Why we publish motorcycle crash reports

We cop criticism from some riders for our motorcycle crash reports — usually after a spate of accidents — but we have to advise readers we won’t be changing our policy.

Rather than going through our reasons, we thought we would cut to the chase and quote the words of Perth rider Sandy Lewis who posted this comment on Facebook after a recent crash report:

“I took my girl for a great run alone today. Thanks to your posts about the sad & regular deaths of riders, I did take more care. I can be a bit radical sometimes.”

Thanks Sandy. You summed up the main reason we publish crash articles; to remind riders that this is a dangerous pastime.

We need to be 100% alert every time we ride because the consequences can be unforgiving.

My blood runs cold every time I see a police report on another crash. It certainly helps me to focus on riding safely.

In the latest report, Queensland Police are seeking witnesses to a fatal crash on Thursday (19 March 2020) at 7.50am in Bundaberg.

The motorcycle hit a stationary car in heavy traffic on Barolin St near the Beatrice St intersection. The 54-year-old local man died at the scene.

Crash reportsconcerns for single-vehicle crash reports negligent

Our crash articles are often accompanied by an analysis of the event or tips about how to avoid crashes in that particular situation.

However, detailed information is not always available from the police and it is difficult to cover crash events from afar.

So sometimes the crash report can be fairly scant on details.

But it is still important to be aware of them.

We also believe it galvanises the riding community to look out for each other.

Readers often comment with a simple “RIP” or short prayer for the fallen.

We may cop some flak from some, but we take safety very seriously and will not be shying away from reporting the stark reality!

We would rather not have to report crashes, but that’s turning a blind eye to a very real problem.

It should be noted that safety is a key issue among riders according to a poll we conducted several years ago.

Consequently, we often publish riding tips and articles about road safety, policing, safe infrastructure, crash statistics, road rules, etc.

News websiteCrash injured accident

Another criticism is that we are a motorcycle website not a news site.

We’re sorry if you got that impression.

At the top of our page it clearly says: “Daily motorbike news, views & reviews.

So we publish crash reports as well as try to follow-up on any charges and court action that follow.

We’re not a sycophant motorcycle website that reviews gear and bikes in glowing terms to appease advertisers.

In fact, we don’t receive any advertising support from any motorcycle companies so we are not beholden to them.

We also do very few bike reviews because some companies won’t supply bikes for test because:

  1. We’re in Brisbane and it is too expensive for them to send them up here; and
  2. Some companies don’t like our honest approach to reviews!

Stay safe and thanks for your support.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

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