World’s First Smart Modular Helmet Unveiled

Texas helmet start-up Quin has revealed the world’s first smart helmet in a modular (flip-up) design with a removable peak.

Like the Dallas company’s other full-face helmets, the Quin Quest helmet is a lightweight carbon helmet with integrated Bluetooth communications and Quin’s Intelliquin system that detects a crash and sends for help.

It includes a live tracking beacon to provide emergency services with your location if you crash.


Unlike some other helmets with integrated communications it doesn’t have wires, velcro speakers, dials, knobs or an exposed microphone.

Only 200 of the carbon fibre helmets have been manufactured for this quarter with USA delivery promised by Christmas, so long as you order by November 15.

The helmet will roll out in larger numbers across more countries next year.

Price has not yet been revealed, but it should be affordable as their ECE and DOT-approved helmets cost $US300 (about $A390) for the McQ open-face helmet, $US350 ($A450) for the SpitFire full face and $US540 ($A700) for the 1270 gram carbon full-face Ghost helmet.

Quin Helmets founder and CEO Ani Surabhi says the Quest helmet is the result of customer requests.

“This new versatile modular helmet offers our customers the added layer of Quin technology, allowing them to ride apart, but never alone on any adventures they choose,” Ani says.

Among its other features are a drop-down internal sun shield, UV-coated visor and a removable peak so you can wear it for adventure rides.



With the peak on, it weighs 1.7kg (3.86lb) for medium size and 1.6kg (3.66lb) with the weak removed.

The one-button chin bar can be locked in the open position, but be aware it may not be officially approved in your country to be used in that position while riding.

Quin claims their Aerodynamic Ventilation System has large upper intakes that pour plenty of cooling air into the deep ridges in the EPS liner.



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