Yamaha release new 50 Nm e-bike drive unit that weighs only 2.9 kg

Yamaha at forefront of E-Bike development

Yes we know this is not strictly motorcycle related but we do believe it does have links to motorcycling due to these being the latest developments from Yamaha, and that technology will, without a doubt, trickle through to Yamaha Motorcycles in some way, shape or form in the years ahead.

Yamaha already have plenty of runs on the board with their supply of drive units to various e-bike manufacturers around the world and this week they released details of their newest and lightest consumer drive unit that will make its way into plenty of e-bikes from numerous manufacturers later this year.

Yamaha PWseries CE

In order to ensure an even faster and more flexible service to European bicycle manufacturers in what is a rapidly expanding marketplace, Yamaha HQ in Japan transferred the responsibility for distributing its OEM e-Bike systems to Yamaha Motor Europe (YME) from July 1st, 2020.

Yamaha invented the very first Electrically Power Assisted Cycle back in 1993, and since then the popularity of the e-Bike has grown at a phenomenal rate. In the last decade the introduction of highly efficient motors and more powerful batteries has transformed the performance and range of this environmentally-friendly vehicle, and today the e-Bike is emerging as a good alternative to public transport.

Urban Mobility is a key issue for everyone who lives or works in the city, and for 2021 Yamaha will respond to the public’s needs by introducing the PWseries CE drive unit and the External Crossover 500 battery, both of them perfectly suited to power the new generation of e-Bikes.

Rated at 250W and producing 50Nm of torque, the new PWseries CE drive unit weighs just 2.9kg, making it the lightest drive unit ever created by Yamaha. It’s also extremely compact, enabling European e-Bike manufacturers to develop next-generation chassis designs with a sharper, slimmer and cleaner profile.

Yamaha’s engineers have worked tirelessly to make the PWseries CE operate as quietly as possible, and various noise-reducing features have succeeded in making this the company’s quietest ever drive unit.

In order to give a better riding experience the new PWseries CE drive unit features Yamaha’s industry-leading software that operates the innovative Automatic Support Mode. This intelligent system instantly responds to changing riding conditions and selects the most appropriate support mode to give its rider the best-suited support at any time, from smooth to strong. A well-balanced level of support is also available when the bike is being pushed, the refined Walk Assist function makes it much easier to manoeuvre and park a bike that needs to be taken up a slope or may be carrying a load, no matter what gear ratio the rider has chosen.

Yamaha PWseries CE Key Features

  • The lightest-ever Yamaha drive unit weighing from just 2.9kg (with coaster brake support, without brake support: 3.0kg)
  • Yamaha’s quietest-ever motor
  • Ultra-compact motor design gives the e-Bike a sharper and cleaner look
  • Automatic Support Mode software delivers a more natural ride
  • Improved Walk Assist function makes parking and manoeuvring easy
  • Centre-mount drive
  • 250 W rated power
  • 50Nm torque
  • 25km/h maximum support speed
Yamaha PWseries CE

External Crossover 500 battery

Yamaha offers a wide range of batteries, including multi-location designs that can be integrated into the frame, as well as external batteries for customers looking for practicality and convenience. Designed to be mounted either on the downtube or in front of the seat tube, Yamaha’s new External Crossover 500 battery features a simple lock-and-release system that makes it easy to remove and then recharge or store at home.

Weighing just 2.9kg, this 36V Lithium Ion battery has a capacity of 500 Wh and can be charged in approximately 4 hours, making it an ideal power source for the new PWseries CE drive unit.

Crossover 500 Key Features

  • External-mount design with compact dimensions and ergonomic handle
  • Lock-and-release system for easy removal and charging
  • 36V Lithium-Ion design
  • 500Wh
  • 4 hour charge time (approx.)
  • 2.9kg

Source: MCNews.com.au

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