Video Of The Week | Audio-visual demonstration of the cross-plane four

Video Of The Week

The unique beat of a cross-plane crank four visualised

Introduced in 2009 with the RN22 YZF-R1 and then redesigned in 2015 with the RN32, and also used in the MT-10, we are now all well accustomed to the distinctive, unique and really quite evocative sound of the cross-plane crank Yamaha.

The first video provides a demonstration of the unique firing order of Yamaha’s YZF-R1 cross-plane crank four-cylinder engine. The second video, for comparison, shows the traditional firing order of a four-cylinder in-line motor.

While the engine sounds in both videos’ sound a little like an old school retro 80s arcade game, you can still clearly hear the difference between the two configurations, albeit in low-resolution.


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