Ward hopeful supercross return leads to greater 2020 prospects

News 22 Aug 2019

Ward hopeful supercross return leads to greater 2020 prospects

Davey Motorsports KTM rider set for first AUS Supercross campaign since 2015.

Image: Foremost Media.

Queenslander Caleb Ward is hopeful a return to the Australian Supercross Championship this year will lead to greater prospects in 2020, as the talented premier class contender looks to cement his future in the sport.

Ward hasn’t raced supercross since 2015, where his campaign was ultimately cut short after suffering heavy crash at Jimboomba’s second round of the series.

Injuries in 2016 and 2017 denied him the opportunity to race the ever-growing series, while in 2018 – his rookie 450 season – he elected to sit out the championship.

However, Ward has pulled together the resources in order to make his strongest campaign in the discipline, building a practice supercross track nearby his north Queensland home to prepare for the five-stop series.

“The plan at this stage is to try and do the whole series, get my feet wet and try and become a good supercross rider,” Ward explained to MotoOnline.com.au. “I think the supercross series has grown a lot over the last few years, and I think it’s a really important aspect for all the teams now.

“I definitely think they consider supercross as a big part of the year, and if you’re a good supercross rider, I think it goes a long way. There are some guys who are motocross or supercross only, but you have to be exceptional at either one and be quite established to be able to do that.

“For sure, younger guys like myself, supercross is very important. With how much it’s grown, you pretty much have to do it now. Hopefully I can do well and see what offers come around for next year – either a 450 or 250, I’m not fussy – I’d prefer to stay on a 450 – but if I get a 250 offer, I’d be more than happy to drop back down and go for a title in that class.”

The opening round of the Australian Supercross Championship is scheduled on 12 October at Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Source: MotoOnline.com.au

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