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Wayne Gardner to Deliver Rider Petition

Australia’s first motorcycle GP world champion Wayne Gardner says he will fly home from Spain to personally deliver a petition to Federal Parliament for a better deal for riders.

“I will do whatever is necessary to give the motorcycle family group a good hearing at State or Federal levels in Government as the motorcyclist is getting a raw deal in this growing environmental conscious society,” he says.

In fact, he would even ride up to Parliament steps in his racing leathers on a moped to press the point with politicians and the public.

“I would love to do this as I am totally 100% behind all motorcyclists in Australia to get a better deal for riders and help the environment,” he says.

Click here to sign the petition which calls for the following:

  • Lower the cost of powered two-wheel registration and compulsory third party insurance ($50 – 50cc, $100 – LAMS, $200 – Open standardise across all states);
  • 50cc scooters, mopeds, and equivalent electric bikes able to be ridden on a car licence Australia-wide;
  • Incentives for commuters to buy electric-powered bikes through green fund rebates (as per current solar rebates) and no stamp duty charges;
  • National exemption from motorway, bridge, and tunnel toll charges; and
  • Free parking and footpath parking, except in public thoroughfares and walkways.

“Motorcycles are my love and passion as I own many bikes that need management and service regularly,” Wayne says.

“I am appalled by the rising costs that all motorcyclists must endure when motorcycles have zero impact on our roads, highways, and infrastructure and emit considerable less pollution than cars, trucks, and buses in our cities, urban areas, and country.”

Wayne says he “firmly believes” that getting kids on to e-bikes and mopeds will lead to better safety and more future riders.

“In Spain, Italy, and some other countries, you can start riding at 14 years of age which creates huge sales of scooters and mopeds and biking for the younger and middle-aged population as it provides independence and low-cost travel, easy parking with Covid-19 distancing which is safer than public transport,” he says.

“I firmly believe in this system that Europe has adopted many decades ago as it gives the young more responsibility and a sense of independence at an early age but of course they must get some training and pass the road rules test but they can only ride 50cc mopeds, scooters or the equivalent 1500W in electric mopeds all limited to 45km/h.

MV Agusta Superveloce 800

“These types of mopeds or scooters are permitted in Europe for car drivers to use with current car driver licence as easy and low-cost transport.”

In Australia, only Queensland, Western Australia, South Australiana, and the Northern Territory allow drivers to ride mopeds without getting a motorcycle licence.

Wayne says mopeds and e-bikes are continuing to grow across Europe as a cheap form of transport with no parking issues in cities and urban areas where they can park on the footpaths as long, they are not impeding or blocking pedestrians or traffic flow.
Wayne has appeared in several videos promoting the petition.

More videos will be rolled out over the next four weeks through Facebook and YouTube.
Better Deal:


Rea Extends Lead Once More

In the sprint race I felt pretty good but of course in the first laps I was very, very lucky. Alvaro came past on the straight and then in T4 had a huge crash at the exit. I hit his bike and in this moment I thought I was down; was going to crash. I almost let go but miraculously I stayed upright and someone was definitely helping me out there! I had to regroup and chase Mikey but his pace was very good today so congratulations to him and his team. I just didn’t have it in the final race. I felt I had some issues straight away with the front feeling, a lot of vibration in the brakes but apart from that feeling I felt good for about ten laps. The grip level started to drop and I suffered more with the front tyre than yesterday. I was getting a lot of warnings. The race was very tough and aggressive in the beginning so as soon as the pace settled I was just there, and the gap was very constant but to arrive in the front group I was going to have to go over the limit and push the front too much. The target coming here was to increase our championship lead and I think we managed quite well.

Jonathan Rea improved his points advantage in the 2020 WorldSBK championship standings after scoring a second and then a fourth place fin
Source: Jonathan Rea On Facebook

Why was Quartararo given a three-second penalty at Misano?

But why was Quartararo handed the time penalty? MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™ riders receive a track limits warning when they go onto the virtual gravel traps – the green areas – three times. A warning – should – come up on their dashboards. Then, if the riders exceed track limits a further two times, taking their tally up to five, a long-lap penalty his handed to them. That’s what happened to Quartararo at the Emilia Romagna GP, but according to the Frenchman, he didn’t receive the warnings that everyone else was seeing on TV.

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4 riders, 4 points: 2020, how close do you like it?

And with that win, Viñales is now just one point behind Championship leader Dovizioso. With Dovi finishing P8 and Viñales, Mir and Quartararo all in the top four, the gap between the leading quartet is now just four points heading to Barcelona. 2020 was unpredictable enough, but now we have four riders all within a whisker of each other at the halfway stage of the campaign – it doesn’t really get much closer.

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Viñales victorious in a drama-filled Misano MotoGP™ classic

Further back, Mir had now managed to get to the front of the battle for the lower ends of the top 10 to have some clean air in front of hm – the gap to Quartararo was 3.5 seconds on Lap 7. A few more laps went by and the gap between the leading two wasn’t going above 0.6 seconds, with Viñales slightly quicker than Bagnaia. But then the Pramac Racing started to up the ante, Bagnaia’s lead was up to the magic one-second mark on Lap 11. A couple of laps later and the lead was up to 1.4 seconds, with Quartararo setting his fastest lap of the race on Lap 11 – with Mir going even quicker behind. Bagnaia had got the gap up to over a second but Viñales wasn’t letting the sophomore pull away, the lead was tinkering between 1.1 and 1.4 seconds as Quartararo reeled in Espargaro. Mir, with eight laps to go, was now under two seconds away from the podium fight.

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Bastianini wins ten lap dash to slash Marini’s title lead

Tennor American Racing’s Joe Roberts suffered a huge highside further back and required a trip to the medical centre as a result, before thankfully being declared fit. Then, out of the blue, the rain started to fall on the Rimini Riviera and chaos quickly follow. Raindrops on the rider’s visors clearly was effecting the leading group with Vierge, in particular, looking like he was struggling. The Catalan tentatively braked into Turn 7 and allowed Bastianini, Marini and Bezzecchi all to swoop through.

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Phenomenal Fenati wins chaotic Moto3™ Misano race

It was all changing. Vietti led over the line to start the last lap at the front from Arenas and Fenati, with Masia and Ogura inside the top five. Arenas got a good run down into Turn 8 and was alongside the race leader, but Vietti was late and strong on the brakes. Then, Arenas made a classy move stick into Turn 10 and led with half a lap to go, but the slipstream played its part and heading into Turn 11 as Masia stormed up the inside of Vietti – who in turn was looking for a way through on Arenas – and leader Arenas, as the riders got breathtakingly close at high speed. And, after leading heading onto the straight, Arenas found himself down in P5 just seconds later as Masia, Vietti, Fenati and Ogura made their way through.

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Ferrari takes World Cup lead, Aegerter taken out in Race 2

Polesitter Aegerter got the holeshot into Turn 1 with Ferrari slotting into P2 behind is World Cup rival. The latter made a move into the lead on the opening lap though down into Turn 8 – and led over the line. Tommaso Marcon (Tech3 E-Racing) had made a good start and sat third, but Casadei dived up the inside at Turn 1 on Lap 2. Then, trying not to lose the final podium position, Marcon broke late into Turn 2 – but it was too late. And in the firing line was second place Aegerter, the Swiss rider could do nothing as Marcon slammed into the number 77’s rear tyre as both riders went down at Turn 2 – both were ok, with Aegerter managing to remount.

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Alex Marquez heads Yamaha trio on Sunday morning

Track temperature at the start of the 20-minute session was a very cool 26 degrees Celsius, and on the entry into Turn 2, Pramac Racing’s Jack Miller suffered an off-throttle highside. The Australian looked a bit beaten up in the aftermath but thankfully, Miller was able to head back out on circuit but he could only manage P20 – hopefully, the man second on the grid won’t be feeling the effects later on for the race.

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