leading motorcycle companies to showcase new products and advance technology.

The success of CEF in 2023 has garnered recognition from DWO, prompting the official inclusion of CEF in the SBK® Roadway project for 2024. DWO’s SBK® Roadway is a long-term initiative designed to facilitate the seamless integration of emerging talents and manufacturers into WorldSBK.

In the upcoming year, CEF will collaborate closely with DWO to elevate the festival’s content throughout the series’ four rounds. In addition to the four-hour endurance race, a noteworthy addition will be the CEF Women’s Cup, showcasing a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the sport — a cause that aligns with WorldSBK’s involvement in supporting the upcoming FIM Women’s Circuit Racing World Championship.

The CEF is the third competition to be included in the SBK® Roadway programme after the FIM Yamaha R3 bLU cRU World Cup and the Yamalube R3 bLU cRU Latinoamarica.


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