The smart brake light that may save your life

This smart brake light could just save your life. It illuminates even when you slow down with the throttle only and acts as a warning motorists following behind.

Rear-ender crashes involving motorcycles are too frequent, probably because we often slow down with engine braking, rather than the brakes. This can take following motorists by surprise.

So the makers of the clever Smart Turn System self-cancelling indicators ($160 plus shipping) have now introduced their Smart Brake Module ($125 plus shipping).Smart Turn System Self-cancelling indicator may save your life

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They had identified that many crashes are caused by riders forgetting to turn off their indicators. They also believe that many motorcyclists are rear-ended because riders don’t use their brakes to slow down.

How it works

The Smart Brake Module uses the same motion sensor technology as the Smart Turn System.

It detects any decrease in speed, regardless of braking with the front or rear brake or just decelerating with the engine.

Spokesman Miha Ernstscheinder says the module will detect “even the smallest deceleration forces”.

“It senses deceleration, and it activates the brake light when it senses a deceleration greater than 4.1kmh/s (2.5mph),” he says.

So it detects deceleration even before the bike’s brake switch activates.

Two modes

It has two modes of operation – a steady brake light signal (the same as when you press the brake lever) or a “flashing signal”.

“The flashing signal is similar to the blinker frequency,” Miha says.

“It does not have a modulating effect like a strobe which is forbidden and can be used only by emergency services and police.

“Most safety schools teach or advise that you tap the brake lever when you are engine braking.

“That signals to the following traffic and increases their reaction times.

“The SBM module does exactly that, but automatically.”

(When you apply the brakes, the brake lights perform in the usual way as a solid light.)

It could be enough to save you from a rear ender.road rage tailgate tailgating rear-ender motorcycles BMW S 1000 RR lane filtering lane splitting

Miha says the brake light is compatible with all motorcycles whether they have standard bulbs, LEDs or HID lights.

“It is very small and easy to fit – not much bigger than a box of matches — and easy to hide under your motorcycle seat.”

Legality lights

Some riders have questioned whether the unit is legal in Australia.

There is no mention in the Australian Design Rules about the light modulating.

However, Miha says the unit has Homologation Type Approval which is above the requirements of regulations around the world.

“It complies with the unified standards which are standardised in all countries that are part of the United Nations,” he says.

“Thousands of riders have already made the MOT in the USA, UK, Germany and Australia.”


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