How To Match The Right Motorcycle With Your Personality

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Experienced riders and newcomers alike often feel like their ride could use a more personal kind of upgrade. While the technical details of a new motorcycle purchase are essential, many motorcycle enthusiasts purchase vehicles more on the basis of how the bike looks and feels that they do on any technical specs.

That said, things like safety, fuel economy, and insurance costs are basic details that should never be overlooked. A beautiful ride is one thing, but it is important to see the entire picture. While we recommend knowing everything, there is to know about any bike you might decide to purchase, and we know that the attitude and character of the bike are just as important to the true motorcycle enthusiast. With that in mind, here are a few tips that will help you make the right choice.

#1: Listen to What Other Enthusiasts Have to Say

Talk to actual riders about their bikes. Find out what they like and what they don’t. Find out what they would want in their next bike that their current ride doesn’t deliver. All riders’ tastes vary so catalog the information and decide what details are of the most personal importance. Take note of the styles, makes, and models that seem to have the kinds of specifications you find most appealing.

Rider forums and social media channels are also excellent sources of information. Take particular note of posts from riders who discuss specific makes and models that sound appealing. Learn everything possible – both positives and negatives. The perfect ride may not exist, but some bikes will be a better fit for certain riders than they will be for others.

There are also some excellent informational resources that can help move the selection process along more quickly. Many professional bloggers and custom writing services like this collaborate on and publish information that places the wants and needs of the rider in the spotlight. You’re reading one of those pieces right now. Keep reading for more inspiration, and you might discover a few things you didn’t even know you wanted in a bike.

#2: Get A Few Non-Biased Opinions

No, the technical details might be as exciting as a blog post about top riding destinations, but they are nonetheless important. Some bikes just aren’t suited for the types of climates, altitudes, and terrains the rider would want them to tackle.

Part of knowing that a bike is a good match is knowing that it can perform the way the rider expects. The only way to find out is to read a few objective consumer reviews. Get the facts. Doing so can help keep you from making a disappointing choice.

#3: Compare Models Side-By-Side

Go to several different dealerships and speak with the sales reps about the different models they have available. Remember, the goal of any dealer rep is to make a sale so don’t expect unbiased opinions here. This is why a bit of independent research is essential before walking into a dealership. Get several opinions from people who have a vested interest in selling a bike. Most are riders themselves and will give you honest opinions about the advantages and disadvantages based on what they find out about your wants, needs, and personal tastes.  

As a parting note, always trust your feelings and intuition. Just because a bike is popular doesn’t mean it’s all that great or that it would be a good fit for you. Be patient, assess all available options, and make the best possible selection. A new bike is an investment that no rider wants to regret.


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