Why you need to buy an electric motorbike in 2019

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In modern society, eco-friendly products are getting more and more popular. People want to make an effort in order to save our planet. Electric cars are widely used all over the world when electro motorbikes are just gaining popularity.

Electric motorbikes are not powered by fuel, but by batteries, and they have a special electric motor. What is really comfortable about them, that the batteries can be charged at your regular socket right at your home. While the battery is charging, you can relax at home and enjoy your favorite hobby – read, watch movies, play online casino. If you are looking for a nice and unusually designed gambling platform, we recommend checking Ignition casino review where you can find a lot of online gambling tips.

5 reasons why you need an electric motorcycle

If you are reading this article, you are considering buying an electric bike. Before making a final decision, check the 5 main advantages.

  1. It is silent – you will not be annoyed by the sound the fuel motorbike makes. If you ride it on an empty road, you will hear nothing but your thoughts.
  2. All those features that fuel bike offers – you will not feel any discomfort as you will have all the features you are used to; also, you are not limited in speed.
  3. No spending on maintenance – there is no need to check the engine oil, time belts, or clutch. You do not need to spend additional money on it.
  4. No need to look for petrol stations – just charge your battery overnight when you need it, as it takes 6-8 hours to charge it fully. No need to be worried if there is a petrol station on the way.
  5. Prices are going down – today, an electric motorbike is still more expensive than a fuel one. However, as the popularity of electric bikes is growing rapidly, the prices tend to get lower and lower.

    BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster electric boxer electromobility
    BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster electric boxer

Electric motorbikes seem to be a good decision for those who care about global warming and pollution.

Electric motorbike insurance

When it comes to insurance, it is still a bit difficult with electric motorbikes. They are still considered as a risky vehicle because pedestrians might not hear you coming. The silence does not work well here. Also, electric motorcycles are used in urban areas, so there is always a risk of an accident on the road or theft. That is why it is important to get your vehicle insured. Even when it is a bit difficult now, anyway, most insurance companies offer a good insurance plan for your electric motorbike. Check the plans of different companies and choose the best for your needs.

License to ride an electric motorbike

Do not confuse electric motorcycles with electric bicycles. When it comes to a bicycle, everyone can ride it without any special license. When it comes to an electric motorbike, they are only allowed to be ridden by a person over 16 years old. Also, a driving license is the same as for petrol bikes.

Two of the most famous electric motorbikes offered are the Harley-Davidson LiveWire and Honda CR-E. But you can choose from a wide range of models available on the market today.

If you care about nature and want to decrease pollution, if you are open to new innovations and inventions, you should consider an electric motorbike. The future is here, and it is already available to us. Start saving the planet from small things and riding an electric device is a big step to planet-saving.

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