Cianciarulo goes 1-1 at Spring Creek | Lawrence brothers strong in 250

2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship
Round Six – Spring Creek National, Millville
September 19, 2020

Images Jeff Kardas

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship returned to action following a weekend off for its sixth round of the 2020 season from Spring Creek MX Park. With the weather cooler than normal, the annual Thor Spring Creek National treated fans to a perfect afternoon of racing as the temperature hovered around 20-degrees Celsuis.

Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo was dominant by taking both moto wins en route to his second career 450 Class win. In the 250 Class, Monster Energy/Star/Yamaha Racing’s Dylan Ferrandis swept both motos to capture the eighth overall victory of his career.

Jett Lawrence was on the podium in the opening 250 Moto

Jett Lawrence was on the podium in the opening 250 Moto then backed that up with a sixth in the second Moto, just missing out on the overall podium by a single point.

Older brother Hunter will be pumped after having carded some great results at Spring Creek, 7-5 placings earning him seventh overall for the round.

Hunter Lawrence was seventh overall for the round

450MX Moto 1

Spring Creek National

As the gate dropped on the opening 450 Class moto, Cianciarulo grabbed his third consecutive holeshot of the season, followed by Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Marvin Musquin and Team Honda HRC’s Chase Sexton. Championship point leader Zach Osborne circulated the opening lap in fifth aboard his Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing machine.

Adam Cianciarulo

The top three riders continued to pace each other out front, separated by just seconds for the first several laps. At the 20-minute mark, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-WPS-KTM’s Blake Baggett started to inch his way up towards the lead group, eventually latching onto and finding his way by Sexton for third. Baggett’s push forward didn’t stop there as he slowly started chipping away at the gap between Musquin and himself.

Eli Tomac

With Cianciarulo clicking off lap-after-lap, Musquin continued to search for faster lines behind him, but every time he would close in on the Kawasaki’s riders rear fender, Cianciarulo managed to retaliate by reestablishing the gap. With just minutes remaining in the moto, Musquin made a costly mistake that saw him stall his motorcycle and relinquish the second position to Baggett.

Cianciarulo withstood the pressure like a seasoned veteran to take his second premier class moto win by 1.7 seconds over Baggett. Musquin would rebound to finish third, followed by Osborne.

Cianciarulo withstood the pressure like a seasoned veteran to take his second premier class moto win by 1.7 seconds over Baggett.

450MX Moto 1 Results

Pos Rider Bike Laps/Interval
1 Adam Cianciarulo KAW 17 Laps
2 Blake Baggett KTM +01.758
3 Marvin Musquin KTM +20.489
4 Zachary Osborne HQV +30.672
5 Justin Barcia YAM +37.337
6 Eli Tomac KAW +41.879
7 Christian Craig HON +43.856
8 Chase Sexton HON +47.919
9 Joseph Savatgy SUZ +56.566
10 Max Anstie SUZ +1:09.827
11 Fredrik Noren SUZ +1:15.407
12 Broc Tickle YAM +1:30.878
13 Benny Bloss HQV +1:59.268
14 Justin  Rodbell KAW +2m00.728
15 Jake Masterpool HQV +2m03.908
16 Justin Bogle KTM +2m09.699
17 Robbie Wageman YAM +2m12.895
18 Coty Schock HON 16 Laps
19 Ben LaMay KTM +10.153
20 Justin Hoeft HQV +18.192
21 Alex Ray KAW +33.218
22 Felix Lopez KTM +39.334
23 Grant Harlan HON +43.371
24 Tyler Bowers KAW +1m06.051
25 Isaac Teasdale SUZ +1m25.799
26 Bryce Backaus YAM +1m26.654
27 Adam Enticknap SUZ +1m7.979
28 McClellan Hile KTM +1m37.559
29 Jeffrey Walker KTM +1m44.635
30 Bryton Carroll YAM +1m48.948
31 Tristan Lane KTM +1m51.033
32 Jared Lesher KTM 15 Laps
33 Nicolas Rolando KTM +17.589
34 Joseph Perron KAW +1m05.025
35 Hunter Braun HON +1m10.061
36 Richard Taylor SUZ 14 Laps
37 Blake Hansen KAW +3m33.170
38 Jerry Lorenz III YAM 9 Laps
39 Matthew Hubert KAW 4 Laps
40 Jeremy Smith KAW DNF

450MX Moto 2

The final 450 Class moto of the afternoon once again saw Cianciarulo grab the holeshot to sweep the holeshots for the second consecutive round, followed by Baggett and Osborne. The rookie Sexton started in fourth, but quickly made his way around Osborne for third, just ahead of Musquin in fifth.

Adam Cianciarulo

Cianciarulo continued his opening moto form by using the clear track to his advantage to open a small lead over the riders behind him. Sexton found his groove as he charged his way up to Baggett, eventually finding his way by for second and closing in on the leader Sexton.

Chase Sexton

As the race wore on, Baggett refused to settle and eventually found his way back around Sexton to retake second.

Justin Barcia

Out front, Cianciarulo finished the race unchallenged to take his third moto win of the season by 2.7 seconds over Baggett. Sexton held on to finish third.

The 1-1 sweep gave Cianciarulo his second consecutive overall win in the premier class. Baggett’s consistency earned him second overall (2-2), while Barcia took the final step of the podium in third (5-4).

450MX Moto 2 Results

Pos Rider Bike Laps/Interval
1 Adam Cianciarulo KAW 17 Laps
2 Blake Baggett KTM +02.760
3 Chase Sexton HON +20.439
4 Justin Barcia YAM +41.815
5 Eli Tomac KAW  +44.044
6 Christian Craig HON +45.236
7 Joseph Savatgy SUZ +1m09.500
8 Max Anstie SUZ +1m10.166
9 Fredrik Noren SUZ +1m50.492
10 Marvin Musquin KTM +1m59.718
11 Benny Bloss HQV +2m01.893
12 Justin Bogle KTM +2m11.171
13 Grant Harlan HON +2m11.184
14 Justin  Rodbell KAW +2m5.826
15 Jake Masterpool HQV 16 Laps
16 Zachary Osborne HQV +06.936
17 Justin Hoeft HQV +28.329
18 Isaac Teasdale SUZ +34.873
19 Ben LaMay KTM +38.273
20 Tyler Bowers KAW +53.176
21 Robbie Wageman YAM +1m01.402
22 Bryce Backaus YAM +1m05.280
23 Richard Taylor SUZ +1m14.606
24 Felix Lopez KTM +1m22.623
25 McClellan Hile KTM +1m25.946
26 Alex Ray KAW +1m27.952
27 Jared Lesher KTM +1m38.974
28 Tristan Lane KTM +1m43.068
29 Adam Enticknap SUZ +2m10.500
30 Jeffrey Walker KTM +2m12.435
31 Carter Stephenson YAM +2m6.010
32 Nicolas Rolando KTM 15 Laps
33 Joseph Perron KAW +28.254
34 Bryton Carroll YAM +1m56.198
35 Jerry Lorenz III YAM 14 Laps
36 Blake Hansen KAW 5 Laps
37 Broc Tickle YAM 4 Laps
38 Hunter Braun HON +50.652
39 Jeremy Smith KAW 2 Laps
40 Matthew Hubert KAW DNS

The 1-1 sweep gave Cianciarulo his second consecutive overall win in the premier class. Baggett’s consistency earned him second overall (2-2), while Barcia took the final step of the podium in third (5-4).

Adam Cianciarulo

Man, what a dream come true. I really wanted to go 1-1 last round at RedBud and had that silly mistake. Today, we got the job done and made it happen. Two consecutive victories in the 450 Class just feels really good. We’ve got two rounds remaining and I just want to keep the ball rolling.”

Adam Cianciarulo
Blake Baggett

I’m giving it everything I got, RedBud reminded me that I got it in there and I can do it. I’m really just enjoying it. I’m enjoying being a dad and trying to put it up front . The goal is to try to be there at the end and if I don’t win – like today, going 2-2 is awesome but at the same time I was so close to pulling it off – at least they knew I was coming and that’s all that matters, so I’ll take it.

Baggett and Barcia spray Cianciarulo with the champagne

Despite finishing 10th overall (4-16) on the day and watching his points lead shrink, Osborne kept the red plate with a 15-point advantage over Cianciarulo who overtook Musquin. The Frenchman sits a further five-points behind in third.

Marvin Musquin

I was doing great in Moto Two until having a mishap at the very top of the mountain on the left-hander before you drop off. I lost the rear just a little bit and it got sideways even more while I was flying in the air so when I landed I was still sideways and it hooked and I had a big crash. It was hard to get back up but I was able to get some points with 10th. I’m super disappointed because I was looking forward to getting a podium today but I’m very lucky right now to not be injured.

450MX Championship Standings

Pos Rider Points
1 Zachary Osborne 235
2 Adam Cianciarulo 220
3 Marvin Musquin 215
4 Eli Tomac 196
5 Justin Barcia 194
6 Blake Baggett 190
7 Chase Sexton 173
8 Christian Craig 141
9 Broc Tickle 134
10 Joseph Savatgy 122
11 Max Anstie 113
12 Dean Wilson 97
13 Fredrik Noren 82
14 Henry Miller 59
15 Jason Anderson 58
16 Justin Bogle 56
17 Jake Masterpool 53
18 Justin  Rodbell 49
19 Benny Bloss 47
20 Coty Schock 31
21 Cooper Webb 29
22 John Short 21
23 Ben LaMay 21
24 Grant Harlan 18
25 Jeremy Smith 18
26 Justin Hoeft 17
27 Tyler Bowers 13
28 Luke Renzland 11
29 Matthew Hubert 9
30 Chase Felong 8
31 Felix Lopez 5
32 Robbie Wageman 4
33 Jeffrey Walker 4
34 Cory Carsten 3
35 Isaac Teasdale 3
36 Jared Lesher 3

250MX Moto 1

The first 250 Class moto saw Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s RJ Hampshire grab the Holeshot, just edging out Monster Energy/Star/Yamaha Racing’s Justin Cooper and JGR/Yoshimura/Suzuki Racing’s Alex Martin. Just after the completion of the opening lap, Dylan Ferrandis made the pass on Alex Martin to take over third, while championship point leader Jeremy Martin started eighth on his GEICO Honda.

Spring Creek National, Millville

As Hampshire quickly set the pace at the front of the 40-rider field, Ferrandis put his head down in an attempt to track him down and make a bid for the race lead. Behind the lead duo, Cooper and Alex Martin battled bar-to-bar for third, and at the halfway point of the moto, Alex Martin would make the pass stick in front of his home crowd.

Hunter Lawrence

With Hampshire riding strong out front, Ferrandis’ patience began to wear thin as he searched for a way around. Ferrandis was able to take advantage of a mistake by Hampshire on one of the uphill step up jumps to take control of the lead with just over 10-minutes remaining. As the moto began to wind down, the battle heated up for third between Alex Martin and GEICO Honda’s Jett Lawrence and Jeremy Martin. Lawrence was able to muscle his way by Alex Martin to steal third with two minutes remaining.

Jett Lawrence was on the podium in the opening 250 Moto

Ferrandis would hold on to take his third moto win of the season by 4.1 seconds over Hampshire who earned his seventh moto podium of the season. Lawrence fended off the hard charging Martin brothers to complete the podium in third. Alex and Jeremy Martin crossed the finish in fourth and fifth, respectively.

250MX Moto 1 Results

Pos Rider Bike Laps/Interval
1 Dylan Ferrandis YAM 17 Laps
2 RJ Hampshire HQV +04.160
3 Jett Lawrence HON +05.989
4 Alex Martin SUZ +07.504
5 Jeremy Martin HON +09.807
6 Cameron Mcadoo KAW +23.993
7 Hunter Lawrence HON +25.267
8 Derek  Drake KTM +33.786
9 Justin Cooper YAM +37.436
10 Brandon Hartranft KTM +40.276
11 Mitchell Harrison KAW +44.921
12 Jo Shimoda HON +46.339
13 Carson Mumford HON +58.717
14 Jarrett Frye YAM +1m06.182
15 Shane McElrath YAM +1:08.763
16 Jerry Robin HQV +1m42.347
17 Derek Kelley HQV +1m54.705
18 Jesse Flock HQV +2m00.406
19 Joshua Varize KTM +2m01.592
20 Joseph Crown YAM +2m07.733
21 Curren Thurman KTM +2m16.761
22 Mason Gonzales YAM 16 Laps
23 Ryder Floyd HON +16.625
24 Austin Root HQV +17.495
25 Mathias Jorgensen KAW +24.696
26 Kevin Moranz KTM +27.210
27 Gared Steinke KAW +27.730
28 Cody Williams HQV +31.306
29 Ezra Hastings HQV +44.607
30 Josh Boaz KTM +44.921
31 Vincent Luhovey KTM +49.306
32 Chase Lorenz HON +1m01.469
33 Colton Eigenmann SUZ +1m48.201
34 Lane Shaw KTM +2m03.970
35 Josiah Hempen KTM 14 Laps
36 Nick Gaines YAM 11 Laps
37 TJ Uselman YAM 7 Laps
38 Max Miller KTM 6 Laps
39 Jalek  Swoll HQV 2 Laps
40 Gage Schehr HQV +33.006

250MX Moto 2

As the field rounded the first turn to start Moto 2 it was Monster Energy/Star/Yamaha Racing’s Shane McElrath who emerged with the holeshot ahead of his teammate Cooper and Alex Martin. Before the end of the opening lap, Ferrandis overtook Alex Martin for third, while his championship rival Jeremy Martin started just outside of the top five.

With a clear track ahead, McElrath opened a small lead over his fellow competitors who continued to duke it out for the second and third positions. Jeremy Martin soon joined the battle for the podium as he pushed his way past his brother for fourth. McElrath would surrender the lead by tucking the front end and going down, allowing Cooper to become the new race leader.

Jett Lawrence

While Cooper held the number one spot, Ferrandis started to show a wheel to his teammate in an attempt to break away from Jeremy Martin. As the race closed in on the halfway point of the 30-minute-plus-two-lap moto, Ferrandis stuffed his way by Cooper to take the lead, followed by Jeremy Martin who also struck on Cooper to take second just moments later.

Ferrandis and Jeremy Martin pulled away from the field as they paced one another out front in the hunt for valuable championship points. When the checkered flag waved it was Ferrandis who barely held on to take his fourth moto win of the season by 0.4 seconds over Jeremy Martin. A distant third would go to Cooper, followed by Alex Martin in fourth.

250MX Moto 2 Results

Pos Rider Bike Laps/Interval
1 Dylan Ferrandis YAM 17 Laps
2 Jeremy Martin HON +00.411
3 Justin Cooper YAM +31.518
4 Alex Martin SUZ +34.101
5 Hunter Lawrence HON +35.075
6 Jett Lawrence HON +40.712
7 Shane McElrath YAM +41.902
8 Jo Shimoda HON +57.037
9 Mitchell Harrison KAW +57.661
10 Carson Mumford HON +1m25.915
11 RJ Hampshire HQV +1m31.181
12 Derek  Drake KTM +1m34.866
13 Brandon Hartranft KTM +1m36.685
14 Jarrett Frye YAM +1m57.639
15 Mason Gonzales YAM +2m08.734
16 Derek Kelley HQV +2m11.648
17 Jesse Flock HQV +2m22.850
18 Jalek  Swoll HQV 16 Laps
19 Jerry Robin HQV +05.571
20 Mathias Jorgensen KAW +08.512
21 Curren Thurman KTM +09.895
22 Gared Steinke KAW +43.046
23 Ezra Hastings HQV +46.325
24 Zack Williams KTM +48.901
25 Joshua Varize KTM +49.678
26 Vincent Luhovey KTM +1m09.927
27 Colton Eigenmann SUZ +1m13.846
28 Kevin Moranz KTM +1m15.543
29 Chase Lorenz HON +1m19.738
30 Ryder Floyd HON +1m36.349
31 Lane Shaw KTM 15 Laps
32 Josiah Hempen KTM +1m37.441
33 Austin Root HQV 11 Laps
34 Josh Boaz KTM 9 Laps
35 Joseph Crown YAM 7 Laps
36 Gage Schehr HQV 3 Laps
37 Cody Williams HQV +1m25.918
38 Cameron Mcadoo KAW 2 Laps
39 TJ Uselman YAM DNF
40 Nick Gaines YAM DNS

Ferrandis went 1-1 for the first time since the season opener to take his second overall victory of the season. Jeremy Martin finished runner-up (5-2) on the day, edging out his brother Alex Martin (4-4).

That was a difficult race in the second moto and the pressure was on,” Ferrandis. “It was really good for me to have that battle and come out on top in the second moto. The championship is really close and I think that we were able to put on a good show for everyone today. Jeremy and I have a good relationship I think and we congratulated each other and talked about the battle after the race.

Dylan Ferrandis

The win moved Ferrandis back into the championship lead, which stands at three points over Jeremy Martin. Hampshire maintains third, 55-points adrift of Ferrandis.

That was the funnest race I’ve had all year,” said Martin. “I know I didn’t get the win today, which is always the goal. I don’t like to lose, but it felt good to see the number 14 up there and give him a run. We’ve got two rounds to go and hopefully we can battle each other like we did today.

Jeremy Martin

250MX Championship Standings

Pos Rider Points
1 Dylan Ferrandis 257
2 Jeremy Martin 254
3 RJ Hampshire 202
4 Alex Martin 194
5 Shane McElrath 186
6 Justin Cooper 164
7 Jett Lawrence 162
8 Cameron Mcadoo 140
9 Mitchell Harrison 123
10 Brandon Hartranft 114
11 Derek  Drake 106
12 Carson Mumford 95
13 Jo Shimoda 90
14 Hunter Lawrence 73
15 Mason Gonzales 73
16 Stilez Robertson 70
17 Ty Masterpool 54
18 Nick Gaines 44
19 Pierce Brown 36
20 Darian Sanayei 24
21 Hardy Munoz 23
22 Jerry Robin 23
23 Lance Kobusch 18
24 Jalek  Swoll 15
25 Ezra Hastings 14
26 Jarrett Frye 14
27 Joseph Crown 13
28 Derek Kelley 12
29 Gared Steinke 11
30 Austin Root 9
31 Joshua Varize 7
32 Jesse Flock 7
33 Zack Williams 6
34 Jordan Bailey 6
35 Dilan Schwartz 5
36 Maxwell Sanford 4
37 Mathias Jorgensen 4


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