The Yamaha fight and KTM’s “big step”

“Quartararo vs Viñales, separated by 4.6 seconds when as they crossed the line, there’s going to be some competition levels in that because they are competing in the same bike. And of course even Morbidelli, who finished 5th in the race, only 2.2 seconds behind Maverick’s second place. That’s how close the podium was. This weekend they will be working on race settings all the way down the line, the way they can go into this race trying to be very competitive against one another. Yamaha guys are available to see each others data and they will be studying. In FP2, Morbidelli was 4th, Viñales 5th, Quartararo was 6th and Rossi was 8th, and all were split by two tenths of a second. That’s how close things are. If somebody has an issue on a certain brand of motorcycle, it really shows and really reflects. It will be interesting to see how they get on.”

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