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Around The World On A Secondhand Himalayan

In the summer of 2019, a young man named Jack Groves began his moto journey around the world – and it took a little longer than 80 days. 

Disillusioned with the dream of a 9 to 5 job, Groves got his hands on a secondhand Royal Enfield Himalayan to defy all odds and travel the 35,000 miles around the orb we call home.

Jack Groves, youngest British to ride around the world

His route took him across Europe, through the Balkan Peninsula, and past Turkey, Asia, China, Southeast Asia, and Australia before flying to South America in January 2021.

The trip was no walk in the park. It required Groves to get used to riding in isolation, taking every precaution possible with the oncoming coronavirus as his travels took him through the Eastern Hemisphere. 

Jack Groves, youngest British to ride around the world

The virus caught up with Groves in Cusco, South America, putting his travels to rest for a hefty 255 days. In a report from Dure Magazine, Jack recalls the incident.

“I contracted COVID-19 in early April which, at 3,400 meters (11154.86 ft) altitude, was pretty punchy – spent a month exploring the remote jungle of Manu National Park and the high sierra of the Asungate Massif, and the rest of my time was split between Cusco City and the nearby Sacred Valley of the Incas.”

Jack Groves, youngest British to ride around the world

Now, having returned this past Thursday to his home in Hertfordshire, Jack is officially the youngest motorist to circumnavigate the world – and as much as the memories will always live with him, even Groves will admit he is glad to be back. 

“When you do spend this much time away, you start to start to really appreciate the small things in life, so you really start to appreciate the relationships in the family. Those are the one constants in life, so yeah – just spending time with them and not moving.”

Upon asking what his motivation was, Jack recalls how a good friend passed away before Christmas of 2018 – galvanizing him into action with the knowledge that there is no time better than the present. 

a full view of a new motorcycle with ties to both QJ Motors and Benelli

Jack Groves and his royal enfield Himalayan, youngest British to ride around the world

Groves leaves us with a few words of wisdom, saying, “I’ll wrap this up with a few quotes that inspired me to get after my goals. Maybe they will work for you too”.

’20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, dream, discover.’ – Mark Twain

‘Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone.’ – Bruce McLaren.

‘No one gets out alive. Act accordingly.’ – Unknown.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Electric Harley covers 1723km in one day

A Swiss rider has just ridden a Harley-Davidson LiveWire 1723km across four nations in one day using Level 3 DC fast chargers.

Sounds good, but we did some calculations and reckon he would have spent six hours recharging!

Rider Michel von Tell, aged 39, is a journalist and comedian described as the Euro version of US comedian Bill Burr … we don’t know him either. Anyway, he’s apparently a bit of a celebrity and his YouTube channel has millions of followers. 

His feat shattered the previous record of 1134.3km in one day set in 2018 by German Remo Klawitter on a Zero electric motorcycle fitted with an optional Charge Tank with Level 2 charging.

Calculations for one day record

Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle(All images are of MBW riding the LiveWire at the world launch in 2019)

Harley claims the bike has city range of up to 235km and 152km of highway range. We tested that on the launch last year and it appears about right.

They also say that the bike takes 30 minutes to charge to 80% capacity and 40 minutes to fully charge on a Level 3 DC fast charger.

Michel says he usually only stopped for 25 minutes at a time, but let’s be generous and say that was enough for an 80% charge.

So we calculate that to cover 1723km in 24 hours (actually 23 hours and 48 minutes), Michel needed to keep an average speed of about 70km/h.


Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle electric highwaysLiveWire on a DC fast charger

We imagine he mainly did highway riding to attain that average speed.

That means recharging every 121km as that’s 80% of 152km.

So he would have had to recharge about 14 times.

If he recharged for 25 minutes at a time, he spent almost six hours recharging.

So he was only travelling for 18 hours, which means his average speed would have had to be more like 95km/h.Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

At that rate, he would cover 121km in about 90 minutes.

So he rode for 90 minutes, then sat around for 25 minutes to recharge.

And that’s using Level 3 DC fast chargers which are not in abundant supply outside Europe and California!

It’s really not a great advertisement for electric motorcycles.

Michel didn’t pay the hefty fee to Guinness World Records to validate his claimed record, but does have signed witness statements.Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle

The LiveWire was launched in northern hemisphere in September at $US30,000 and is expected to be launched in Australia late this year.

At current low exchange rates that could mean it might cost more than $A50,000.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Blind rider has ‘2020 vision’ for 300km/h

The world’s fastest blind rider, Ben Felten, plans to return to Lake Gairdner in 2020 to raise the bar over 300km/h.

Team Blind Speed Kawasaki took their 2018 Kawasaki ZX-10R to the South Australian salt flats recently to beat his own world record of 272.596km/h set in 2018.

While he repeatedly raced within 5km/h of his record, he says they still have “pace up our sleeves”.

Watch this video and see what it’s like to ride at nearly 300km/h!

Foiled by weather

The Aussie was foiled by extreme heat, high winds and showers, but now ironically claims “300 plus is firmly in our sights”.

“The Ninja went like an arrow,” he says.

“There is so much left in it.”

“In rubbish conditions we exceeded every expectation I had for 2019.

“To the challengers heading Down Under next year, good luck. We’re going to be a lot faster.”

Click here to send a message of support to Ben’s Facebook page.

Blind rider

Blind rider Ben Felten 2018
Ben and his dog Oscar

At 15, Ben crashed his bike into a tree and was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition.

He continued to race motorcycles until he was 24 and went totally blind at 37.

But that didn’t stop him dreaming and riding.

He set an Australian record for a blind rider in 2014 with 219.96km/h (136.67mph) on his modified Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa at Temora Airport.

In 2017, he went within 14km/h of the world record when he rode a Yamaha R1 to 251.46km/h (156.25mph) at Lake Gairdner.

He smashed the world record last year by more than 20km/h.

Magoo leading the blind

Blind rider Ben Felten 2018
Ben and “Magoo”

Ben races his Kawasaki with the aid of his guide, former GP racer Kevin Magee, whose nickname is Magoo, the almost-blind cartoon character!

Magoo guides Ben via radio contact to help him steer his Kawasaki ZX-10R on the salt lake.

“The way I turn incrementally at high speeds is by putting pressure on the foot pegs,” Ben says.

“At the finish line and in the pits I navigate with Magoo’s guidance and people are amazed at our level of control.”

This year Ben and Magoo worked out kinks in their navigation strategy as they shook the bikes down.

They are now preparing for the 2020 event which marks the 30th anniversary of Speed Week and dry lake racing in Australia.

(Main image from Claudine Burgess – Define and Shine)

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Ben Felten attempts to break his blind speed record

The world’s fastest blind motorcyclist Ben Felten will return to the South Australian salt flats next week (March 4-8 2019) to attempt to break his own record.

The Aussie rider became the fastest blind rider on earth on March 19, 2018, at the FIM sanctioned World Speed Trials Australia when Team Blind Speed Kawasaki achieved a land speed record of 272.596km/h.

In 2019, Team Blind Speed will defend their title, as new challengers emerge from Europe and the United States.

Magoo leads the blind

Blind rider Ben Felten and Kevin Magee Magoo
Ben and Magoo

Ben Felten will once again be guided by his navigator, Kevin “Magoo” Magee, on the salt beds of Lake Gairdner, South Australia, riding 2018 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10Rs.

Magoo, a 1980s Grand Prix racer, will also challenge the Australian 1000cc Production Class record, seeking to push past the standing 325km/h threshold.

Magoo uses an analogue radio contact to help him steer with three main voice commands.

“The words we use are ‘go’, when in a straight line,” Ben explains.

“He will say ‘left’ or ‘leeeeeeft’ for a wider turn and ‘right’ for turning in that direction. The way I turn incrementally at high speeds is by putting pressure on the foot pegs. At the finish line and in the pits I navigate with Magoo’s guidance and people are amazed at our level of control.”

Ben Felten has three objectives

The team will keep the contingent of land-speed record challengers around the world at bay, support Magoo’s race for a class record and prepare for the FIM sanctioned World Speed Trials Australia in 2020.

“15 kilometres of full throttle. I can’t wait. Magoo and I are ready to turn into Kawasaki green blurs over the salt.” Ben says.

“Internationally, there are a few guys with very fast bikes who I have a watching brief on. I wish them nothing but good luck. The Great White Dyno is the ultimate leveller, when the flag drops… well you know the rest.

“We are driving to Lake Gairdner as World Record holders. We will leave Lake Gairdner as World Record holders, with the seat time to really let the overseas riders know the score in 2020.”

The team is supported by Kawasaki Australia and BC Performance with sponsors Caring Approach, Dunlop, Rider Collective, AGV Helmets, TCX Boots, Spright and Aussie Made Software. 

“We have the best of the best backing us as we hit the salt,” Ben says.

Click here to send your best wishes to Ben and the team at their Facebook page.

Degenerative condition

Blind rider Ben Felten and Kevin Magee Magoo
Ben and his dog Orson

At 16, Ben crashed his bike into a tree and was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition.

He continued to race motorcycles until he was 23 and went totally blind at 37.

But that didn’t stop him riding and dreaming of being the fastest blind rider in the world.

He set an Australian record for a blind rider in 2014 with 219.96km/h (136.67mph) on his modified Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa at Temora Airport.

 And last year he broke the previous Guinness World Record of 265.33km/h (164.87mph) for a blind rider by just 1.355km/h at the World Speed Trials.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Record-setting BMW K 1600 GT for auction

This record-setting BMW K 1600 GT is up for auction in Las Vegas on Australia Day (January 26, 2019) with 20% of the proceeds going to a veterans charity.

The bike belongs to Carl Reese who set records for fastest USA crossing in 38 hours, 49 minutes, in August 2015, and the longest ride in 24 hours, completing 2116.5 miles (3406km) at an average speed of 94mph in February 2017.

The Californian could have ridden even further on his mile-munching K 1600 GT (Read our review here) in the latter record. However, he had to stop after 22 hours and 52 minutes because his team ran out of available tyres. He says he could have ridden the K 1600 GT an extra 150km.

K 1600 GT aids charity

Now the BMW is up for auction with no reserve at the Mecum Auction in Las Vegas on January 26.

Carl is generously donating 20% of the proceeds from the sale of his K 1600 GT to the “Motorcycle Relief Project”.

The nonprofit organisation provides relief to veterans and first responders with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and other injuries. It takes PTSD sufferers on structured and professionally led, multi-day motorcycle adventure tours.

Despite the record distances, the bike only has 39,000km on the clock.

“There have been no mechanical issues to speak of,” Carl told us.

“All maintenance has been done by West Valley Cycle Sales, the oldest motorrad dealer in the USA.

“This bike is set up for anyone that wants to take a shot at any of my records. It’s in perfect working order.

“I have plans to set more records in the near future, and I need to thin out the stable to finance those attempts.”Record-setting BMW K 1600 GT for auction

The K 1600 GT has been upgraded with 30,000 lumens Clearwater Lights, BST Carbonfibere wheels, EarthX Lithium Battery, GPS Insight Global Tracking System, Lidar Cloaking, Russell Daylong Seat, ZTechnik windshield, AltRider Engine guards, auxiliary fuel tank and Worldwide Ceramic bearings.

The winning bidder will also receive a Guinness World Record letter of authenticity, certificate of origin and signed photograph and official BMW Motorrad t-shirt featuring the bike.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com