Now Ducati Has an EICMA-Ready eBike

Say, weren’t we just talking about how ebikes are lately cutting into the traditional motorcycle market? Why, yes we were, right here among other places. The Luddites as usual contend that putting a motor on a bicycle is cheating, but then they’re the same people who eschew ABS and TC. Sure, Eddie Merckx didn’t need assist in his prime, but now that he’s 73 I’m guessing he’d love an ebike, if he’s not pedalling around on one right now. And in any case, companies are in business to make money. What does it tell us that Yamaha can’t loan MO a test ebike because they’re selling them too fast?

Ducati Press Release:

An exclusive Ducati e-mtb ready for its debut at EICMA 2018

30 OCT 2018
The wait for the Ducati World Première is almost over and we are starting to reveal some secrets!

On Sunday 4 November 2018 the Ducati World Première in Milan (streamed live worldwide on starting at 19.00) will unveil the new Ducati e-mtb, the MIG-RR, an enduro born out of close collaboration with Italian company Thok Ebikes.

E-mountainbikes let cyclists take on climbs that, without the motor boost, wouldn’t be possible and, at the same time, they allow everyone to live the off-road on two wheels in total freedom. E-mtbs sales are booming worldwide. Ducati has now entered this market segment relying on the experience of a specialized company, Thok Ebikes, born from the passion of the BMX and Down Hill champion Stefano Migliorini.

The Ducati MIG-RR, which will make its public debut on the Ducati stand at EICMA 2018 (Fiera Milano Rho, 8-11 November), is a true high-end e-mtb developed by Thok Ebikes specialists in close collaboration with Aldo Drudi’s D-Perf and the Ducati Design Center.

While the new Ducati e-mtb is an offshoot of the popular MIG series produced by Thok, it features some unique technical solutions: wheels with different diameters and suspension set-ups with different degrees of wheel travel (29″ and 170 mm at the front, 27.5″ and 160 mm at the rear) make it a true enduro that meets the needs of even the most demanding rider.

With high-level components such as FOX Factory Kashima suspension, carbon fibre Renthal handlebarsMavic wheels4-caliper Shimano Saint brakes and an 11-speed Shimano XT gear set, the MIG-RR features a Shimano Steps E8000 motor – which puts out 250 Watts with a torque of 70N – powered by a 504 Wh battery.

The battery is positioned underneath the down tube. The resulting low barycentre makes the Ducati MIG-RR an easy-to-ride yet precise bike even on the toughest terrain.

The Ducati MIG-RR will be distributed throughout Europe via the Ducati dealership network starting from spring 2019.

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